Week 23 The Forest by Dylan

We were in the jungles of Brazil scouring around when we came across a sign saying, “Warning Dinosaurs Exist Here.” We took no notice of the sign because we thought there was no such thing. How wrong we were…

It all started out ok, we heard the peaceful sound of birds singing when suddenly we heard a sort of screeching noise. I knew it was a Velociraptor, but where was it? I knew they were lurking somewhere. Suddenly we heard a rustling in the bushes all around us. ” They’re ambushing us,” I said in terror. We were doomed…

Week 23 The Money Press By Ronan

One day as I was passing the old abandoned house in my neighbourhood I eyed a light flickering from inside. I scrutinized it carefully and I noticed that it was coming from a torch. I thought that was strange because there was a No Entry sign on the front garden. I brought my friend  Liam over to see. He decided that we should go in and check. We took no notice of the sign. There were footsteps, evil laughs and the sound of an old fashioned printing press. I kicked the door open and inside were 2 fugitives of the law printing money.

Week 23 The Old Campsite By Kristupas

My family and I were going to a very old campsite because we thought there would not be a lot of people there but when we got there it was packed with people and we didn`t know what to do.

But suddenly Dad saw a place with no people so we rushed over in our car. We took no notice of the sign and drove over it by accident.

“This is a good area,” Dad said but Mom was not sure.  We were hearing gunshots but we thought it was just an activity.  But, when we were sleeping something, woke us all up…

Week 23 : The danger sign by Rhys

My friend Sam said there was a hunting place near where we lived so we got our stuff and headed there. We were ready when I accidentally spilled my bottle but I got I new one.  When we got there it was dark but it was only six.  We saw a building and we went in.  I heard a noise.  Then I man popped up.

“What are you doing here?  Did you did not read the sign? It says, Danger. There are monsters here and  we are trying to get rid of them”

I said “Sorry sir,  we took no notice of the sign.”

Then we heard a noise –  zombies were coming after us.

Week 23 The Campsite By Sean

My family and I were going camping tonight. But my friend was saying that the campsite was haunted. It was half-past 6 when we went. When I was in the car I started getting headaches. Then I saw the sign for the campsite and it said something different. We took no notice of the sign.

When we were setting up the camp I thought I saw a ghost. I was probably seeing things . But then a load of wolves came to our camp and started attacking us. I looked at the sign again and it said  “Welcome to Bloody Lake. ”

All of us started running to the car. When we went in the car we drove back home. And never came back.

Week 23: The Forbidden House: By Liam A

It was a cold winter day my friends and I were outside playing soccer when we saw a man walking into the old house next door. That was when I came up with a cunning plan. If we could sneak into the house we could figure out what that man was doing in there.

We were waiting until he came out and that was when we would strike. Eventually the door opened and he walked out. We walked across the road and we took no notice of the sign that said Keep Out. We climbed in the window and saw everything was robust-looking but the house on the outside looked like it was going to fall down… that was when the house began to crumble…

Week 23 : The rocky buildings by Jacob

The S.A.S hired me as a military captain.

We were stationed in China near a massive old city.   I told the pilot to land us near the city until I heard beeping. The pilot told us a S.A.M system was locking onto us. I was about to say something until the back of the helicopter got shot off…

I woke up in a huge pile of snow. I mustered the strength to get up was right next to the city. Yet I was happy for once and headed there. As I was walking into the city I stepped on one of the cracks but I took no notice of the sign.

Then the ground started to shake and a vast building fell on me…

Week 23 The old house by Conor C

My friend and I went into an old house. We went into it and there was a sign but we took no notice of the sign on the gate.   But it was after when we went out of the house that we felt sick.

Then we went to our campsite but I needed to go to the doctor. I  had a bad cough so we had to stay there for a while.  We needed to go home so we could get better to see our family. My friend had to go to the doctor to get better.

The end.

Week 23: The Camping Trip By Benny

Summer was finally here. I was excited for the warm beaches and the sunny skies. My friends and I decided to go camping to start off the summer. It was a great idea.

The trees were getting more frequent. We were finally in the vast forest. There was a “Keep out” sign. We took no notice of the sign. The forest was safe. The sky was finally getting dark and we finished putting up the tents.

There was a rustling sound in the middle of the night. The bushes were moving so I went out to investigate. I was surprised by a huge bear. I screamed and woke all my friends. We called our parents who drove us away. Thankfully, no one was harmed.

Week 23 The Portal By Colin

“Why are we doing this?” asked my friend, Ronan as we hopped over the caution tape.

I Ignored him and started walking up the gravel trail. Up ahead there was a bright, orange sign saying KEEP OUT. We took no notice of the sign and kept walking up the path. After 5 minutes of walking, I was about to turn back when something caught my eye.

There was a small trail in between two trees. As I walked closer I could fell an energy tugging at me. I turned around to Ronan, but he was just as bamboozled as me. My heart pounded in my chest. Then I saw a purple and yellow Portal spinning in circles…

Week 23 The Hunting Area By Joe

My friends and I were planning on going camping for the weekend. I found an empty campsite in the woods but it had a ” Do not enter ” sign on the gate. We took no notice of the sign and went in. We got our bags and started telling scary stories around the campfire.

Out of the woods came a man and he had a gun . “This isn’t a campsite , it’s a hunting area and “, he began . But we were scared and made a run for it. We thought for sure he was going to kill us. We kept on running until we got to the car.

Week 23 : The Pursuit : By Dan

I was nearly there –  the filing cabinet was just metres away.  I took my chance and was it a daring one …the sergeant nearly caught me as I nipped the file.

I fled the police building undetected and hopped into the car. The engine was running and my friend Liam was waiting in the driver’s seat.

“HEY YOU!” called a young officer from the footpath.

“Drive!” I yelped

We sped along the winding bustling streets of town and into the country. There had been a police car chasing us the whole way.

We took no notice of the sign that said sharp turn…

Suddenly, it all went black…

Week 23 Extremely Radioactive Area By Liam O

“Ok you’re approaching the area now, remember it’s extremely radioactive,” the intercom voice warned us.

As we drew nearer to the area we saw a sign about how radioactive the area was but we took no notice of the sign because we were on a mission to retrieve the cause of this…

The reason for this started back in 2020 with the coronavirus.  It had spread around the world and had reached this place – an already highly radioactive area and with the coronavirus, it got worse.

“You have now explored 99% of the area,” the voice said.

There were two tunnels that lead to the final room one of us was in each of the tunnels, we met up and saw the room and stood there in silence…

Week 23 The Wedding By Aidan

As our horses galloped along the vast area of Tom’s land we heard traditional ball music from his castle. We took no notice of the sign saying “Tom’s land stay off unless party guest.”

It was the big day – Tom and Jane were getting married. Hopefully, there would be no sabotage.

“Darling do we really have to go to this wedding- it sounds awfully boring” I said to Mary.

” Yes we are going and we’re nearly there so if must say something Charles muster it” Mary replied.

At Toms party’s you had to be humble to every guest and it was torture.

The fictional character that came to life art Part 2/2. By Paul

So after we got Pennywise back into the book we decided to go for a little hike in the woods. But the sign said ‘ Danger keep out ‘ but we paid no attention to the sign.

After about 5 to 10 minutes of waking Pennywise came out of the book and was stronger than ever. Then we decided to run out of the woods as fast as possible but like I said Pennywise got stronger. So Pennywise managed to grab me and Dylan and so it was all up to Ben to get the book.

So Ben went to the abandoned church and got the book. He got back to the woods and was just on time as well because Pennywise almost ate me and Dylan. Ben opened the book and Pennywise got sucked in again. After he got sucked in we burned the book and Pennywise was never seen again.


Week 23 Flu from the hospital By Adam

One day my friend John and I were sitting at home when we heard our mom call us down and asked us -“do you want to go see your grandad?”

“Yes!” we replied.

We went in and saw a sign that said: “Sanitize your hands before leaving.”

We took no notice of the sign and when we got home we all felt sick and went to the doctor. He said we all had the flu and to stay away from everyone. John and I persistently watched tv. We also played ball and juggled it really well. Jon was flexible and did lots of weird moves and before we knew it we were fine again and could leave the house.