Week 23 : The Worst Time Ever by Wojciech

One boring night I was lying in the bed resting when my mum told me that they were going to the museum. She whispered that a babysitter was coming. It was 23:40p.m. When my parents were gone I skipped down stairs. When I was down I saw the babysitter sleeping. When she was asleep I started to play then I thought what if I was in charge?.

I whispered to my self I could do what ever I want…

She woke up and I was terrified. She said “get up stairs”… When my parents were back I gave them a big hug.

Week 23: The Robbery by Tadhg


” Oh no!” said Bob the gang leader. “We’re going to prison. We wouldn’t be if you helped.”
“But what if I was in charge ?” said, Jeff . I would have gotten us out of there with no problem you buffoon.
” Why were you team leader anyway?”
” I brought Doritos to the open night of being a leader and the chooser chose me – so ha ha ha. ”
I vote that you should not be the leader anymore”
“Who is with me ?”

Nobody answered.
” Why are you not saying yes?”
” He promised us Doritos,” said one.
“Then this is going to be a very long day, “said Jeff.

Week 23 : The Babysitter by Szymon

Another vase fell. I do not know how this happened?
Why did I have to get a babysitter?
Because I am ten, I could at least stay at my cousin’s house. This was the worst babysitter ever. I had her for a week and she had already broken three vases and four television. She breaks something if I do not listen to her and tells my parents that I broke it.

I tell them that she is lying and that I would never brake anything but they do not listen to me. I am banned from doing everything exciting and I hate her.

What if I was in charge?

Week 23: The Evil Babysitter by Sean

One day mom and dad were going to a hotel in Cork. So they asked a babysitter to mind us. They also gave her a warning to not to touch the cake up on the shelf. This was how it started.

“Hi” said the babysitter. She was  nice until the door shut and then she said you don’t touch my phone.
But all our other minders allowed us to use and play with the phone.
But I am not like your other ones – I am better.
No you are not.
WHAT? yelled the babysitter – You are in for a lot of trouble. Go to your room now.

But if I was in charge? -things would be different.

Week 23 : The Principal for a day! By Ronan

One day in an ordinary geography class I said to my friend Mike “I hate this boring old school.”

Why couldn’t school be fun? But what if I was in charge?
I realised that there was a school inventing contest and the prize was to be the principal of the school for a day. After school Mike and I set to work on the thing for the contest. The next day we brought our project in to school. Mike and I were so excited. We won first place. We were principal for the day

Week 23 Turning Tables By Naglis

“Go clean up that mess” bellowed the company’s manager-Pat. As I slowly started picking up the mess I thought “but what if I was in charge?”

All of the workers of the company were tired of being bossed around. So we thought all night and eventually, we came up with a plan. We were going to try and make Pat leave.

Happily Pat walked into the room the next day and a bucket full of sticky slimy green paint fell right on top of his head. Soon he slipped on a banana skin. Right away he slammed the door shut and never ever came back again!

Week 23: A Terrible Attempt by Naglis

“BEEP” went the alarm.
My chubby boss with a long brown mustache hanging above his lips grabbed the money and then passed it to me as we drove off in his outrageously fast and expensive Ferrari. We could hear the noise coming from behind us and we were panicking. We had a rendezvous with the cruel gangsters just outside of town.
As my boss drifted to our right he splashed the dirty soggy snow into the police cars window. Suddenly we realised we were at a dead end.

“Clip” went the hand cuffs onto our hands and we were sent right to prison.
As I entered the dark dreary cell I thought ” but what if I was in charge?”

Week 23 : What I want By Mikolaj

But what if I was in charge?

I live in a poor house but If i was a president, all of the people would listen to me.

So I said “everybody that has spare money please give it to me” and they did. I had over a €150000 in money and I bought a lovely big house with a swimming pool at the front but there was another problem.

People throw their litter out anywhere instead of into the bins and it was really messy everywhere. I told those people to pick up every thing they could see on the ground and throw it into the bins.

After 15 days it was perfect (I love my job)

Week 23 : The Football Team by Matthew D

We were in a division and we had only played three games and we had lost all of them. We were playing another game that day and we lost it and I was really disappointed. And after that game I thought but what if I were in charge of the team?

Then I asked the coach could I be captain and he said yes if we won the game next week. So we won the game and I really was happy and we won the next 12 games in a row. the team was really happy that I was captain and so was I.

Week 23: If I was the principal By Mathew O G

But what if I was in charge?… I thought in boring geography class.
I was day dreaming at the perfect time .
I was wondering what changes I would make if I was in charge.

I would probably make a gaming room with games such as Fortnite and FIFA 18.
Or I could make a trampoline park in one huge room.
I would love to be able to put a zoo in a vast amount of space.

20 years later I signed up for principal and made all those things happen.
The school was awarded best school in the whole entire world.

Week 23 :What If I was in charge? By Marc

One boring day my Mom and Dad were going out for their 21th anniversary. So I had a babysitter minding me, but it was a super duper boring baby sitter. After a long time she got bored of herself and fell asleep. She said at the end of the day she would give me a sweet if I was good.

But then I thought what if I was in charge? So suddenly I just turned evil .I broke her phone so she wouldn’t sing me a stupid song by looking at it. After a while she woke up and when my mom and dad came back she said “You don’t want to know what happened!”.

Week 23: The Titanic by Liam A

“The unsinkable ship,” people said but they were wrong.

In 1912 a ship called the Titanic was having its first ride on the Atlantic Ocean. The captain of the Titanic wanted to get to America as fast as possible. Splitting the waves straight in half it was going nearly as fast as it could go.

3rd class was for the poor and then the 1st class was like a five-star hotel moving on the water.
All the other captains of nearby boats were telling the chief to slow down and that there were icebergs ahead.
CRASH the ship crashed and started sinking…

But what if I was in charge?…

Week 23 : The Robbery by Kacper

“We’re going. Come on don’t be a scaredy Cat. We have to go.”

We went to the bank. It was the big one. My friend had asked me to come with him and to take the guard’s suit.

“But what if was in charge of the diamonds?”
“Don’t be silly – they Will not let you guard the diamond.”

I went through the vents and sneaked down. I got the diamond and ran and ran. MY friend took the diamond and went in the car and left me behind!

I was arrested and I went to jail for 1 year.

Week 23 Bad Times by Joe

“But why do we have to have a babysitter?” thought johnny?” It’s completely pointless.”
Billy felt the exact same. “We`re both 11 so for a few hours I think we will be okay, ” said Billy.

Nobody was listening to them.
They made a plan. They thought that they could steal the sweets. They made a list of things that they could do.
But as the night came they did everything wrong. Johnny was very annoyed with Billy and tried to avoid him.

One day he was thinking what if I were in charge?

Week 23 : It’s Just What I do? By Jack


“GET DOWN!! GRENADE!” I roared at the top of my lungs trying to be heard over the explosions and the gunfire.

That was all two months ago and it was all I could remember before getting shot and rescued by my best friend Jack. it was the time when the terrorist group Taishi attacked.

I used to work with the army but one day when my friend Jack and I were on patrol around the base camp we were ambushed and taken hostage to the terrorist leader’s camp. Jack and I wondered why the Taishi would risk going so close to base camp?

But we never got any answers and were forced to join the terrorist group. But what if I was in charge of trying to escape?

Week 23 : The Evil Babysitter by Dylan

“But I don’t want Bob to babysit me ” I said to my parents.
Let me introduce myself my name is Jeffy and I am 10 years old.
Bob the babysitter is about to babysit me .
All my friends have had Bob before and said he’s horrible.

Suddenly I heard a knock at the door and Bob came in .
“Hello Jeffy,” said Bob evilly.
As soon as my parents left Bob sent me to my room.

But what if I was in charge ? I thought cunningly.
I grabbed my pet tarantula and put it in Bob’s bowl .
I grinned evilly…

Week 23 : We will get Revenge by Dan

“I can’t do this” said General Stalker.
“What if I was in charge? ” I demanded.

The whole room agreed that I should lead the army.
This was a dream come true.

The Next day we started training we used our sniper rifles to hit targets. We were dead on. We learned how to camp and we tested new vehicles.
“This is great” I thought.

Suddenly! I heard gun fire ringing out from a rifle.
“It’s the enemy,” I said
Just when we got over the hill they had gone.
I saw a note and it read,
…We will get revenge…

Week 23 : In Charge by Conor

What if I was in charge of the world? Would I make it a better place?

In 2015, the United Nations have come up with a new idea of letting children have a go of trying to make the world a better place to live in. I decided that I would go for the position. I was chosen and I was delighted! The next day I went to the White House and I made a speech. I told everyone to stop starting wars.

No more wars – just PEACE.

Week 23 : My Evil Babysitter by Colin

My babysitter is nice around my parents but is horrible to me. I have to make my own food and she never lets me out of her sight. At first it was only okay but now its annoying. She burps in my face and eats with her mouth open. She’s not a very good example for anyone. She uses MY tablet and always watches boring stuff on the television!!!! I sometimes try getting out of her sight but she will always call me back to do a job or make her food.

I wonder what would happen If I was in charge?

Week 23 : Peace today – War tomorrow by Ciaran

It was a normal day being the president’s son. I was very popular and people I think know I’m affable.

Later that day there was pandemonium surrounding the president and then he got in his limo and drove off.
”What is going on? ”
Everyone was looking for a new president. I SHOUTED,”what if I was in charge for awhile?” they agreed. I even had to make a big speech.

Week 23 : Getting Rid of the Boss by Aidan

What if I was in charge? I thought in my jail cell.

The boss messed everything up every time. Each time we escaped he started shouting, ” yippee yippee – we are free ” and then the cops would put us back in our cell. Tonight we were not going let him do that.

When he was fast asleep the crew and I dug a hole out and we crawled through.That wasn’t all we had to do. Next, we would have to climb over the fence. We quickly but carefully climbed over and…We made it!

We ran to an alley way and hid. Bob asked me, ” who is going to be the boss now ?” and I said “ME” with a grin.

Week 23 : If I were in Charge by Adam

The manager is choosing a new person to be in charge. I hope it’s me.

Sadly the new person in charge is Charlie. No he did not pick me. But what if I was in charge? I would lead the team to victory every match. We would win the league and the championship cup.

Near the end of the season this year, we were in the bottom 3 and 8 points away from 20th. We were coming 18th and if we won our next match we would be 4 points from 17th which is in the bottom 3.

…Thankfully, we won -we’re safe for another season – thank goodness.