Week 24 : The Magic China Cup by Mathew O G

“MOM!!!! WHERE ARE THE MUGS?” screamed Rob.
“I do not know” answered his mother.
“I guess I’ll just use the old China cup then.”

Rob started to boil the kettle. He grabbed two unusual teabags and popped them into the cup.
Just before he was about to put the boiling water in some weird things started coming through the teabags.

“Ugh “said Rob in disgust and he chucked them out the window.
Suddenly China cups were falling out of the sky.
One was stuck in the grass and it was massive.

Week 24 : Tom Thumb by Matthew D

Tom and his family were sitting down having dinner. When he was finished his dinner he started to clean up the dishes. Suddenly a bird swooped in and took the cup out of Tom’s hands

.” Get back here you bird” shouted Tom as he chased after the bird.
Next, the bird landed on a tree. Tom climbed up the tree and the bird got a fright and dropped the cup onto Tom. He fell down on the cup. The cup was stuck in the ground with Tom in it.

A boy then came over and got Tom out of the cup. He immediately ran home, gave his mother the cup and went to bed.

Week 24 : The China Cup by Naglis

“What will I do?” thought Lucy. It was getting near enough to St.Patricks day and Lucy wanted to do something associated with it. It was bright and sunny so she said she would try and draw a leprechaun outside.

“Lucy” cried her mother. “Time to eat”.
She ate her appetizing pasta and then went outside again to draw. As soon as she was on her finishing touches, she suddenly heard a “Bang”. Lucy did not know what that was so she went to see. Slowly and cautiously she crept over. Suddenly she spotted a gargantuan cup.

“That’s not going to harm me” laughed Lucy.
Suddenly she got sucked in!
“Hello” chuckled the leprechaun.

This is going to be a long day thought Lucy.

Week 24 : Trouble by Oisin

One day I found a cup. I picked it up and brought it home but my mom was mad and said to put it back. So I did. At night I snuck out and got the cup back. I hid it in my room. When I woke up the cup had grown hands.

I was petrified I ran but it was gaining on me. I tripped and he caught me. I tried to escape but it was no use. Then when IT was about to do something to me … I ended up in my bed. It was all a dream!

Week 24 : The Giant by Ronan

Every night since two hundred years ago an enormous giant was said to have had tea with the little boy in the nearby cottage in the centre of the town park. The over sized tea cup still remains there. It is now a tourist atraction. It is extremely popular.

Two hundred years ago the people of the town voted to exterminate the giant and make sure that the boy didn’t try to stop them. One night the people of the town set up traps around the park. The next morning no one was caught in the traps. All that remained there was the dusty old china cup. The giant never came back again.

Week 24 : The Last Tea cup By Sean

In 1935 an unknown number of giants were spotted in a forest. Every month people would see them and hunt them down until they went away. The Giants thought that they were playing a game of hide and go seek until a giant picked up a child and ran off because a man was about to shoot the house with a small ball of fire. Instead he hit the giant and the giant fell.

In 2006 that same child now an old man saw the giant’s cup in the forest. His name was Kevin. He was 90 years old at that time and you can now see it in his house.

Week 24 : This means Trouble By Tadhg

Jake couldn’t believe his eyes. He was looking at a five foot tall china cup . It had gold patterns and a little crack in the bottom .It was tilted at a 90 degrees angle . Suddenly the cup wobbled. He ran away as fast as he could. He chanced a glance back and saw something rising out of the ground .

“It’s been so long,” it said .
He turned around again he saw that it was fully out of the ground. He couldn’t believe it – It was a giant skeleton. He tripped over a rock and fell .

The skeleton ran towards Jake…

Week 24 : The 4 Wonders by Tim

1,000 years ago a king named George had 4 wonders His cup that could refill water, a spoon that couldn’t be bent, a plate that couldn’t break and a bowl with a portal. Years later they were all gone. The King and his men looked all around the kingdom but there was no sign of them.

In 2016 2 boys named Corey and Scott were playing dodgeball in their backyard. When Scott’s mom called them to come inside for lunch they raced each other to see who could get to the house first.

Corey tripped over something. He tripped over the cup that the king lost many years ago. Scott called his mom When his mom saw the cup she called the police . She told them that one of the 4 wonders was in their back garden. The police rushed to their house with an archeologist.

Week 24 : The Magic Cup by Wojciech

It was a frosty night in the airplane. Mum and dad and I were in the plane because we were going to China. I was covered with the coat. When we arrived my dad took us to a hotel and we slept there.

The next morning mum gave me something to eat. My dad was in a restaurant. When mum and I went downstairs we hurried to the restaurant. I had a cup of tea. It was fantastic.

When it was empty something strange happened… all of the people in my family were inside the cup. I tried to rendezvous with those on the outside but NO- we were stuck there for all our life.

Week 24 : What just happened? By Marc

What just happened?
Tom shouted. Tom went out to the garden to see what had happened.
When Tom went out he saw something very unusual.

It was a tea cup,
Tom thought to himself, Where could this come from?
Tom looked left and right behind me. But there was no clue of where it came from.
So Tom looked up he saw a big hole.

It looked like a black hole but away bigger.
Tom listened to the news, It said that a tea cup fell from the sky.
Tom went to go back outside to look at it.
Suddenly Tom got sucked in the tea cup. …

Week 24 : The Giant’s Cup by Liam A

“It came from the garden,” I whispered to my brother and we walked over to the door trembling in fear.
Creeek went the door as I opened it slowly we saw a cup in the ground.

We disappeared into the long rushes and slowly crept over to the giant cup in the ground.
We saw a flap that moved up and down. As we opened the flap we got sucked in.

We landed with a thump and everything went BLACK until finally we saw a little light shining.

Before we knew where we were there was a rope tied tightly around us.
We were giants in this small world.

Week 24 : The Weird House by Kacper

It was 3:00 at night and while I was playing a game I spotted a weird cup outside of my door and I got teleported to my game.

It was dark. I saw a China cup outside of a door. I went inside the weird house. it was quite small. I went in and I heard a noise.I went upstairs there was a bedroom. There was nothing only a doll there

.I burned the doll but it came back. I was running . Every tree was in my way. I was running around in circles. At the final moment, I was back at home.

Week 24 : The Town Saviour by Joe

“Another boring day coming “thought Johnny .

He went up to his room and turned on his Xbox . As his game went on he had heard the sound of tools from his neighbour’s. He always thought he was evil .
‘What are you doing? ‘ asked Johnny .
He waited for a reply but he did not get one . He gave him a note and it said my all new invention to blow up the town .
‘Really ‘ laughed Johnny . ‘Good luck with that ‘.

But then it happened. The robot started to transform into a massive Machine throwing China mugs everywhere .

Week 24 : The Cup in the Ground by Jack

One day I was walking to school when I decided to take the shortcut through the woods. The woods were a very dark place and an old woman well into her 80s still lived in the woods. She was very scary.

One time my friends and I were playing truth or dare and my friend Gavan dared me to knock on the cottage door. When I knocked on the door the woman answered it and asked me if I wanted a lollipop. I said yes and she gave me a piece of grass. I dropped the grass and ran like the wind back to my friends.

On this day I noticed her crying on her doorstep. Then I saw it – a dead cat on her windowsill and loads of cups and saucers scattered around her over grown garden. But there was one cup in particular that caught my eye – it was a huge china cup stuck in the grass.

What had happened?

Week 24 : The Cup by Dylan

“Cool ” I said when I saw a china cup in the grass .

I looked in it and saw a sweet that looked like it had never been touched.
I grabbed the sweet and ate it…

The second it touched my tongue I shrank down to about 5 millimetres long.
I dashed into the cup and touched the end.

Suddenly I slipped and fell through the end and fell and fell and fell.
When I landed I saw strange creatures.

” Where am I? ” I wondered.
Suddenly I saw loads of the creatures running away.
I turned around and saw a dragon…….

Week 24 : I did see it! By Danny

One sunny afternoon my brother and I were playing hide and seek in our back garden and it was my turn to hide.

I went behind my shed and just then I saw a tea cup in my next door neighbour’s field. But was it wasn’t a small China cup -OH NO- it was a huge China cup.
I went in and told my mom that I had just seen a huge China cup behind the shed.

When we went behind the shed it wasn’t there and my mom got really cross because she thought that I lied to her and she sent me up to my room.

While I was there, I looked out my window and I saw the China cup again!

Week 24 : The Giant Tea Party by Dan

One day in Wonder town the Giants were thinking of having a tea party in the park for giants.
There was only one human guest, ME.

On the day of the party, I put on my new sun shades.
I walked to the bus stop where we were meant to meet.

“Thump” that must be them I thought.
I was really scared because I had heard tales about them.

“Hi Dan” bellowed the leader.
I stood up on his hand and we walked on.

As we prepared to go home one of the Giants buried a gigantic cup in the ground.
I asked him why?
“As a meeting spot,” he replied.

Week 24 : Turning Small by Conor

“I am small”I screamed loudly.
“So am I ” shouted Sally.

Outside of the lab we wanted to see what it would be like to be an ant or a spider.

“Oh look,” I told Sally

“What?” asked Sally

I saw a big teacup stuck in the ground so I went over to it and see where it came from. I heard a big loud noise coming from the sky. I was terrified.

“Mwa-ha-ha-haa” laughed a big giant.

The giant jumped down and said there is nothing to be afraid of.

So we all became friends.

Week 24 : Down the Rabbit Hole by Colin

“AH” I screamed loudly.

I had landed in a magical land called Hipply. The first thing I saw was a massive china cup. I walked over wondering what would happen to me. I poked my head in to see a magical rabbit hole. I crept in a little more and saw some cute little bunnies hopping around. I stepped in fully and looked about the place the hole was made out of thick copper and metal.

Suddenly Mom rabbit came in followed by Dad rabbit.  I jumped over Mom rabbit and pushed Dad rabbit out of the way and then ran off for dear life.

Week 24: Cup Murderer by Ciaran

I didn’t know what to say!
There it was an enormous cup in front of me. I did not know what to do.
Should I call 9111?
My mom would know what to do. “What ? ” another one appeared and another and another.

I was afraid so I ran home. I came back with my mum but they were gone all. Instead, there was a man with a knife there . We ran as if we were being chased by a tiger. When we got home we closed our eyes and when we opened them he was gone. We were safe.

Week 24 : The Teleporting Teacup by Aidan

I raced my sister to the swings and jumped on one. We had a competition of who could swing the highest. When I was swinging I noticed a teacup in the ground.
“Where did it come from?” Lucy asked.

I had no idea. I picked it up and … FLASH… I looked around and noticed that I had teleported to my granny’s house. She was sitting down in her chair.I saw the cup again and touched it… FLASH … It had happened again.

I looked around and saw the Queen she was on her throne. I spotted the cup and ran for it but just before my finger touched it the Queen asked ”Where are you going?” in a posh voice…

Week 24 : Tea Outdoors by Adam

I invited my friends over for a sleepover. I invited 3 people over. First we played a Fifa tournament and Jim won. Then we played Fortnite against each other and whoever got the most kills won.

Afterwards we had our tea and Jim asked could he drink his tea outside because it was a lovely day. He was allowed so he went outside and all of a sudden every one followed him. We were nearly done and Jim just finished his tea and threw the cup next door and it landed in the watery grass. My mom wanted it so I jumped over and got it.

I never invited Jim over again.