Week 34 : The new house by Rhys

My family just moved into a new town.  It was a sunny day and the sky was blue. I was carrying box after box. It was so hot it got annoying.  My mom told me to put them near the chairs.  When my first day in school came, I had no friends but I did have my cousin Sam in my class.  I also met a guy called Ben.  He said do you want to go to the haunted house after school? I  said OK. Sam was not happy.  He said it was scary.

The leaves were falling off the trees as we went inside the house. Suddenly  I heard a noise… it just was a raccoon

Week 24: The Challenge : By Dan

I was going to take it one foot at a time.

I was absolutely terrified, I had never walked a tightrope in public.                      I had no harness so if I fell I was a definite goner.

It wasn’t the calmest day, fairly windy and it was bucketing rain. If I completed the walk I’d beat the record for highest tightrope walk by 400 metres. I was halfway out and going well when I heard a snap and a scream.

“I’m trying to hold on” he shouted.  I looked around and saw a man holding the rope in agony.

I Was Doomed…

Week 24 Helicopter Ride By Adam

One day Owen and I were at the airport because we were always together. We were inseparable. Getting ready to leave when suddenly our mom came over and told us we were going on a helicopter – sky diving.

We were high up when Owen was getting ready to jump, he was strapped up when he accidentally slipped and fell out holding onto the side of the helicopter.

“Don’t let go” I shouted.

“I’m trying to hold on” He shouted.

He barely held on but the pilot landed the helicopter safely because we couldn’t reach Owen to pull him up. That night we could barely get to sleep just dreaming about those few moments where he could have fallen but luckily didn’t.

Week 24: The rescue: By Liam A

It was a bright sunny day and my friends and I decided to go for a hike. After a while we were all set to go for a hike. I brought the food and my friends brought the hiking gear. After a half an hour drive we finally got to the cliffs.

There was a vast amount of people climbing the mountain and one person I noticed was my one nemesis, Alex Rubert. He always thought he was better than everyone but suddenly he slipped. I ran up the hill to help him.

”Hold on” I shouted.

”I’m trying to hold on” he shouted back.

Suddenly his hand slipped…

Week 24 The Trip By Kristupas

My family and I were going to a mountain range to walk up a mountain called Mount Hike. It wasn’t too big so we started to climb up. When we were about three quarters up we heard a noise coming from bellow  -it was my brother.

“I’m trying to hold on” he shouted .

We ran down to find him and get him back up. But suddenly he fell. We saw him fall but then a helicopter swooped in and saved my older brother.

That was the scariest day of my life and I’m never going to return to Mount Hike.

Week 24 Circus Danger By Conor H

It was the day before the circus in town and everyone was excited. My favourite parts were always the acrobats.

The next day.

My family and I are walking to the circus when I saw all my friends. First up were the clowns and they were really funny. Then it was my favourite, the acrobats. Today their act was walking across a line -35 feet in the air.

The 2 acrobats climbed up the ladder and started their dangerous task. 1 of the acrobats was in the middle when suddenly the line fell.

”I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted.

Week 24 A Day Working For The Secret Service By Ronan

One night I was woken up by the sound of a phone ringing. I went to answer it. Apparently it was the secret service and they wanted me to help stop a mass robbery with my friend Ben.

The next day I found myself sitting in the back of a military helicopter. The plan was that we would make a jump onto the enemy helicopter and take over. When It was time for Ben to jump he messed up and ended up hanging off the side of our helicopter.

“Hold on” I shouted.

” I’m trying to hold on!” he shouted back.

Week 24 Shadow Agency by Dylan

I am Agent Midas, the most wanted agent on the planet, a previous agent of Ghost, now an agent of Shadow.

My first mission was to go with Agent Brutus to stop a runaway helicopter at an oil rig from transporting weapons to an island called the Shark.

We left our yacht asap to go to the rig.

We were too late but I got to use my new custom grapple gun to get onto the helicopter.

We threw the enemies out into the water below us when suddenly Brutus slipped…

“It’s ok I’m trying to hold on” he shouted.

I grabbed him just as he was falling and we got back to base.

Week 24 The Quick Sand By Warren

My family and I were on holidays in Brazil. We were going on a tour to the Amazon jungle to explore. When we got there we saw lots of animals – there were monkeys bugs and birds.  We were getting quite deep in when my brother said that the ground near him looked peculiar and it did.

Suddenly he began to sink –  it was quicksand. My dad and I started pulling him. “COME ON,” said my dad in a struggle “I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted back.  Then finally we got him out.

We didn’t go in any further into the jungle. Instead we went back and called a taxi. When we asked him about he said that it’s erratic and hasn’t happened in a while.

Week 24 Military helicopter by Ben

We were on our way back to the military base 2o miles away in the copper. When suddenly an enemy copper came in and started shooting at us we didn’t have time to prepare so we couldn’t defend ourselves. The coper started going down. I was shot on the shoulder and the pain was excruciating. Then the driver fell out. I caught him with my good arm. But his hand was slipping. ‘I’m trying to hold on,’ he shouted …

Week 24: Drama on the Ship by Benny

My dad and I were on a ship to England to see my uncle. The weather was perfect and the sea was calm. We were staying in our cabin and my dad went to get fresh air. He didn’t come back for a while. I decided to check if he was fine. I spotted him so I went over. Suddenly, a big wave hit and my dad lost his balance. He fell over and caught the railing and the side of the ship.

“I’m trying to hold on! he shouted.

Week 24 The Rope by Joe

It was a cold, frosty morning when the bus arrived. We were going on a hike with the school. We were going to hike on the vast mountain near our school. There were numerous classes coming with us.

I sat next to my pompous friend Darragh. He had a bad habit of ignoring what the teacher says. On the way to the mountain, he told me that he was going to run down after we got to the top. While we were walking, he was walking at the very edge by a steep hill. Suddenly he slipped and started to fall down the hill. He was only holding on by a branch.

” I’m trying to hold on! “, he shouted.

Week 24 The School Trip By Aidan

“Come on everyone – run along – get to the cliffs of Moher,” said Mrs. Lane in a cheerful voice.

“This will be the most pedestrian day ever,” I said to Tom boldly.

” Come on –  It could be fun…if it was the corndog of Moher” Tom chuckled.

We both laughed together. As we arrived at the edge of the cliff Tom ran to the front. Suddenly there was a rumble and the earth beneath where Tom was standing, fell.

“Tom are you okay?” I asked while running over to the edge of the cliff.

‘I’m trying to hold on,’ he shouted …

“What is all the commotion  here?” said Mrs Lane. ” Oh my goodness…

Week 24 TITAN’S PATH by Jacob

My friend told me about this island called  TITAN’S BASE.

As we were about to board the plane someone barged through saying he’s a V.I.P. My friend and I were annoyed. The robust plane’s engine started to activate.

A few hours later we decided to visit the great lava duct. We were climbing for a while until the wall cracked. I told my friend and we freaked out – luckily my friend had a flare. She shot it but then she tripped over and was hanging off a cliff.

“Hold on! “I said. ” IM TRYING TO HOLD ON!” she shouted.

I heard a noise and it was a helicopter. It landed right next to us and I mustered the strength to pull my friend up and went into the helicopter. Then the lava duct exploded…

Week 24: The fight in the King Tower By Liam O

In the beginning we had entered the tower and told everyone to evacuate because there was a bomb. We rushed upstairs to where the bomb was, it was 126 stories high. When we got there, there were vast amount of hostile people armed with guns and knives.

45 minutes later.

“Go! Go! Go!” I shouted as I threw the bomb over to one of my agents.

He jumped up as high as he could but I threw it too hard and it pulled him back and through a window with the bomb timer ticking in his hands.

Luckily he let go of it and it exploded in mid-air.

“GO! GET THE ROPE” I screamed.

We ran and ran to get the rope then threw it off the building.

“Are you there?” I said.

“Yes and I’m trying to hold on” he shouted.

So we pulled and pulled until we finally got him up.


Week 24 : The school trip by Jack

One sunny morning a boy named Harry was getting ready to go on a school trip. He was so happy because he was going to be climbing  Mount Hillary. He was allowed a treat because it was Friday and his mom gave him a bag off sweets.  The bus came and he said bye to his mom and left. He was halfway up the mountain with his friend Josh, when Josh suddenly fell.

“I’m trying to hold on!” he shouted.

Lucky for him, his class found them and saved Josh and Josh never went up a mountain again.