Week 25 The Diary of my hike by Colin

Day 1:

I started my hike at 7:30 am. In my backpack, I had a banana, a spare pair of goggles, a tent, a wooly coat and an old, damaged medical box. Carrying the backpack was hard as the bag was surprisingly heavy. After 11 long hours of hiking I set up my tent and went to sleep.

Day 2:

I had the worst night’s sleep. Cold air seeped in through a tear and I didn’t have material strong enough to patch it. I jumped on a large rock and twisted my ankle. As I set my backpack down I realized my banana had gone black. As I wrapped a bandage around my ankle I heard a rumbling coming from the mountain…

Week 25 The zombie apocalypse by Sean

A long time ago I  was meeting some family. But before I arrived loads of zombies came out of nowhere. Then a few years later I found a few survivors -Mike, Kyle and Ted.

“How are you all doing?” said Mike.

We had a radio that barely worked. A few hours later we got in contact with the other camp. They said they were getting attacked by zombies. We decided to go and help. When we arrived there was a horde of zombies. We had a big van that could hold about 30 people. But someone had to stay behind. Kyle decided to stay behind. We drove off and didn’t see him again.


Week 25 Monkey escape By Adam

One day Conor and I went to the zoo and we were walking around when we saw our favorite animals! The Monkeys. We went over and they were eating bananas and jumping around. One of them jumped onto a small branch and damaged it. The zookeeper said that they were heavy animals because they ate a lot of food. There was one small black one and it tried to escape and he got out. The zookeeper ran after him and eventually caught him and took him back. He was happy to be back and got lots of love before we left to go home. Continue reading “Week 25 Monkey escape By Adam”

Week 25: The Zoo Disaster By Benny

The monkeys were escaping! The heavy rain made it hard to see. Around 15 of them got out. My first thought was maybe to lure them in with a banana but I bet they preferred freedom. The other zookeepers watched in shock while while monkeys jumped from tree to tree, desperately trying to get away. No one knew how they escaped. Maybe their cage was damaged? I saw people screaming and running away. Soon, the black monkeys were gone. There was nothing we could do now. The monkeys have escaped.

Week 25 The Crash By Kristupas

Walking to try and find my crew members from the plane crash. Our plane got shot down by a fighter plane. I got my parachute and some bananas and jumped out of the plane. I saw some of my crew members but I didn’t see where they landed. When I landed I damaged my leg and could barely walk with all the heavy items in my backpack. At least I had a little bit of food but most of my bananas were turning black and brown.  I needed to find my crew. I know they are around here and there are probably looking for me.

Week 25: The Bank: By Liam A

It was a cold night and the sky was pitch black. I had my biggest robbery yet. I was going to steal the new golden banana in the bank. I was nervous and was watching the clock tick away and suddenly it struck twelve midnight. I plodded along and got to my old damaged car. After a while, I got to the bank. I took out my laser and made a circle in the window. I got in and saw the banana. I took out my spray and found the lasers. I jumped over them and got to the banana. It was really heavy. Suddenly it slipped out of my hands and I heard the sirens.

”Guess I’m going to jail…again.”

Week 25 The Golden Nugget By Ronan

One day as I was coming down stairs I spotted a black banana on the kitchen table. But when I tried to picked it up I could hardly lift it so I peeled back the damaged skin. I was surprised to see that inside was a solid golden nugget. I rolled it off the table into my bag and hauled the heavy load onto my back. I put a bit of bubble rap around it too because the last thing I wanted was for it to get damaged. After that I cycled to the bank to see how much it was worth. I jumped when they turned me away instantly saying it was just a stone.

Week 25 The Bullies By Conor H

It was another normal day for Arthur at school. Arthur always got bullied. The only problem was that he never had the guts to tell anyone about the bullies. Whenever Arthur went to bed he would worry about the next day.

The next morning he made his lunch. He was having the last black soggy banana that was in the fridge. After that, he jumped into the car with his mother.

Then his mom gave him a kiss before he walked into school.

Somehow today he felt he could stand up to the bullies and show them what he was made of.



Week 25: The Thing : By Dan

Smash! A window shattered, and a gigantic, hairy black beast stumbled out of its cell.

We were all in danger. I needed to call for help, or else this beast would eat us all alive. We had captured it from an inhospitable planet and experimented on it since.

As it stomped up the deserted street it stopped and looked at a building full of people.

It jumped on top of it, but it only damaged the building a small bit because the beast wasn’t Heavy enough.

It looked around and saw a banana on the ground and his eyes lit up.

Week 25 Tom’s birthday by Rhys

Tomorrow is my brother Tom’s birthday.  My mom told me to set it up but I was irate.  I wanted to play video games. I went to the shop to get the party stuff.  The lady gave me a heavy box.  She said if you drop it will be damaged. “I know that,” I said.  We took all night setting it up. Then the morning came and  Tom’s friends came. I was hungry. I got a banana. It was black. We played soccer. Then a clown jumped out.  He did tricks. It was really cool. Tom said it was the best birthday ever.

Week 25 Bomb By Aidan

” BOOM” a huge bomb had dropped on the far side of the field. I sprinted over looking for Tom. I wasn’t going to let him die. I saw him lying in a pit of dirt and guns. I jumped off the black ash mound I was standing on and ran over. He was damaged. There was some kind of heavy object lying on top of him. “Tom, are you okay?” I shouted- he didn’t reply back. “Tom Tom TOM” I screamed barely hearing myself over the guns. I took out a banana and waved it over his nose -he still didn’t wake up. Then there was a ticking sound. I looked down and saw the object on top of Tom saying 5 Mississippi…

Week 25 The Robbery By Joe

It was a cold morning, I ran downstairs and ate my breakfast. I told my mum that I was going to go to my best friend Darren’s house. I took a banana and ran out the door.

I texted Darren and told him that we should spray paint his old bike black. He liked the idea. When I jumped over the fence he already had his old, damaged bike out.

When we finished repainting it we decided to take it out for a cycle. Suddenly we saw some masked men hauling a heavy-looking bag from a jewellery shop. I took out my phone and started calling the guards.


Week 25 by Conor C

There was a heavy black car outside of my house and it was damaged.  I asked the people near my house if they knew who owned that car.  There was a banana inside the car and I jumped when I saw a monkey puppet and I ran inside my house.  Later the car was gone from my house and I was happy it was gone as I did not have to deal with it outside my property.  I put my own car out there so nobody else would try to park there again.

The end

Week 25 The Bad Day By Evan

Today I woke up and jumped out of my bed. I looked out my window to see that my heavy black car was damaged somehow. I took a banana and went outside the door for work. I then realised that I was late for the bus as I forgot my keys to my house at the bus stop. So I ran as quickly as I could home and back to the bus stop and got my keys. That evening I went home and I could not wait to go to bed after that bad day.

Week 25 A Mad Zoo By Warren

My family and I were going to the zoo. When we got there my brother wanted to see the monkey so we went there first. They were black monkeys and they were inside a glass window. They were jumping around the trees. My brother was knocking on the window when suddenly one of the monkeys jumped at the window and severely damaged it. Next, we went to see a bird that we were allowed to hold in our arms. I went first and to my surprise, it was quite heavy. After we saw all the animals we went to get lunch but I just got a banana because I wasn’t hungry.