Week 26 Statues in Memory By Liam O

It was a very stormy night, winds howling and 57 men were on their way to back to HeadQuarters on a boat when a huge wave smashed against the heavy yacht. The boat shook from left to right before regaining its balance. But just as everyone thought it was ok, the engine went bust and caused the ship to go faster. The captain tried to stop it but it would not work.

“ROCK!” one of the men shouted. Everyone went into a panic and were running around everywhere. Then BANG everything went silent… the ship crashed…

3 months later their bodies were found lying on the beach.

These statues were built-in memory of the men that died on that day…



Week 26 The attack by Colin

I watched from the opera house as the soldiers attacked. They had been trying to break in for 12 hours. At the moment they had retreated back across the river but I was sure they’d be back. I walked over to my friend who was at a different window.

Suddenly before I could talk to him, a bomb smashed through the roof. I turned around to see that the soldiers on our side had erupted into a panic. The bomb had a timer on it and I could see that the mechanics were trying to dismantle it. I rushed down the steps and sprinted to the bomb.

Suddenly I heard a click…

Week 26: The Lego soldiers: By Liam A

It was a long war and we were tired of it by now.  My friends and I were getting really bad headaches from the crackle of guns. But one day we were plodding along the long old trench and found a man that turned one of the enemies into lego. And suddenly he took out a robust-looking wand and shouted:


For once there was silence. My friends and I peeped out of the trench and saw that all the enemies were turned into lego. After awhile all of the soldiers ran over and thanked the wizard.

Now all of the lego soldiers are in our city. They are a famous monument.

Week 26 : The Scary Blocks by Rhys

I was in Italy there were big blocks in different colours. There were rumours that if you go where they were at 3 am something bad would happen to you.  So we went – it was 2.50 am.  I was with my sister Lily and friend James.

One of the blocks ran after me.  Then I looked and a group of them were after us – one jumped on James.  I shouted, ” Stop this please.”  They laughed. I was irate then they caught James and they took him somewhere. We followed.  They were at a lab There I overheard what they were saying. …They were catching people and turning them into blocks…

Week 26 The Figure War By Evan

The sky was as blue as the ocean as myself and my family arrived at the Legoland Windsor Resort. I was delighted to have a holiday and a few weeks away from the books. We explored the park. The rides were huge and colourful. The afternoon came and we decided to visit the famous statue area. To me, all the statues looked the same.

Until … one of them started to talk and move. The statue man started to chase me with a water gun around the area. My family was laughing at me but I felt embarrassed. I won’t be forgetting that day anytime soon.

When I’m older this will be a story I’ll tell my kids and grandkids.

Week 26 The Protectors By Warren

Many years ago there was a battle going on between two tribes. One of the tribes had a mystical jewel. There were 100 guards guarding the jewel and it was near impossible to get at it.

One day the tribe caught the guards off guard and got the jewel. They didn’t know how they could get it back. Then this one man said they could distract them by throwing paper airplanes next to where they were.   So they got paper and made airplanes. They started throwing the paper and slowly the guards went over to check them. Then they went over and stole the jewel. They guarded the jewel for the rest of their lives.

To this day,in that area there are statues of the guards.

Week 26: The Invasion : By Dan

The horn sounded and the robotic soldiers marched towards the opera house. Their leader was being held captive by their dreaded enemy.

Clank! Clunk! Their heavy metal feet marched across Sydney Harbour Bridge and into the opera house.

Bang! Bang!  A laser cannon began to fire at them as tourists began to flee the area.

“Stay back “yelled their human enemy.

Their boss was being escorted out of his cage towards them

Suddenly, the impossible happened… a human enemy walked over to the boss and cut his power supply.

The robots raised their weapons and fired.

Week 26 Revenge By Kristupas

My friend and I were walking downtown to get milk for my mom because she was baking cupcakes for us. While we were walking to the supermarket we noticed that there were red manikins on the road leading to the town park. Everyone was around the manikins. Suddenly humans jumped out of the manikins and started to run around. But when someone said, ” We’re being raided,”  that’s when everyone started panicking.

The next day all the shops were empty. Now it was our time to raid the little village of Tybalt-  we went over and raided all their items.

Week 26 The Alien Attack By Ronan

Last week as I was going for a walk by the harbour I noticed some people dressed in colourful clothes. They all had red face paint on. I went up to the small yellow one at the front and asked him why they were all dressed in colourful clothes. He told me that they were expecting a minor alien attack and dressing in bright clothes was the only way to scare the aliens off. He told me that I could stand there too. I wasn’t too keen on scaring aliens so I ran off.

Later that day a huge bright ball lit up the sky. About 5 minutes later the colourful people passed by. Apparently they were short one person and the aliens invaded.

Week 26 by Conor C

There were a lot of soldiers at the beach. They are doing something at the beach but we don’t know what they are doing.   A boy went and he was hiding.  But he found out want the soldiers were doing.  They were hiding a bomb. Someone would have to get rid of the bomb in the water so that the people wouldn’t die from the bomb.  The boy got rid of the bomb and the people didn’t die from the bomb.  The end

Week 26 by Jacob The rebellion

My friend and I were reading a history book when we came upon a story about a rebellion…

It was about a time when a rebel leader grew great and powerful. The leader wanted more power and decided to raid a big and vast castle. The king was surprised when he saw a giant army heading towards him. He called the wizard and asked him to make a spell to freeze them. The wizard agreed and he forged a spell. He gave it to the king and he threw it at the leader.  He froze and his men were as still as a tree.

“That was a good story! “said my friend.

Week 26 Magic By Joe

It was a warm morning in Sydney. I woke up at 10 am and I was eating breakfast when I got a phone call from my friend, Darragh. We were planning on going around the city to try and cause some trouble.

The strange part about it was, that after everything we did wrong something serious would happen-as if we had a curse. It was when we were walking around we saw a large group of people turned into statues. We were bamboozled and scared  . We didn’t know if what had happened was our fault or was it a coincidence?

Week 26 Plastic Peril By Aidan

I was walking to the Park one day and when passing the docks I saw a vast amount of plastic warriors. It seemed they were being shipped in by an Irish liner.

The next day the same thing happened-  it was very peculiar. After school one day, Tom and I went to check it out.

“So what are we looking for? “said Tom.

“SSSsssh be quiet – I’m trying to listen for the liner’s horn,” I whispered back.

2 days later there was a huge package outside our house. I climbed to the top and there were plastic warriors as far as the eye could see…