Week 26 Jackdaw by Ciaran

It was hopeless.  I was as thin as a fish that had not been fed for an entire year and that is a long time.

I have been in prison for so long my cellmate has forgotten his surname. But then one day out of nowhere a tiny jackdaw swooped in and snatched the shiny and yellow keys of our cell from the prison guard table.

I called the Jackdaw over to me but then the cantankerous guard came into our cell and asked us to give him back his keys.  We said that we didn’t steal his keys.


Week 26: Relegation Battle By Naglis

“SCREECH,” went the shiny yellow whistle as the tiny thin referee blew it.

Harry’s team were playing the team who were at the top of the table. His team had to win or else they would be relegated. As they kicked off Paddy had an outstanding shot but sadly it whizzed wide. After that, the opponents scored a stunner from the halfway line! Harry’s team were lost after that. They conceded two more goals. Just before halftime, Tomas grabbed a goal back for the team.

At halftime, the manager encouraged the team and told them that they could still win.  Early in the second half, Harry scored. It seemed almost hopeless.

Could they do it..?

Week 26 The master gunman by Tadhg


“We will never be able to time travel in this tiny car .”

Suddenly a whirring noise came from the car and we went to the future. ZAP the car stopped. I hopped out with a grin on my face. Jack was jumping up and down with joy .

BANG!  A bullet whooshed past my head just skimming my hair . I turned around .

“That shot was hopeless,” he said .

The man facing us was thin with a tiny shiny yellow gun .

“Oh no,” I said.

“Oh no,” Jack said.

We were caught red handed . The last thing we heard was … GUILTY!

Week 26: Vikings By Sean

One day the Vikings  were stealing  gold and other gold  things. As the Vikings  were putting the gold into the ship a boy was getting the gold and hiding it underground next to  the round tower while his brother was screaming  and crying in the tower.

When the Vikings were leaving all of the monks were coming down the ladder. 20 Days later the Vikings came back to  get more gold. The tiny thin boy rang the shiny yellow bell  to warn the monks again and the Vikings felt  hopeless.

Week 26: Torpedo ! By Dan

“Torpedo!” Shouted the thin steward.

I ran for my dear life to a lifeboat. I looked around to see a shiny scope submerge under the water. I wasn’t first in the lifeboat but at least I wasn’t last.

Suddenly white smoke rose from the ship. I was scared as I could see no other rescue boat until a steamer appeared with yellow funnels. It was a tiny one compared to our ship.

The situation had seemed hopeless until now…

The golden mine by:Maciej

“Lets go son,” said dad.

“Okay,” I answered back .

I packed my bag, took my lunch and pickaxe and went off to the deep dark cave  where last time I found coal. When we got there we took our helmets and put them on and went in. After five hours of digging we found nothing.

Suddenly something shiny and yellow sparkled and shined into my eye –  it was gold. This tiny little thing was valued at 400,0000$ .

As I dug down for it, the ceiling of the cave fell down – I was trapped . The situation was hopeless . Then I saw a thin hole … I was finally free.

Week 26 The Titanic By Szymon

“Hooray!” I shouted.

I was so happy when my parents told me we are going on the Titanic. When we arrived we saw a wealthy and pompous man who was showing off his shiny  yellow watch.

“That tiny and thin man that we saw – I think he was showing off his watch” he whispered. “I think so” I replied.

My friend was coming too but not only that… we were also in first class. We were happy until the Titanic started to sink. We went on a boat with our parents but we saw hopeless people drown.

We survived and lived in America but we still sadly remembered that day.

Week 26 : The little tiny hopeless insect by Conor

It was a lovely day and the sun was so yellow. Because it was such a nice day  I decided to go over to the garage and get the soccer ball. But on the way over to the garage, I saw a little shiny thin insect on the ground.  As it was so shiny I thought it could have been rare.

Suddenly a big bird swooped down and grasped the little insect. It was a hopeless situation.

Week 26, Clown in my Closet by Tim

It all happened when I was a kid.

Every night strange noises were coming from my closet. And every morning a shiny yellow balloon came out of my closet. I told my parents but they didn’t believe me.

But then one day as I was getting ready for school I heard a scratching noise from my closet. I opened it and I saw someone in it. It was a clown.  It had sharp thin claws.

When I closed it the clown made a roar and my parents heard it.  They raced up to see what was going on. The clown disappeared into something tiny. We felt hopeless.

We didn’t know what to do so we moved out of the house and now I live in New York.

Week 26 What a comeback By Danny

It was 5.45 pm and my team Mighty Boys were playing our all-time rivals Cod Boys in the Division one final. By halftime, they were annihilating us and the score was 5-1 to the other team.

Our manager felt the situation was hopeless at halftime as we were loosing by 4 goals but suddenly he cheered us up and we ran out on to the pitch wearing our yellow shiny kit.

Our captain Tiny Thin Tom started the second half and in minutes we had pulled the score back to 5-4 and we were only losing by one goal now.

Immediately after I scored two goals and we had won the division one Final.

Week 26: The robber: by Liam A

It was a rainy night and all was quiet –  there wasn’t a sound to be heard. I was up all night keeping watch for robbers. My dad had told me to mind the yellow shiny golden clock in the corner.

After a while  I saw a tiny thin man walk up to the door with a small hammer. He smashed the window to see if there was anything valuable around.  I got up from the chair to protect the golden clock.

Then he pushed me out of the way to get it. He gave a little chuckle and took the clock. Immediately the police came,  thought it was me and then put me in jail. I felt hopeless.

Week 26 The worst holiday by Joe

The Murphy parents were going to go on a holiday for their anniversary. “Why don’t we just go on a ferry along the sea instead of going through a battlefield? ” asked Mom. “Because that would cost way more,  ” replied dad.

Their thin tiny baby didn’t go with them because it was too dangerous.

When they arrived at the docks there was a yellow boat waiting for them, but so were military soldiers. It was bombed the week before and now there was protection for the boat. They were not allowed to go on because the boat was full. It was hopeless – they had no chance of getting to the pool .

The only way that they were going to get to the pool was if there was a magic shiny star to teleport them and that wasn’t going to happen.

Week 26: War for life by Mathew O G

As I ran across the wasteland with great fear to live life and go home. Other people were there battling for dear life and they had guns RPGs and snipers and other weapons.

I ran into a house to hide and found a yellow shiny chest. I opened it…  all that was there was a tiny thin hopeless gun. It took ages  for more people to die.

Finally, I was one of the last couple of people. I ran into my friend Bob. We agreed to team up and fight.

Sadly he died. But in the end, I was victorious.




Week 26: The robber accident by Colin

“Liam will you mind the shop?” dad asked.

“Sure” I replied in a bad mood.

Dad gave me the shiny yellow key and strolled off to his meeting. Suddenly a rock broke the thin glass and a robber jumped in.

“Robber” I bellowed. He stole some cash and fled off. I started to chase him but I was small and hopeless at running. I looked back to see five huge muscular cops behind me. They threw me down and then arrested me! I had a black eye from when they threw me down.

The next sunny morning dad got me out of jail and the robber never stood on our territory again.

Week 26 Tomorrow’s newspaper by Ronan

One glorious evening I was watching Live Nascar from Daytona International Speedway. The person that was coming last was hopeless in his shiny tiny yellow car.

When the postman turned up he handed me the newspaper. I took one look at it and I knew that there was something strange. It was the next day’s thin newspaper. That might sound impossible but it was true. It showed the winning numbers for the night’s lotto. I think everyone would do what I was about to do… I rushed to town to buy a lotto ticket.

I had just won the lotto

Week 26 Gold Coins By Jack

Oh no! looks like Darren has been up to his usual shenanigans.

“Oh Boy that was heavy all gold coins. It probably weighed 10 tons -thank god there were three of us to carry it.”

“Stop being such a wimp Darren.”

“He said the case was tiny and thin but the coins were worth it. They’re so Yellow and shiny.  Carl stop doing that  – you will make everybody suspicious.”

Just then Carl pulled out a gun and shouted: “FBI YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!”

“This is hopeless,” said Darren “now we’ll never get out.”

“No Darren you won’t .”

Week 26: No point of trying by Marc

“This is Hopeless” I was saying to myself.

I was in jail for trying to stop a robber from robbing the bank. But the guards thought it was me. I was supposed to be in jail for a year, but I was only in jail for a tiny bit.

I was let out of jail because a woman was on the street when it happened. She said that boy is innocent and she showed a picture of the robber. She said that this man was caught single handly stealing the shiny yellow gold.

The food in jail was thinner than the word thin.

But thanks to that nice lady I’m out of jail.

Week 26 : Kicked out by Aidan

My brother Charlie and I live in a tiny shack – we are poor. Every night after dinner I am ravenous for more food. We have soup for dinner a lot and we barely ever have anything else to eat other than soup.

One day a man came to our house and asked for our house taxes. We had to pay £200. But we couldn’t as we only had a tiny bit of money. He took out a thin pen and wrote down on a piece of paper –  No taxes from the Cronins and kicked us out.

That was last time we were going to be sitting in front of a warm, cozy fire. It was hopeless – we would never get our house back. When everything seemed lost we saw a shiny yellow thing on the ground…

Week 26:The white flag by LiamO

One bright shiny November day my squad and I wandered into the city of Cologne. The city was in ruins- broken buildings and unexploded bombs everywhere. We were shocked as we found a tiny thin hopeless little boy in a yellow house with a broken roof.

Suddenly we heard footsteps banging across floors as if people were racing in the Olympics.  Then we heard people reloading guns. We shut the door and aimed our M1 grand out the windows. There were LMGs firing at us from all angles.  We decided that we should bring out the white flag.

After we brought out the white flag we were sentenced to a concentration camp and we stayed there for the rest of the war.

Week 26 The Tsunami By Wojciech

I was taken out to the sea. I was lying down on something.  After a while, I stood up. I was standing up on a yellow wing. I looked around and I saw a tiny piece of land.  I looked back and I saw everything was thrown into the sea.
I whispered to myself –  how did I survive that hopeless tsunami? I saw everything was shiny in the sun. On the ground I found a thin picture  – it was a young boy with his family.
I felt sad. I didn’t see my family anywhere. I remember my mum’s face.
I want to be with them.

Week 26 : The worst time. by Dylan

“This is hopeless, ” I exclaimed mournfully to my friend Jake.

Our terrace was evacuated after World War 3. We were so upset because we were the only people left. All we could hear was screaming from the distance. We were so hungry we became thin. We could also hear a tiny child crying in distance.

We started to run very fast because there was a person chasing us with a sniper and he was trying to snipe us. It was loaded with yellow shiny bullets.

We suddenly heard a plane. There were nukes dropping over us.

It was over…

Week 26: The Trap By Adam

One day Jim and I saw a shiny yellow thing. We got closer. Then we realised that it was a trap. We were put in a cage.

“What do we do?” Jim asked

” I do not know,” I answered.

We saw a tiny thin man coming towards us. It was hopeless we felt we would never get out.

All of a sudden he let me out of the cage. “What about Jim?” I asked. ” He can go free with you.”

The man then told us he does not want to be mean – he just does not want his prize yellow trophy to be stolen. “Why is it there then?”I asked. He did not reply.

Week 26 Lost at Sea By Matthew D

“Dad can we go fishing today?” I asked.

“Ok let’s go right away.”

We then got our fishing gear and went to the river. Looking towards the other side of the river we could see a boy in distress. Quickly we went to help the tiny thin boy with shiny yellow trousers. I gave him my chocolate bar and he gobbled it up. It was then that I realised that we had drifted out into the middle of the sea. It was hopeless because we had no way home.

What could we do?