Week 27: Are Looks Really Important? By Benny

I never knew how to ride a bike. It was time to learn. I went to the bike shop with my mom, hoping to get a fast, blue bike. The manager told us that there was only one bike left. An old, red bike.

“Was this really the only bike left?” I asked.

“I’m afraid so,” the manager replied.

It was better than nothing. I returned home with my new bike and headed outside to learn how to cycle. Soon, I realized the bike was actually as good as any other bike. I raced my friends and beat them all the time. The bike was great and I discovered that looks do not matter after all.

Week 27 The Scarecrow By Evan

I woke up with my brother this morning and we went downstairs for breakfast. I had cereal and my brother had pudding. Then my brother and I went outside. I challenged him to a race. I said first one to the scarecrow wins –  we then separated.

When I  got there, suddenly the scarecrow flew into the air and looked down on top of me. I ran swiftly  home. Suddenly the scarecrow appeared in front of me.  I ran the other way then I slipped into the river.

It was fairly deep  and  then I found myself  drowning…

Week 27 The Bunker by Colin

I clambered through the rusty tunnel, hoping it led to a bunker. I could hear the zombie trashing the room below me. I held my breath and silently crawled along. After a while more of crawling, I came to a T junction. As I was about to turn right I heard a scream coming from the left side. I crawled as fast as I could down the left vent.

Suddenly I saw a flicker of light and heard murmuring. I slowed my pace and crawled out of the tunnel. As I stood up, I thought to myself “Was this really the only bunker left?”

Week 27 Space Adventure By Aidan

We zoomed across the moon rock speeding for our life. The Colijop was gaining on us and we had to find Zara. We were practically flying over the rocky moon surface. Suddenly we saw her –  the figure of a woman in the midst of space. We skidded to a halt and grabbed her swiftly swiveling around and racing off to the space station. When we got there we frantically searched everywhere to find the Colijop bite antidote

“She might not live,” said the captain.

“No I’m not letting her die,” I said.

“We have to head to the planet they call Earth!”

Was this really the only way? I thought.

Week 27 No soap and a car crash by Adam

We were preparing for lockdown and it was a terrible time. My mom went to the shop and when she came home she had barely anything – people were bulk buying.

My older sister said “Was this the only bottle of soap there? ”

Mom replied, “Yes, sadly.”

We were stuck at home with barely any soap and cleaning stuff. The next day she went to the shop again and she went early to try and get more and this time she came back with more but she told us that she saw a car crash! She called the guards and ambulance and everyone was fine thankfully.

Week 27 The Core Of The Earth By Ronan

One morning as I was getting out of bed, I decided that I would try to find the core of the earth.

First I needed about 800 shovels so I rang my friend and told him to come over that evening with all the shovels he could find. Meanwhile, I set to work on the plans. We were going to dig the hole in my back garden and it was going to be a square metre wide.

When my friend finally arrived, I wasn’t as happy as I thought I’d be.

“Was that really the only one you could find?” I said angrily.

…Now 30 years later I’ve still only managed to get 12 meters deep… Even with the help of 3 diggers.

Week 27: The situation: By Dan

Rat a tat tat!

The machine gun began to spray bullets in our direction. I dived into a shell crater, and pulled out my rifle and began to fire back.


A shell landed right alongside me and I was blown back towards our trenches. It was a blood bath out there.

Suddenly the enemy whistle blew. I knew what that meant. Running, was this the only option I thought as I began to run to higher ground. I reached the hill and hid behind a tree. There were four other soldiers there.

We would fight to save our friends!

Week 27 The War By Kristupas

When I was growing up no one ever told me about the two wars. Until 2032 the war started and I thought this was the first war.  Then I heard my mother tell my father that he was not allowed to go to war because his great grandfather went to the last war and died.

Then I stepped up and asked why did you not tell me about that.  I was so mad that I went off to see what a war looked like.

Walking to the military to sign up… That was the worst decision of my life.

Week 27 The Robbery By Conor H

It was a cold brisk night on the streets of Manhattan. This night my team and I were planning the best rob of our lives. We were going to try and steal a precious diamond minded inside a bulletproof glass. We all got into the Hummer and drove as fast as we could. Then we had finally arrived at the museum. We burst through the glass and tiptoed over to the gem as silent as mice.

Then we looked back and saw the cops running to stop us. There was no other way out of the museum. We would have no choice but to take out the cops ourselves.

Was this really the only way out?

Week 27 The Trap Door By Warren

It was Saturday and my friends and I were going to the castle to explore.  When we got there we went inside the door. Suddenly it shut behind us and locked.  We all were extremely scared. So we went forward and saw another door. We opened the door and saw a room full of snakes.

“Was this really the only way out?” we said to each other.

Then one of my friends spotted a window behind the door. We knew that was our way out but how could we get up there. Then we remembered that the oldest of our friends was very good at climbing so he gave us all a boost and then climbed up after.

After that, we have never went back.

Week 27 The cows down my lane By Jacob

Every day I walk my dog, Teddy, for about 30 minutes. Some days it’s rainy some days it is sunny but one thing was always the same.
After sprinting past the last house on the left (there was always an angry and upset dog), there was a field with two big fat cows. One had marks on its back in the shape of a diamond, the other’s marks were like a book. They were there every day except today.

There was a farmer in the field and he shouted out to me “Excuse me, have you seen any cows today? I seem to have lost mine.”
Just then the angry dog started yelping. I looked over and saw the two cows chasing the dog round his garden.

”I found your cows!” I shouted at the farmer and giggled as he chased them around the garden.

Week 27 : Lost diamond

I was sprinting away from a monster. I found a hole and I went down there. I don’t even know why I got chased by a monster but then I remembered that I had lost my brother’s diamond.  He said something bad would happen to me.

At this stage, I was upset that the monster came back.  Then I saw an old man standing in front of me.

I said, “Are you OK?”

No response.

I said it again and he turned his back.  He had a white soft beard.

He then said ” you should not be here”  and handed me a book.

“Go follow the book – be careful. ”

He handed me a bat just in case.  Before I went I asked him his name. He said “Jo hung OK”

“Thanks, good luck for the future,” I said and went.