Week 27 The Race By Danny

On the 21st of January 2010, my school Scoil Colm was running in the Relay Final up in Cork. I was up there to give them a boost and a little bit of energy.

At 3.20 it started and they got off to a great start and we were first but although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress and to make it worse tall Tim looked behind him to see where his opponents were and fell over a rock…

Even though we didn’t win the relay we won the Boys’s 50 m sprint. So it wasn’t all a bad day.

Week 27 The prison escape by Ronan

The thieves decided that they were in prison for long enough. Almost twenty years.  There were two people per cell. Out of all the cells they had the worst one. The thieves had a plan to escape from prison.

They splashed a boiling effervescent liquid onto one of the security guards and he let them out. The thieves jumped out the window onto their ancient motorbikes which did not work … so they ran for their lives. They could see security guards in the distance. Although they ran quickly they were not making enough progress… It was back to prison for those two.

Week 27 The Storm By Szymon

One day a family was watching television when suddenly the programme changed onto the news. It said there was a tornado coming in one hour. When they looked out they saw pandemonium everywhere.

“We will not make it by car as there is too much traffic around,” said the mother.

They started running but they saw an old lady that fell over who could not get up so they helped her. They ran quickly but they saw people tripping and they also helped them. Then a  child fell and could not walk because he broke an ankle.

Although they ran quickly, they were not making enough progress…

Week 27 A case of life or death by Conor

Back when I was a boy I remember that there were a bunch of boys at the zoo. I could hear them whispering ” Who wants to see the cheetahs?” ” Me, ” says one boy.

Over at the cheetahs, the zookeeper was in feeding them but he forgot to close the gate on his way out.  One of the cheetas saw that it was open and ran out of the cage.  You could already tell there was going to be pandemonium. It was inexplicable how fast the cheetah could run. Although they ran quickly, they still did not make enough progress…

Week 27: The Monks: by Liam A

It was the early 9th century and the book of Kells was being written in the scriptorium. John the monk who was writing it went out to get some more gems to stick on it. Then the bell rang – the Vikings were coming.

John forgot about the book and joined the others running for the round tower.   Although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress. The Vikings were catching up.  After a while, John fell and the Vikings took him as a hostage.

John told them where the Book of Kells was and he was set free.

Week 27: Jail break by Sean

One day John and I were at a shop but we fell a sleep.  When we heard glass break we woke up and we hid behind the table.  The robber got some of the money.  The cops came but the robber was all ready gone but not us … we were still there and we were put in jail.

After 2 years we were getting sick of jail so we made a plan to escape. The guard’s keys were out of his pocket and we took  them. We put some effervescent potion into his drink to make him sleep and then we left.

But the guard woke and the other guards were after us too. Although they ran quickly they still were making not enough progress and luckily we escaped!

Week 27 Time Travel teleport by Joe

Bill and Conor were very good friends. One day they decided that they would go back in time for the day. Bill’s dad loved to try new things and to see what would happen.

After lunch they ran into the garage and jumped through the teleporter – they were on the moon but it was really old and then Bill remembered that his dad put the teleporter and the time travel machine.

But then they saw aliens after them. Although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress, but that was the same for the aliens. They made it back home and nobody even noticed that they left.

Week 27: The monks hesitation by Colin.

Ding Ding.

The bell from the round tower went off. The Monks gathered the golds, chalices and the Book Of Kells. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. The vicious Vikings crowded the village- annihilating and burning EVERYTHING around.

The monks started to hesitate and shove each other around. Some fearsome Vikings nearly climbed up the ladder but the tower monk pulled the long ladder up. The Vikings started throwing carved out stones through the narrow windows. Eventually the Vikings having even burned crops and grass, left. The trembling monks had been up in the round tower 9 hours straight.!

Week 27 The relay trick by Maciej

Yes  Bob whispered to himself. It was the day of the relay. He dressed up and ran downstairs to eat his breakfast and skipped happily to school. After lunch he went to the hall.  There were lots of children there. The coach gave Bob and his friends an effervescent potion to drink. They drank it and then it was their time to race.

Although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress. They lost.

Week 27 RUN by Mathew O G

Beeeeee dow!

The London evacuation alarm went off. People rushed around in great fear. Innocent families were confused. They asked people what was going on? But they just ran past them. They decided to find out for themselves.

In confusion a little boy looked at the top of a building. He saw men in all black throwing smoke bomb after smoke bomb. People were coughing like crazy. The boy squinted at a building far away.

He saw men with guns and snipers. He shouted RUN at his  family –  he was very scared. And so  his family ran –  although they ran quickly they still were not making enough progress…

Week 27 The black out by jack


“Aarrgghh it will never work  – blast it!”

“Grandad calm down.”

“I’m sorry Ellie – I just can’t seem to get it to work. ”

“You will get it to work, Granddad  -you just need patience. ”


“A rraadhhh – now the electricity is out! Ellie you will have to get the mice.”

So Ellie rummaged through the garage to get the mice to power the electricity by running while her cantankerous grandad ate a peanut butter sandwich.

And although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress to generate electricity.

Week 27 : The relay race by Aidan

Charlie, Tom, and Bob were entering a relay race and they had to train. All day long every day they trained but they still didn’t make enough progress. The day before the race came quickly and the three men got better and better.

On the day of the race, the three men were trembling but they were also confident that they would win. The three of them walked into the stadium and lined up they were handed a yellow bowling pin and the other team got a blue.

“On your marks  – get set – go” the man shouted.  Up first was Charlie against Haska.  Charlie was as fast as lightning and gave the pin to Tom. Tom wasn’t that fast. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress to win the race. Would they win?

Week 27: It’s sinking! by Liam O

One sunny I day was on a cruise ship called the Lusitania.  At the time I was on it I was around Kinsale, Ireland.  Just then I heard a very loud BANG!

Pandemonium spread across the ship.  A few minutes later I realised the ship was sinking.  Just then I saw people dashing to the lifeboats.

Although they ran quickly they weren’t making enough progress.  As the first lifeboat got lowered  1/8 of the ship had gone down.  By the time the 5th lifeboat got lowered 1/3 of the ship had gone down. At this stage, everyone knew that the ship was going down…

Week 27 Olympics by Ciaran

This year we will be taking home the gold because of me…

Today is the day that I make the potion. First I will need the tooth of a cheetah.  Then I will need the leg of the biggest and slimiest frog you can find and a couple of other stuff.  Now I must put them all together.

The day of the race: the first thing before the 200m race I gave the men the effervescent potion.  Although they ran quickly they still not making enough progress …sadly no gold.

Week 27 The school lockdown by Dylan.

Bang !

That’s all the entire school could hear. Tom and Jake were in the bathroom when this happened. They were terrified. They ran back to the classroom only to find their classmates and their teacher at the back wall with their hands in the air.

They turned around and saw a man with a handgun. Tom and Jake shrieked and Jake boxed the man in the face. The man tried to shoot Jake but Jake dodged the bullet. They opened the door and ran.

Although they ran quickly they were not making enough progress. They ran out of the school only to find more gunmen…

Week 27: Camping trouble , Dan

As they set up their campsite in the dreariest darkest forest around, the Clock family noticed something. It was that they had forgotten to bring the other half of the tent.

Mr. Clock suggested that they could sleep in the cave opposite them and they all agreed. Suddenly a pack of wolves rushed out of the cave in front of their eyes. They ran for their lives. They dodged around from tree to tree darting through the forest.

Although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress…No one ever knew how they escaped but somehow they did…

Week 27 The 2 dogs by Kacper

CRASH! Mum is now going to be mad.

One wonderful sunny day when I was walking home I found a dog. I named her Lucy. I fed her and I played with her and on Saturday night she had babies. They were both males so I named them Harry and Garry. I asked my Mum if we could keep them. She said, ” fine but you have to train them.”

On the next day they ran so fast but although they ran quickly they still were not making enough progress –  crash, oh no Mum is going to be mad  – they broke her new vase.

Week 27, The forest by Tim


The school bus crashed into a tree on the way to a school trip. The bus driver called a mechanic to come and fix the bus. Luckily there was a picnic area close by and the class sat there to wait for the mechanic. The teacher did a head count to see if all her students were there. There were 3 students missing.

The three boys had gone into the forest. The forest was very dark and there were wolves in it. The mechanic arrived and fixed the bus.

Suddenly the three kids screamed “HELP”.  Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. They heard a wolf howl so they ran even quicker. They arrived at the picnic spot and the mechanic had already fixed the bus. So they all went back to school.

Week 27: Just a nightmare by Marc

“I want that crown,” the wicked wizard shouted at John and Tom.

A bomb was about to hit London that night.  “If you get me that crown I will put a shield around London to protect it from the bomb,” the wizard promised.

So they went to the palace – they had to pay £50  each. When they got in they used a drain pipe to get to the crown. They took the crown.

Suddenly an alarm went off and they had to hide quickly. They went through the pipe and through the hall. Although they ran quickly they were still not making any progress. Then a siren went off for the bomb.It was about to hit them …

…but then I woke up.

Week 27 The Robbers By Wojciech

“What do you mean?”
“I mean that we need to get this jewel,” he shouted.
“Okay just take it.”
After a while, the alarm rang.  On they ran out of the shop and the police were behind them. Although they ran quickly, they were making no progress. One of them was arrested and the second was causing pandemonium.
The police set a trap and the robber fell into it –  he tried to escape from the trap but he couldn’t. The police got the jewel and put them in the jail. When they eventually came out they were pretending that they were angelic …but they did it all again.

Week 27: Dreadful Plan By Naglis

“Let’s rob the jewellery shop” insisted Frank’s chubby pompous boss-Mark. “Alright” Frank answered.

As they sat into the car Mark slurped the last of his cold juicy slushy. Frank was disguised as a guard and tried to distract the rather large guard who was monitoring the shop that night. Quietly Mark dashed into the shop and stole almost every jewel and every single penny.

Suspiciously the guard called the police and reported that some kind of man (Frank) was trying to bamboozle him by telling him to go home! Steve and Mark ran. Although they ran quickly they were not making enough progress…

Week 27 We’re out by Matthew D

The prison guard’s key was on his belt and when Tom saw it he grabbed it immediately. The prisoners waited until he was gone.

“He’s gone,” said Jim.

“Open the cell door, ” Tom ordered to Brian.

“We’re out lads,” whispered Tom.

As they walked down the clean white hall Jim knocked over a  brown rusty bucket. An alarm filled the prison. Now the prison guards would already have left their tea and biscuits and be rushing to catch them. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress and just that very minute a prison guard jumped out and said: ” Back to the cell boys!”

Week 27: Camping By Adam

Slowly Jim looked around the corner. The creepy man was still there. They waited all night but the man did not move. Later on Josh sneezed too loudly. Jim got angry and gave out! Suddenly they heard footsteps. Jim looked around the corner and the man saw him!

They ran so fast. Although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress. The man caught up to them and asked would they show him the way out of the forest. In no time he was home and they got to go camping again and they were all very happy.

Week 27 The chase by :Tadhg

“Hey” shouted the man.

He spotted us as I hopped in the back of the jeep. “Drive,” I yelled .

One  hopped in the back as well and I pulled him in .3 left. They started running although they ran quickly , they were still not making enough progress . Bang -one flew up in the air.  Zap -another one . The last man leaped at the jeep and we pulled him in.

I turned around and the two other men were gone. Jeeps and cars were racing up towards us.  I grabbed a gun and started shooting. Bang –  one down –  crash – another one down.  Suddenly more jeeps came and they were catching up .

Crash –  they surrounded us.  “Hands up,” they yelled.