Week 28: Malicious Mark By Naglis

“Mark is escaping, I repeat Mark is escaping, close all exits!”shouted the warden. But it was too late. Warden Warren sent Simon on the mission to track him down. Simon tracked down where Mark used his phone recently. He found out that he had been using it in the town park very often. Simon also saw that he went there every night just before nine. Simon had an idea. He drove over to the town park car park and walked just outside the park where there had been what looked like burned trees. He crouched down there while being camouflaged. Next he put the silencer on, scoped in…”BANG!”

Week 28 The Mystery Of The Burned Down Village by Ciaran

I was going through the forest looking for water like my family asked me to but there was none so I just kept going and going until I my mother screaming “HELP!”

Then I started running back to the village but her voice was fading until it was gone.  I finally got back but all that was left was the ruins of the village  and ash scattered across the earth.

“Hello is anybody there?”  a voice came from a helicopter in the sky.

“I am here. I am here.  Help me.”I shouted.

“You are lucky to be alive  – what happened? “

Week 28, Burned Forest, by Mikolaj

“Dad”, I shouted “I caught a big fish from the ocean beside the forest. “

I was happy so we went to a shop to buy me a sandwich. We went home and I was very happy so I told my dad to take me back the next day. We went back and there was no forest.  It was all burned down so my Dad and I were very confused. So we just were fishing and I caught another one and it was way bigger than the one the previous day. My dad was very proud of me and now takes me fishing every time he goes.

Week 28: Rude robot By Marc


My father was a scientist and he made lots of bad inventions. This time he made an abominable shrinking robot. I was shrunk and teleported to a war. It was green people against rot people. The green people were protecting the plant of life. The rot people were trying to block the moon shining on to the plants so it would rot and the forest would die. They were riding bats.

Suddenly the green queen got killed and the plants started to rot. Suddenly my father came and he was a giant. He got all the bats to go away. 

Would he save the plants?

Week 28, The Infection by Tim

It has been 3 weeks since and scientists still hadn’t found the cure to what was causing plants and trees to die instantly.

Suddenly one day a scientist named Mr. Goodman had found the cure. Sadly an entire forest in Canada was wiped out by the infection. There were animals stuck under trees and they couldn’t get out. Mr. Goodman’s medicine had fixed the entire forest in hours. Mr. Goodman decided to make more medicine.

The medicine has saved the human race as without trees we would have all gone extinct. The medicine was used to grow trees and plants that were dying. Mr. Goodman has saved billions.

Week 28 The message in a bottle by:Tadhg

I’m writing this to whoever finds it .

This message in a bottle is very important. The faith of the world lies in your hands. To save the world you must follow the directions in this map. It will help you on your journey. When you are there you will be confronted by creatures beyond the reach of earth. You may see spaceships and aliens.  You will find it hard to find food and to find shelter.

A message just like this was sent to me and now I’m sending it to you. Good luck on finding that island.

Week 28 Gone By Matthew D

“Finally I can rest my feet” I exclaimed as my fellow scouts and I were exhausted after a long day of walking.

My best friend Josh lit a fire and we all laid down in front of it. Our scout leader Marcus told a story to all of us.  We were all listening open mouthed as he told the scary story. After that we all went to bed to rest our weary heads but nobody quinched the fire.

Cock-a doodle doo … I heard as the sun rose early in the morning. When I emerged from my tent … everything apart from my tent was burnt.

Week 28 World War 3 By Danny

On the 22nd of April 2000 World War 3 started between the English and the Irish. The Irish were hiding in large holes in tents so the English wouldn’t see them. The situation was fraught with danger and the troops didn’t know what was going to happen to them.

The English were moving forward cautiously but they didn’t see the Irish hiding in the tents. The Irish were about to destroy the English.

BOOM, BANG, CRASH and the English were down. The Irish had smug smiles on their face as they had won World War 3.

…Well, that’s what my Granddad told me.

The Enviroment By Kacper

One day my friend and I went to the park to play soccer. When we arrived at the park, it was all dirty and the trees were all burnt.

” What is happening ? ” I asked a worker.

He answered me, ” We are destroying the trees  to build a soccer pitch.”

My friend was excited but I was sad.

” You can’t do that” I shouted.

So I went to the Gardai and reported it. They said that they couldn’t do anything so I decided to gather help from the Tidy Towns Committee and we have helped to save the park.

Please try not to litter.

Week 28 Project Pollution

So yesterday our teacher asked us to do a project on pollution and I thought hmmm? What if I put in a paragraph of me talking about a polluted area … that is sure to get me straight A’s.

When I went home and I googled polluted places on earth in Ireland especially in Cork. It showed me a forest alongside a place called Kanturk that had burnt down due to all of the toxic fumes.  That’s near where I live so I rushed out the door and found the place.

Suddenly I heard a rustling of leaves and tiny feet tapering along the ground and got knocked out a second later by a branch swung down on my head. The last thing I remember was being carried along the ground by little elves…then I woke up in my own bed at home …

Week 28 The Forest By Szymon

There is a forest in Northern America and whenever a person goes into it they never come back.

A person called Chris is going to explore it. He knows he might not come back but he isn’t going back. As he enters the forest he can already hear the laughter that makes his hair stand up. As he continues into the forest he has a sense of foreboding. He turns around and sees little shadows. Suddenly he is surrounded by little creatures so he starts running…