Week 28 I did see it by Danny

In Wicklow people say that once every year a pair of legs sitting on a huge stick appears in the local park. They call it Bodyless Ben.

It comes up on the 21st of January every year for a half a day .  Some people don’t believe in it just like some people don’t believe in Yetis and the Loch Ness monster.

On the 21st of January 1988, I was in the local park when suddenly I saw Bodyless Ben.  I ran home to tell my family that I had seen it but they didn’t believe me and they called me a liar.

Week 28: Bomb Boy by Sean

One day a  boy was at a hotel when suddenly a bomb went off.   He was sent flying into the forest next to the   river. Sadly he had lost his legs and he was the last one of his family left.

He was lying there next to a tree until two people came and saw him.  They called the hospital and they came. Finally he was safe. Eventually he got new legs and he was able to go back playing with his friends again.

Week 28 The Amazing Robot By Szymon

“Yes!” shouted a scientist. “I have completed the robot.”

He turned it on and it started to pick up the litter that was in the room. Soon after it became a peacemaker and it helped solve all of the problems of the world. No one was homeless or poor. Everyone had clean water and food. There were no more wars and the earth wasn’t polluted.

When the scientist died his son had a plan to destroy the robot and make the earth the same as it was before. He crept up behind the robot and cut it in half. He buried the top part deep underground but left the legs above ground.

Week 28 The Great Warrior by Conor

Long ago there was a great courageous warrior that fought for Ireland. In the enormous battle against England, he fought bravely. A few days later about a quarter of the Irish died but not the great warrior. He encouraged all of his warriors to fight well. There were bombs set off everywhere and a lot of people died.

Hours later sadly the aggressive warrior died.  All of Ireland was sad and they buried all their brave men except the great warrior. All that was left of him was his two legs.

After that Ireland lost all their battles just because of him dying.

Week 28 The Story of Slender Legs by Dylan.

I still remember the time I saw Slender Legs. It was said if you go to the woods at 12 o clock and say “Slender Legs” 5 times he will appear.

I went to the woods at 12 o clock and did it. I  turned around only to find Iron Legs on a tree. I was not scared but I thought it was strange.

The legs began to walk towards me. I ran as fast as I could. Terrified I jumped behind a tree.

I ran back to my house only to find the legs there before me. It ran for me…


Week 28:The Iron Giant: by Liam A

It was a cloudy day and all was quiet.  All I could see was a giant or something heading straight for the town.  I went upstairs to have a better view and then all I could see was a red iron giant crashing into the woods.

I walked outside and saw two legs on a tree and a body of a robot.  A tear fell down my cheek as some people came and took the robot away. But they couldn’t get the legs off the tree so they left it there to remember the robot and where it crashed.

The End.

Week 28:The Rising of the Monster :by Maciej

1000 years ago in the action days there lived a monster called the Red Legged Giant –  he was a meat eater. There were only 45 of them. They were as tall as 2 houses. They were intelligent and big monkeys. They used trees to hunt around and to defend themselves.

Nowadays people claim that they have seen them in the same area where they live. One day one of them was found lying on the ground dead. The people decided to put his legs up in the woods in his honour.

Week 28: The lurking monster by Colin

It was a heart warming day in the Australian rain forest. Sun was beating heavily down on me. Suddenly I saw some iron legs lurking around the luscious green leaves. It was brownie red and was running 68 km an hour!!!!!! I had to squint a little to properly see it.

“What? ” I whispered softly to myself. I started to creep over to the trees. I got a picture of it and took it to the president’s office. He was shocked and asked the army to hunt it down. 4 Days later I realised I made a MASSIVE mistake. It may have been endangered?

Week 28 Long Legs by Aidan

People say that once every year one lucky kid gets to see Long Legs.

Long Legs is a mythical creature that is claimed to be only legs. One year that lucky kid was me. In the middle of the night, I heard a voice saying ” Go down to the woods.” It kind of creeped me out but I wanted to know what was there. So I got out of bed and walked down to the woods .It was freezing outside.

Suddenly there was a ruffling sound in the bush. That’s when I noticed that I was one of the luckiest kids ever. …I went to school the next day shouting “I saw long legs! ” but nobody believed me. From that day on I have been studying long legs and trying to prove he was real.


Week 28 I kill Giants by Tim

“It’s been happening for weeks” I said to my friends. “I’ve seen 2 this week  – the first one was in the abandoned train station near the city. They have long legs and beaming yellow eyes. ”

I think it’s real,” Alex said.  My other friend Danny replied ” I think it’s Bigfoot.”

I wasn’t the only one seeing them – my friends were too. We built a trap to catch them. We caught one. I called my dad and he brought it to the Government. The Government brought it to Area 51.

One day we found where they come from. They came from a portal in the woods.  Luckily my dad was an army man so he threw a grenade in the Portal and he shut it down. They stopped coming for months and no one was hurt.

Week 28 The man by Kacper

I was going through the park and I saw some men putting up legs.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“We are putting up some legs –  can’t ya see? ” the worker said.

“Why though?”

“Because this brave man died and saved the city!”

He told me a bomb was set off  in the city and he took it to the ocean and BOOM he was  dead.

I went home after  and I turned on the news and they said a man died to save the city.

Week 28: The long legged sausage by Liam O

One sunny day in the Forest of Sausage there lived a mythical creature called the Long Legged Sausage.  A man liked the sound of it and tried to prove to the world that the Long Legged Sausage was real so in the middle of the night he set off into the Forest of Sausage to find the Long Legged Sausage.

At  4.37 he hears thumping across the forest and he responds with his camera held out like a gun.  He snapped a picture and dashed away with the Long Legged Sausage running behind him.  When he got to his house he shut the door on the monster and knocked him out.

The police came and shook hands with the man and then he was proud.

Week 28: Who would do this? By Marc

” It is finally done” the designer shouted with happiness.

He had finished a robot that would help the world have peace. The robot made everyone happy, there was no bullying, no fighting and no wars.

BUT there was one evil man who hated the robot, he wanted to destroy it. He teamed up with a vicious villain to destroy the robot.

They placed a thick hard string from tree to tree. The robot came and he got cut in half.

All you could see was his legs on the tree.

Week 28. Title: Other World. By Wojciech.

Quickly I stood up because today was an important day for me. I dressed up as quickly as I could and ran to the park. I was running so fast that I didn’t know where I was going.
Suddenly I tripped over and went to another world. It was about 20-25 years earlier. I saw metal legs behind me -they looked really nice. I looked around –  it was different.  I saw my granddad – everything looked really old. I was happy there.
When I came back to the normal world everything was brighter. I came back home and I saw my family waiting for me.

Week 28 Long Legs By Ciaran

I visited India for our holidays and met my cousins family. They took us on a tour and we went to a place where my cousin says a mystical creature lived.  This was a creature that roamed the land over there called Long Legs.
Then I heard something and it sounded like it was coming closer. For some reason, I started to move away and when I stopped I realised that I was in the middle of nowhere with nobody around me and no food or drink.   I closed my eyes because I was too scared to blink.

Week 28: An Amazing Idea

Roy was a boy when his mum and dad bought him a robot. His movements controlled it. The bot was Roy’s only friend. One day his parents told him the bot had to go to war.

When he came back all that was left of the bot was his legs! Roy was heartbroken, his best friend gone forever.

Then he had an idea – he could put the Robots legs in the park and turn it into a slide so not only he could enjoy seeing the bot but the children could enjoy it also.

When the slide was finished everyone loved it.

Week 28: Fantastic Robot By Naglis

“Finally I’ve finished it!” sighed Mark.

Mark had constructed a robot with no body or head to help make the world a better place. His name was Long Legs. He would clean up any litter that was thrown on the ground, make sure nobody was fighting etc. There was peace all over London and Long Legs was a great success until … a horrible hooded figure placed a landmine in the woods.

There was a marathon in the woods and a kind pleasant lady stepped on the landmine by accident. Luckily she kept her foot on it. Soon Long Legs put his feet on it and told everyone to run away. “Boom” he exploded.

Now there is a sculpture of him in the woods in his honour.

Week 28 Outer Space By Matthew D

“Can we go to the park mom?

“Ok” she replied.

My cousins were visiting and it was a good day so it was a good idea to get outdoors. We first went on the swings. Suddenly we heard music – it was the ice-cream truck.  We all ran to get some ice-cream. I got a crunchie blast and my cousins got a king cone and a loop the loop. We then played hide and seek.

I hide behind a statue of legs and all of a sudden one of the legs kicked into outer space…

Week 28: Legs On The Tree By Adam

Early in the morning, my friend called me! I answered and he asked should we go to the forest? I said yes!

We went to the forest and found a tree with legs! There was a man and we asked him what does it represent? He said the marathon is on tomorrow and the legs represent the marathon!

We went home to get ready for the marathon because we did not know it was on the following day. When we got there we were ready to race. We were training all that day. We came 2nd –  so close – maybe we will win the next time? … who knows.