Week 29, by Mikolaj

I was at my dad’s house and I told him to take me to the Santa post office because I wanted a pet giraffe for Christmas. He said he would when he finished preparing Christmas dinner. I was bored as I couldn’t wait until we could go. He was three quarters done and his fingers were greasy. He was washing them so I just got brown bread, cheese and put it into a microwave until it will be melted. We finally went there and I put my letter in the post box and we went back home and dad finished the Christmas dinner.

Week 29 Christmas Eve By Danny

It was Christmas Eve and I was getting everything ready for Santa. I gave Santa a glass of milk, some cookies, a bar of chocolate and of course some carrots for the reindeers. I was really looking forward to getting a giraffe because I asked for one every year but this year was the year to get a real one.

Before bed I had a brown bread sandwich with melted cheese on it and a greasy, salted sausage with it.

The next morning I woke up to find a robotic giraffe and not a real giraffe. My Dad was in peals of laughter and that was the person I had open admiration for.

Well NOT Any More.

Week 29 Christmas By:Tadhg

It was Christmas eve night and Jack was very excited . He asked Santa for a giraffe for Christmas . He was getting the stuff ready for the giraffe and Santa . He made a greasy , salty sausage for Santa and a melted cheese brown bread sandwich. He then went to sleep.


It was Christmas morning and Jack rushed down the stairs and opened a box that definitely couldn’t fit a giraffe in it… sadly. He saw a note saying look in the garden. He screamed as he saw the giraffe in the garden.

Week 29 Trick Or Treat

It was Halloween and my brother and I were going trick or treating around the neighbourhood. My brother dressed up as a giraffe.

We went into one house with a door wide open and there was  a bowl with brown bread with melted cheese in it.  To me it looked a bit greasy and I turned around to see if anybody was watching us before tasting some.

“OHHHH this tastes a bit salty….”

As I turned back around the door was shut and brother was nowhere to be seen 😥


Week 29: Larry’s Lounge By Naglis

Larry’s Lounge Menu

Enjoy a Giraffe Fillet Steak with a choice of salad or brown bread on the side.

Have a wonderful Grilled Cheese Sandwich with ham and melted cheese.

Gobble up an appetising Larry’s Burger with a scrumptious greasy lump of beef with salted French Fries on the side.


Gulp down some freshly poured lemonade with no added sugars.

Drink our Wine which is produced in our local vineyard.

Or have a glass of beer straight from the fridge.


Enjoy three delightful chocolate brownies with chocolate sauce.

Have apple tart with a choice of custard or cream.

Or have the special, Larry’s Sticky Toffee Fudge Cake.

Thank you for eating at Larry’s Lounge!

Week 29 The Trip By Szymon

Luke’s class was going on a trip to the Amazon Rainforest visiting one of the largest tribes. When preparing for the trip Luke ate a bit too much.  He ate a sandwich with melted cheese, greasy rashers and scrambled egg.
They left their school at 5 in the morning. On the next day, they arrived in South America and took a bus to meet the tribe. When they arrived there they were given brown soup that tasted like salt and vinegar. The tribe’s leader was as tall as a giraffe. The tribe was very nice to them.

Week 29: GG By Sean

Hi my name is GG  – it stands for Greasy Giraffe  I can’t stop sweating and some people call me greasy. I also live at the zoo.

The zookeeper gives me melted cheese with some salt on a leaf. Sometimes I try to Jump over the fence but my greasy feet make me slip. But one day I got over it and ran to the town park.


Week 29: Why? By Marc

Should I go in there or not? I was thinking to myself strangely.

It was a mysterious wall with an even more mysterious gate. I couldn’t see over it because it was as tall as a giraffe. I opened the gate and walked into the isolated land. Suddenly there was no gate behind me and no wall.

I was as pale as a ghost. Straight after that, I saw a man with greasy brown hair and his beard was full of salt. His mouth was open as wide as the sea and he told me “You shouldn’t have come here – now you’re stuck.”

He then continued eating his melted cheese sandwich. 

Week 29, Family Field Trip by Tim

My mom woke me up to go brush my teeth. After I finished my dad called me to come and eat breakfast. My dad had made the most amazing food in the world. He made brown bread with melted cheese on the top and greasy sausages with a pinch of salt.

After we finished eating we got ready to go to. We got in the car and drove to the zoo. On the way, we heard news on the radio that a giraffe had escaped from the zoo. We then saw the runaway giraffe pass us. It stopped and ate a few leaves off a tree. My dad called the guards and they got there in no time. My parents and I decided to go to the beach instead.

What a day!

FortNite Is Dangerous By Kacper

One day I was at my house playing Fortnite. A few minutes later I was playing Duos and I met this strange guy. His name was Greasy Giraffe. He wanted to add me to play with him and his friend.

When he invited me, my screen went black. Seconds later I saw a red screen with Greasy Giraffe and his friend Salted Fish. The ground was brown and red and he said he would find me.

As fast as possible I deleted them and reported every thing to the police. They found the guy in my shed and put him in jail. He used to be a toy producer before he melted them all and turned evil.

Week 29 Salt Bae’s Restaurant by Mathew O’G

It was 7 pm in New York City and Salt Bae’s restaurant was open. I heard about Salt Bae  – he has served Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronald and Paul Pogba. The restaurant had huge brown doors. I was very excited as it looked very fancy.

As I walked in, in open admiration I gazed around. We found a seat and we read the immense menu. Out of curiosity, I ordered the Greasy Giraffe.

After a long wait, the food arrived and it was steaming hot. Unsurprising the food was so good, it melted in my mouth