Week 3: Our School Tour by Liam A

One day our school went to see the rarest crocodile in the world –  the purple crocodile. But there was one boy who hated lizards and he got so scared that he hid in the bus. Another boy loved lizards and he wanted to feed it.

Later on, this boy ran away from the group and he twisted the door to get in. The light started flashing purple and it opened.
The professor saw him and he was not happy. He found it difficult to get in. He couldn’t get in.

Goodbye friend …

Week 3: What Just Happened by Adam

Yesterday I was at professor G’s office. He had a rare purple crocodile. It was difficult to make the medicine. Then I twisted the potion’s lid open. Suddenly I turned into a teenager. Professor G got angry so he tried turning me back. It worked  -he turned me back.

The next day I went home and my mum made me some dinner. I had my dad take me to school the next day. I went home with my friend Coskow. Then he saw a robber so I called 999. I saw my dad coming. I got in  – “let’s get out of here,” I said. Phew!  I got home safely. Another job done

Week 3 Time Crocodile by Ciaran

One day I was coming home from school and I saw lots of flashing lights from my best friend Harrys houses backyard. It was in his dad’s mobile lab. I knocked on the door and there was no answer so I jumped over the fence and went inside the lab.  I saw Harry’s dad Professor Logo twisting a screw.

“What yee doing?”  I asked. No answer. I walked over to the open box. I ran into a portal and I saw a purple crocodile. I said to myself it’s going to be difficult getting out of here. …To be continued

Week 3 Crocodile Problem by Szymon

One day Professor Paul Paddington was creating a liquid. His pet crocodile hit the glass with the liquid and it spilled. He slowly but steadily drank the liquid. This all happened the one minute when the professor was not in his laboratory.

When he came back he saw that the crocodile started to twist. He twisted for 10 seconds and then began to grow. He escaped from the laboratory. The professor called the army. After a difficult and aggressive fight the crocodile was captured and shrunk back to normal size.

The professor had to pay for all the destruction and say sorry to the people that had their houses destroyed.

Week 3 The purple crocodile by Danny

In 1988 my teacher said he went to Africa to see a rare purple crocodile. Nobody had ever seen him before but my teacher Professor Paul Paddington wanted to. He went on a plane and said it was a difficult journey. He got there in 4 hours. When he was there he had to walk for fifteen minutes.

After the walk he saw the crocodile at the side of a lake. He was coming towards him so he ran away. When he was running he twisted his ankle.The crocodile was still coming but thank God someone caught the crocodile and put him back in the lake. After that the professor went home. The End.

Week 3 : Professor crocodile is missing by Dylan

One day in school I got sent to Professor Crocodile. He was not difficult to work with. He had a pet purple crocodile. When I went into his lab he was missing. I decided to look for him.

There he was. Some robbers had him. I tripped over a twisted bottle. I ran after the van the robbers were driving. Then they stopped. I got the professor out. We rushed to his house. We called the police. They said they’d be there fast. I saw the robbers getting arrested. The professor gave me a homework pass. The end

Week 3 Tom’s School day by Maciej

One day Tom went to school. His teacher was sick so a professor came instead of his teacher. The professor’s name was Mr Crocodile.

After break time Tom’s class were drawing. Tom had to draw purple parrot. When he was drawing he twisted his finger.

After he went home he started doing his homework. He could not do one of his sums. It was too difficult. It was so difficult that he needed to use a calculator. Afterwards he went outside to play with his friends.

Week 3 : My new pet by:Wojciech

Long ago there was a boy called Ben.He had a pet crocodile. He was purple in colour. Later on, a professor came to Ben’s house. The professor asked him what happened to his pet? Mum answered the crocodile twisted his tail.Now the poor pet needs to rest for long time said professor.

Finally Mr. Professor went home. It was a difficult time for the pet. Ben bought a toy for the crocodile and he was happy. Suddenly the crocodile got better and all the family was really really happy. Ben gave his mum a big hug and the crocodile was so happy and Ben started crying.

The End.

Week 3 : Professor problem by Tadhg

Luke was a professor.He had a pet purple crocodile and it was quite a devil. The professor was put into Arch cliff prison after the crocodile robbed a bank.The prison was the most guarded prison in the world.He tried escaping from it 10 times and never succeeded in escaping.He was living in a grey dark cell.

He wanted to escape that day so he ran out of the dirty cafeteria and was so close to escaping when he found a tunnel. He jumped down the tunnel and made a loud crash. He brought a bottle with him. He twisted the top off it and ran out of the prison.It was quite difficult escaping but he managed to escape the prison.

Week 3 : The Purple Crocodile by Colin

It was tour day and the class was excited. They were going to the zoo. But they were most excited to see the purple crocodile. When the time came the professor came in and said let’s go. An hour later they got to the zoo.

One boy ran off in search of the rare reptile. On his way there he saw a key on the door so he twisted it. Suddenly it creaked open. He walked in. In amazement, there was more than one purple animal. He found it difficult to know which animal was which. When he got back he was in big trouble.

Week 3 The odd teacher by Ronan

One day at school I found it very difficult to walk. I had twisted my ankle in the yard. When I came in from the yard there was a sign on the teacher’s desk that said Professor Purple Crocodile. Suddenly there was an enormous BANG… and everything started to fly.

Then the teacher came flying and said with a grin – “Ok class, sit down.” and everyone caught hold of a seat and sat down. I noticed that there were rocket boosters and seatbelts on their seats.

How peculiar I thought.

Week 3 Odd one out by Mathew O G

Once upon a time in Mali Africa lived a very strange crocodile.His name was Professor Oddi. His father was orange and he was purple. Everyone made fun of them. It was very difficult for them to fit in.Their nicknames were the Twisted Duo. They had to put a stop to it.

The next morning they painted themselves green and everyone still made fun of them. They tried everything. But they still got made fun of.

Week 3 Professor Crocodile’s peculiar day by Aidan

One day Professor Crocodile was in his lab. He was trying to turn a crocodile purple. He needed a spiders leg, one chocolate finger and of course a bit of purple paint.He put it all in one tube and then he shook it around.

Finally he brought in the crocodile and poured the mix on top of it. Oh no he had put in growing paint accidently. Quickly he twisted the crocodile’s tail but it did not work and the crocodile just snapped back at him. It was too difficult and now he was stuck with a giant crocodile in his lab!

Week 3: Nervous Nial by Marc

Let me introduce Professor Nial. Nial is really shy so we call him Nervous Nial. Nervous Nial was examining a purple crocodile with a twisted foot. It was difficult to know where it was from. Nervous Nial was scared that he would mess up. The crocodile was in a container in the lab. He was the only one examining it.

Eventually the container started to shake. Nervous Nial called security and they came. Suddenly the crocodile’s eyes opened. The alarm went off. He had thought that the crocodile was dead.

Everyone was screaming. Oh oh.

Week 3: The Jungle Crocodile By Mikolaj

Once upon a time I lived in a jungle. In the jungle there were two lakes. In one lake there lived a crocodile and in the other there was a fishing place. Lots of people went to the wrong lake and got hurt by the crocodile. I did not like that happening so I decided to teach him a lesson.

I bought a purple knife and went up to him and had a fight. Straight away I looked in his eyes and jumped and cut a centimeter of his skin Suddenly I  twisted in the air and I did a difficult jump. Afterwards we became friends and I called him the professor. We lived along happily together.
The END.

Week 3: Professor Crocodile By Naglis

Professor Crocodile was in the middle of making a fairly difficult thick purple mixture. Subsequently his neighbour Paul stomped into the room. “What are you trying to make this time?” shouted Paul from a distance.

“Go away,” muttered Professor Crocodile.

Paul was a buffoon. A week later Professor Crocodile and Paul went for a hike. Prankster Paul sneaked in the thick purple mixture that Professor Crocodile was working on instead of a drink. He still didn’t finish the mixture. Paul was smiling the whole way up. Halfway through, Professor Crocodile took the drink out. Without having a glance at it he twisted the cap open took a sip and…

Week 3 The lab by Matthew D

One day professor Alex was in his lab about to create the world’s first ever crocodile. Instantly there was a puff of smoke – he had done it. He had made the world’s first purple crocodile. He saw it and it looked vicious.

The crocodile twisted his head around and saw Professor Alex. The professor ran, picked up the phone and locked himself in a room. Immediately he called animal rescue. It was difficult getting into the room. Then animal rescue came and took the crocodile away. He was safe once again.