Week 3 : Truck crash : By Maciej

“Quickly get up,” said mom to Tom.” It’s your school tour day .”

When Tom heard that he stood up and went to eat . When he reached school he already had seen the bus –  he was just on time.  He went into the bus. After a minute they  drove off .

Half an hour later they had only to go up the hill…    suddenly the truck in front of them stopped but it seemed to be going backwards and it was going backwards!


The truck had crashed in to the bus . Luckily no one was hurt.

Week 3 A Close One by Jack

“Come on quick or we’ll miss the train,” I said thundering down the stairs roaring at my mother to stop doing her makeup and come on.

“We’re going to be late,” I roared again.

“Coming !” said my mum in an almost musical note as she clambered to pick up her handbag and run down the stairs.

“Let’s go,” mum said as she opened the front door, ran out and started the car .

We arrived at the train station and the first thing we heard – Choo! choo! – “Come on quickly,”  said mum “or we’ll miss it.”

We ran up the flight of steps and lunged into the train as the doors started to close.

“Phew! “I gasped for breath after running up those steps but it seemed to be going backwards.

Week 3 The Escape by Mathew o G

It was a  dark and dismal day- perfect for escaping prison. There was no sun in the sky. As I sat down on my brown prison bed I had to think of a master plan. At last, I had it.

That evening I started to work on it. As one of the guards walked by I snatched the key and bolted for the door. As soon as I was gone the bloodhound was out.

We ran for hours. I was heading for the river to put him off my scent. I then looked back at the hound but it seemed to be going backwards.

100wc Week:3 By Tadhg

“Crash” Laughter rang in his ear .

“I will show them- I will show all of them. I will be the greatest! … Wait what’s my line again. ”

“Fired” He yelled that is the third time you said that. You have a bad memory-  you are fired. ”

I left the building to see my car but it seemed to be going backwards ! Oh no I forgot to put on the brake. As I chased after my car I thought how stupid I was not to put on the brake.

“Bang” something hit the car –  it was a person.  I jumped in the car and drove as far away as possible.

Week 3: Why Backwards By Marc

Running like a bullet from a gun, my lungs were burning but I kept running. An abominable man was chasing me. I went left and he went right. I had time but not much time. I had an idea to run to the exit. Eventually, I got my breath back and I felt as fit as a hare. So I sprinted and sprinted as fast as I could.

Suddenly it went dark and it felt like my eyes were closed.

“Hey get over here” shouted a deep voice.

I was nearly at the escalator. I jumped on the escalator but It seemed to be going backwards….Sadly …I never got out of jail. 


Week 3, Theme Park Disaster by Tim

Last summer I went to a theme park in London. I went with my mom, my three sisters and my aunt. We had a lot of fun. We got to go on so many rides. It was fun … that was before the incident.
My mom and I went on the Roller Coaster while my sisters and aunt were on the Ferris Wheel . It was fun but then the Roller Coaster seemed to be going backwards half-way through the ride. My mom was scared and I started screaming.
later the mechanics arrived to see what was the problem. They fixed the ride and every thing went back to normal. At the end we all went home and no one was hurt.

Week 3 The Slope By Matthew D

I opened the car door and got out. I then ambled my way into Lidl. I got a trolley and started shopping. I saw one of my arrogant work colleagues so I tried to avoid him. Unfortunately, we then bumped into each other and started talking.

I said “Oh I just remembered that I have to go home and do some jobs.” That conversation felt like an eternity. I walked over to the till and  I looked out the window at my car but it seemed to be going backwards. I rushed out but it was too late. It had rolled into the wall … It was going to be a long walk home.

Week 3: Confident Jonathon By Naglis

My brother in law Jonathon was extremely confident that he could drive a car even though he doesn’t have one. It was his birthday next week so I was planning to buy him a car. I knew he couldn’t drive so I didn’t buy him a fancy car instead I bought him a whopping 2001 Toyota Corolla. Eventually the day came.

“Of course I can drive a car” exclaimed Jonathon on the day.

“Watch this” he bellowed.

He hopped into the car and put it onto reverse which he thought was Race mode. “Watch everybody”  he repeated.

But it seemed to be going backwards? I wonder why?







Week 3 The New Roller coaster By Danny

It was the day that we were going to the new Theme Park called Fun Land. I was very excited as a new Rollercoaster was opening and I wanted to be the first on it.

Standing in the line my teeth were clattering together uncontrollably when suddenly a thick mist descended. I was a small bit nervous but the boy behind me was irate.

I was the first person in the line and when the Mayor cut the ribbon I was the first person on it.

When it started it was so much fun… but it seemed to be going backwards…

Week 3 The Hunter By Szymon

”Bye!” I shouted.
I was going to my favourite place to be where I want to be alone. It was a patch with lush green plants and wildlife. That was in the middle of a field that was next to my house.
When I was there it looked as beautiful  as always. I saw a rabbit but it seemed to be going backwards.
” It seemed as if he was running away from something” I whispered.
I went in to check and I was frightened at what I saw. It was a hunter that was shooting the animals. Then he pointed his gun at me. I ran away as fast as I could.

Week 3: The New Car By Sean

One day I in a car race but I crashed into the wall.  I was fine but my car wasn’t – it was in pieces.

20 days later I got a new car and it was a BMW. When I got it I zigzagged through the garden and the neighbour’s garden.  it was a lot of fun. As I went in I saw a car going forward but it seemed to be going backwards. As I went in I realised there was a race going on. So I went in and took part.  There were  a lot of good cars there but I won…

Week 3 : THE GETAWAY By kacper

“So men are you ready?”

“YEAH,”  we all answered.

We were about to steal gems and $50,ooo. We drove down to the city bank and took c4’s and …KABOOM… there was an explosion. We took all the gems and money and ran as fast as we could.  We went on the roof and my crew went on board the helicopter. But it seemed to be going backwards.  I turned  around and 10000 cops were on the roof. I went to jail and they said I would be in jail for 3 months (We will see about that I thought!  )

Week 3 Haunted By Ciaran

I was saving for a year now. I could finally afford the limed addition Joney Orlando handwritten signed remote-control race car.
The next day I was racing to the store and there it was- I bought it but I  was not allowed to use it until my birthday because it was my early birthday present.
I opened it and put the batteries into it but it seemed to be going backwards- without me pressing any button.  I thought my sister was pranking me but she was not.  Then a shiver went up my spine –  Was I being haunted?

Week 3 “My Birthday Present” By Mikolaj

It was my 22nd birthday and my parents bought me a brand new automatic car. I thanked them and I sat on my seat and looked around. On the gear stick, it said “R, P and D.” I thought that R stood for Race mode.

I turned on the car, put it on R and started to drive… But it seemed to be going backwards.

I drove into the wall and broke the whole back of the car. I was very sad. I ran home and asked my parents why didn’t they tell me what the letters meant. At least I was alive.