Week 3: The Thief by Ben

I woke up in the middle of the night. I looked out my window and saw a man with his hood up on a yellow bicycle and holding a bag of money. I rang the police and told them what happened but he had already got away. They told me not to worry.

Mr Brenndon the owner of the bank warned me to pay the mortgage or they would take the house. I was desperate… But then I realised something – Mr Brenndon always went to work on a yellow bicycle. I told the police this and they raided his house. They found what they were looking for. Mr Brenndon confessed. His plan was that the bank would take my house away and he would buy it he said greedily. I was relieved.

Week 3 The New Bicycle To Yellow Lightning By Evan

I asked my mom greedily could I get a new bicycle because she wanted me to get exercise. So she took me to Smyths and I chose a bicycle. After a while, I was faultless at it and I even joined the cycling club. Then one day I asked my mom could I go out for a cycle.  She said yes but she warned me to come home before 8 because of the storm.

So I went out for a while and got lost. But by the time I found a path home. There a storm and yellow lightning everywhere. It felt like I was getting pummelled by a boxer but I eventually got home.

Week 3 The Race By Kristupas

Suddenly the flag was waved and the race began.  I was at the back of the race -it was just me and my yellow bicycle going up the hill.

I was exhausted. Before we started the coach warned us to be careful. I was desperate to not fall off my bike as it was very dangerous. The others were pushing left to right and cars were going 50 kph. The kid that was in third place started greedily pushing up the line. My heart was beating in an erratic way. Eventually he fell and came last.

Week 3: The Haunted house: By Liam A

It was a dull day and my friend and I were going to the haunted house down the road from my house as we were desperate to see what was inside. We were warned not to go in but we didn’t listen.

I told him that I would meet him there at 3pm and when I got there I rested my yellow bicycle on the wall of the house. When my friend arrived I took my torch out of my bag and before I knew it my friend greedily snatched it out of my hand.

As we opened the gate and walked up to the door, it swung open and we were dragged in. My heart was pounding erratically as the door slammed behind us…

Week 3 The Yellow Bicycle By Adam

One day I was at home when suddenly I saw an advertisement about a yellow bicycle. I asked my mom could I get it but she said no. I was walking down the ally when I saw a guy selling the bicycle. He warned me that it was dangerous but I was desperate so I greedily snatched it from him and asked him ” how much will it cost”? “75 euro” he replied.

I got on the bicycle and was riding it home when all of a sudden a car came out of nowhere. But luckily I dodged it.

When I got home I said to myself ” I need to hide it or mom will be angry”. So I put it in the vicinity of the house.

Week 3 The shortcut by Dylan

Cycling on my yellow bicycle I was terrified. I was after taking the shortcut home that my mom warned me not to and now I was being chased by thugs.

I was desperate to get away. My heart was pounding like a rabbit being chased by a fox. One of them caught me and threw me off my bike. He greedily snatched my money and pummelled me with his fists.

Rolling on the ground in agony I kicked him, grabbed my bike and cycled for my life. But when I got home somehow 5 of them were waiting for me…

Week 3: The Mistake By Benny

I was glum because I was told I wasn’t allowed a bicycle. I felt like releasing my anger on my sister but I decided to go on a walk instead. I was desperate for a bicycle.

Suddenly an old man walked up to me and showed me a stunning yellow bicycle. I immediately became suspicious. He warned me that if I used it in a bad way it would disappear. I accepted the offer and greedily snatched it off him.

The next day I bragged to my friends about my new bicycle. They asked if they could try it but I didn’t allow them. When I woke up the next day it wasn’t there…I should’ve used it properly.

Week 3: Danger :By Dan

I knew I shouldn’t have come the short way  -after all, Mom had warned me not to but I was so desperate to be home in time watch my favourite TV programme.

My yellow bicycle creaked underneath me as I put pressure on the pedals. I looked behind me, the pitbulls were still up my tail.

A ditch lay ahead of me I knew it was my last hope. I dropped my yellow bicycle and scrambled over the ditch. I watched on as my bicycle was devoured greedily by the dogs.  I walked away quietly just lucky to be alive.


Week 3 The Greedy Boy by Warren

One day as I was going to the shop on my yellow bicycle I remembered that my mother had warned me to be careful of the crossroads.

“Ok,” I said only half-listening.

So when I met with the crossroad I stopped. Suddenly I spotted money across the road. I was desperate for it so greedily I ran across the road leaving my bike unoccupied. Luckily there were no cars so I didn’t get hit. I fumbled for the money and snatched it off the ground. I was still in the vicinity of my house so I cycled home and didn’t mention a word to anyone.

Week 3 The Terrifying Bike Ride By Ronan

One sunny day as I was going out for a cycle my mother warned me not to go up White Top Mountain because the snow at the top was far too dangerous to cycle on.

I hopped on my yellow bicycle and went off down the road. Even though my mother had told me not to I greedily went up to White Top Mountain. When I approached the snow I started to think about what my mother had said so I turned around. After a while, I got the smell of a desperate burning scent. I realised that the rubber on my brakes had sheared off completely…

Week 3 The Night Shift By Sean

I was doing the night shift at my friend’s gas station. I drove there on my yellow bicycle. When I arrived, there was a strange old man inside the gas station.

“Man, this place is closed – come back tomorrow,” I said.

“Give me money,” said the old man.

“I warned you to get out. ” I answered.

I need money – I’m desperate. ”

“You are acting very greedily. ”

A couple of minutes later I called the police. After that, I never did a night shift again.

Week 3 The Crash By Conor H

It was a lovely sunny day and I had soccer training that day. I was really desperate to go. But before I walked out the door my mom called me back and warned me to look both ways at the crossing but because I was so enthusiastic about soccer I got my bicycle and did not listen.

When I got there, the crossing the light was red then yellow then green but after that, a man greedily drove on and clicked my back wheel and broke my bike. How am I going to get back I asked myself.

A few hours later I still was not home and I knew I was in trouble.

Week 3 The Mountain by Aidan

I dragged my bicycle to the front of the mountain while Tom plodded beside me. We hadn’t even started going up the mountain and we were exhausted. When we got to the front there was a sign and we were warned about how hard it was but we kept on going anyways.

At lunch time we ravenously ate our food. I grabbed the water bottle and noticed that Tom had guzzled down all the water greedily. Desperate for a drink we went on. As we crawled towards the top, the yellow sun shone on us.

” I can’t go any longer,” I said as I pummelled my bag “Me neither,” said Tom…

Week 3 The Race By Joe

The pressure was devouring me. My teammates were wishing me good luck. I had to do well. I knew my team needed a prize and I was the only one holding them back from getting it. My brother greedily kept all the gels for himself. I got my bicycle  and we cycled out on to the road for a warm-up

Our coach told us that the race would start in five minutes and that we should get ready. After the wait, I cycled over to the start line. I was desperate for a good place. The yellow sun was burning my neck and I was ready for the race.

Week 3: The newspaper by Rhys

When world war 1 was on I had to go on my bicycle to deliver the newspaper. I use to get beaten up by the bullies. Then when they were at war I didn’t get hurt anymore.

One day I woke up and  I heard that the USA was doing well. As I was going on my yellow bike a guy warned me to be careful as there was a kidnapper around snatching kids. I gave him a newspaper. Suddenly a kid greedily grabbed all the papers.

Week 3 The Cycling Race : By Colin

“This is the biggest youth cycling race in Ireland,” I thought to myself.

I hopped on my yellow Trek bicycle and cycled to the start line. I greedily pushed my way to the front. All the while my heart was beating in an erratic pattern from the unbearable excitement. I looked up as the robust commissaire warned us not to go on the wrong side of the road. He exclaimed it in a firm voice so that we got the message.

Eventually, he blew his black whistle and I pushed off. My breath was heavy as I broke away from the main bunch. Suddenly a car turned the sharp corner onto the road. I was desperate to pull my brakes but was not sure if I would get to them fast enough…