Week 30 Birthday Shopping By Evan

It was the day after my birthday and my Mother  was taking me to the local shopping centre to spend my birthday money.  I wanted to spend my money wisely.

Firstly, we shopped at JD sports. The shop was lovely and colourful. I purchased some clothes and a ball to play with too. I Was on cloud 9.  Later on, we drove to a toy store. As we were looking at the toys, I suddenly heard a voice say  “It doesn’t matter what you think, does it?” I was confused. Then I realised it was an interactive toy. I thought it was so cool. I purchased the toy and gave it to my cousin Leon Lynch. I thought it would be a kind gift. I will never forget the wonderful day out.


Week 30 The corona uprising by Jacob

It’s week 30 of lockdown.

As part of the Artyfartbuckel’s family, it was my turn to go to the shops.

As I was in the shop, these people in gas masks pulled up in a van and burst into the shop saying GET ON THE GROUND! I was terrified and went behind the counter and called the guards.

After 10 minutes S.W.A.T teams came bursting through the door and started to shout at the rebels. They were shooting at each other. The cashier said that he would try and escape and I should come with him. I said no and he called me scared and I said it doesn’t matter what you say does it?

He started to crawl to the door then a grenade landed next to him…

Week 30 1 chance by Adam

One day my sister and I were sitting at home when suddenly we heard loud bangs so we looked outside.  2 robbers robbed a house and came out with a big black bag!

My sister and I went out and she distracted them as I snuck up on them and sneakily took the black bag and ran to an alleyway next to a house!

I heard a noise above me saying“Was this the only place you could hide?” When I looked up it was my friend Jeremy and I told him that I ran away from robbers! He told me the best thing to do is take the bag to the people that got robbed.  So the next day I did and everyone was fine again.

Week 30 Leroy’s treasure by Aidan

As we plodded through the dark and damp sewers pondering why we were there, we heard a noise. We turned around slowly expecting something horrifying but all we saw was a little boy.

“Hello I’m looking for the sun,  can you point me towards a sign,” the little boy said. We all looked at each other awkwardly. “Well there is a manhole up that way if you want to get out,” I said.

The boy just walked muttering about how he’d kick flowers. We just kept walking until it got darker and darker. Suddenly there was a light and we saw the boy again.  “Hello” he said in a creepy voice…

Week 30 The plan by Colin

The year is 1916, Ireland and England are in war.

Paddy is a 27-year-old man. He used to work in his family bakery before the war rolled around. He decided to become a soldier and fight for the war. At first, he was only guarding the base camp. But after he risked his life to save another soldier he was promoted.

One morning Paddy was woken by the sound of a bell ringing. This signaled to go to the General’s office. When he got there the general told the soldiers that they were surrounded.

A plan came to Paddy’s mind so he told the General. “It doesn’t matter what you think, does it?” he growled. Later they were defeated and taken prisoner.

Week 30: The Secret Base: By Liam A

It was a lovely day, the sun was out and it was really hot. We were having a barbecue in the garden. While we were waiting we were playing soccer in the garden. We would kick the ball back and forth and shoot as hard as we could. After a while we went for a cycle and we saw a sign saying do not pass. Just then, the chains on the bikes broke. Then there was a big hole we went down and saw a lab.  There was a black flower in a box that was floating.  We looked closer but suddenly we felt two bags slip over our heads…

Week 30: The New Shirt By Benny

There was a shirt I was eyeing for months. One day, I decided to buy it. It fit amazingly well. It was a light blue shirt. I wore it straight away. I thought it was the best shirt ever.

When I got home, I went outside and one of my friends saw my new shirt. “Looks like it would suit a monkey better than you,” he said. “It doesn’t matter what you think, does it?” I muttered to myself.

I walked home, feeling a bit hurt, but I knew that it would soon all be forgotten.

Week 30 The Bully By Kristupas

It was the best Monday ever. I was walking to school looking at all the flowers that were blooming. The sun was shining and it was beautiful. When I was almost at school there was my friend waiting for me by the sign to the school.

I said, “what are you doing waiting for me?”

Then he told me that the bully in school.  Oliver was bullying my friend and told him that he would kick him into a hole and that he wouldn’t be able to get out.  So I stayed him all the time to protect him and we became best friends.

Week 30 The last minute goal By Warren

It was a Saturday morning in spring. The sun was blaring down from the sky. We had our biggest soccer game of the season.  We had to get up early. I was going with my mom and dad. On the way, there was an avalanche of cars in front of us. We were almost there when the wheel of our car got stuck in a miniature hole and then punctured.


Luckily my friend was passing and gave us a ride. This was such a big game that there was a sign-up. It was 2-2 in the last minute when my friend tried to kick it and missed. Luckily I was behind him and scored. It turns out their goalkeeper got distracted by a flower.


Week 30 The Alien Attack Sign By Ronan

One day as I was walking through the square I noticed 2 construction workers digging a hole so they could put up a sign. I asked them what the sign was for but they just continued working. When the sign was finally planted into the ground, I could see what it was.

It said, Caution Alien Attack Expected.

I ran home as fast as I could to get my mom. I dragged her to the square not caring about the bright sun stinging my eyes and that I had to kick down half the flowers in the public garden. When we got to the square all I could see was a stop sign where the alien attack sign used to be.

Week 30: The mission : by Dan

Crash! BOOM!

A bomb hit the ground and sent pieces of brick flying everywhere.                      I scrambled to my plane and started the engine.

As I began to lift off the radio crackled into life.                                                             The commander’s voice boomed out of my tiny earpiece.

“I want you to get that wee bomber out of my airspace,” he said in an Australian accent.

I spoke up into my speaker and discussed the plan with the team.

“It doesn’t matter what you think, does it, “The Commander yelled, “Just take down the bomber.”

The bomber was in sight, this was going to be a legendary dogfight!

Week 30 The New Football By Conor H

One lovely sunny day I was playing soccer with my brother and my favourite soccer ball. Then suddenly my brother kicked the ball as hard as he could into a big bush of thorns. I was FURIOUS! I just wanted to punch him so badly. I went in and told my dad that he popped my soccer ball. My dad said he would give me €20 to go to town and buy a new one.

At the sports shop, there was one soccer ball left and it looked really old and dusty. If I didn’t get a soccer ball I would have nothing to do.

I asked the shopkeeper “It doesn’t matter what you think, does it?”

The soccer game by Rhys

I had to sign for a new team called Green Rovers.  We played good all season now we were in the final against the Arsenal kid’s team.  We felt we had no chance.  Our best player James got stuck in a hole and broke his ankle.

That day the sun was out. I looked at the flowers – scared.  I was nervous about the game.  We came out Ireland vs England –  Red Rovers vs Arsenal. The ref then blew his whistle and the game started. The got the first kick and we were three-nil down at the half time.

We felt we had no chance and then I scored 3 and my friend Finn got 1. We WON!