Week 30 Don’t be a Bully By Kacper

2 weeks ago a new student was introduced to our school. His name was Gerald Boarhead. He was a big bully and was always interrupting our learning.

Once I saw him throwing a kid’s school bag on the roof. Then he pushed one of my friends onto the floor. After that, as I was walking away he punched me. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing.

Enough was enough. I went to the principal’s office and told the principal that Gerald was bullying others. He was suspended for 4 days.

Remember if someone is bullying you just tell an adult. Don’t be afraid because they will help.

Week 30: Naughty Neighbours By Naglis

Through my binoculars I could see my new suspicious neighbours having a spot of tea. Next the man-Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. I had to find out what was going on. At last I darted to their door. I crept in, peeped around looking for clues and I spotted the same cup of tea that put Gerald in peals of laughter. I heard the pair talking to each other.

“We have to test a drug on a child.”

I was listening open-mouthed. I turned around then spotted the lady who put chloroform on my nose. I woke up in a dark dreary room. “What are you going to do to me?” 

Week 30 The problem with Gerald by:Tadhg

It was maths time and Jake was doing a sum – 9 multiplied by 7 – 71. The class erupted in peals of laughter. Then everyone stopped but Gerald. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. The teacher told him to stop but he didn’t stop. The doctor tried to make him stop but he didn’t stop.

Everyone was giving up as Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. Suddenly Gerald slipped . Everyone laughed but Gerald didn’t laugh… he was cured (Finally).

Suddenly the whole class couldn’t stop laughing . It turns out that it was contagious said the doctor. At least I don’t have it.

HA HA HA HA  … oh no.

Week 30 The Costume by Ciaran

It was Halloween and I was dressing up as a super dog. As I went downstairs my dad Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing at me because I forgot to put my pants on😥.

At 8pm I was almost done trick or tricking until I heard screaming. I went as fast as the wind to investigate. I knocked on the door several times – no answer. Suddenly, I heard somebody breathing down my neck.

“I’m coming for you.”

Now I was getting scared. I guess super dog had a lot of enemies.

Week 30 : The Suspicious Neighbour By Maciej

One day after school  Mike and Gerald saw a new car parked near their house. When they came closer and saw Dad washing the old house next to their house. Mike asked dad what was dad doing but he didn’t reply. It looked like he was hypnotised until an old lady came out and said that he was helping to clean her house. When he came home he started to laugh which wasn’t normal .

The next day she invited Gerald to her house and as he came back he just couldn’t stop laughing. The same thing happened the other day when she invited Mom.

Mike felt he was next and he was scared …

Week 30 Christmas Day War By Szymon

It was the day before Christmas and all you could hear was gunfire. I was anxious for the to end. I quickly fell asleep later that day. When I woke up I could see something odd.

Everyone was playing in the snow. Everyone was laughing, having fun. I rapidly forgot about all the bad things that happened to me. Even the most serious soldier Gerald, just couldn’t stop laughing. I joined the group that were playing football. For a moment I thought the war has ended … but the next day my thoughts were ruined by the sound of gunfire again.

Week 30 Run By Danny

My friend Gerald and I were outside playing soccer when suddenly we heard a bang from the house next to Gerald’s. We walked over there cautiously to the door as we were a bit nervous. After that, we heard a Bang, Crash, Zap.

I knocked on the door feeling a bit scared to go in. Eventually, someone came to the door and asked us to come in for a new drink they had  “bought.”

When we went in, we sat down and then they gave us the drink. Just then Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing and was in peals of laughter.

But all that came to my mind was RUN.

Week 30, Prank by Tim

April 1st 2017.

“APRIL FOOLS DAY” my cousin Gerald shouted. His scream woke me up. I almost felt like I was deaf. I went to brush my teeth and all I could see was Gerald trying to put a bucket of water on top of the bathroom door. So I went to brush my teeth in the toilet downstairs, away from Gerald.

When I finished I went to make myself some eggs and rashers for breakfast. I went to take the pan and ” AAAHHHHH” there was a fake spider inside. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing so I ignored him and walked away in shame. I had to get my revenge…