Week 32 BOOM CRASH BANG By Danny

Boom Crash Bang was all I heard sitting down in HQ  station for the FBI.
It was the day that the president of Ireland Michael D Higgins was visiting our town Chapel Hill.

I was called straight to the scene where the crash had happened.
I tried to open the door but there was a lock on the door in case anyone would get in. It was locked from the inside so only people who knew the password could get in.

The driver tried to give me instructions but I didn’t understand the instructions.
After 2 or 3 hours at it, I finally got it and Michael D Higgins was fine and with only a few cuts.

Week 32 A wizard in training by CONOR

One day I was at this lab to become a wizard. The wizard that was teaching me was Wizard Whirly Will. He was very nice. He said if I wanted to be a wizard I had to pass 3 tests.

The first one was to hold stuff with the force. I completed that one. The second one was to make lightning with my wizard stick. I completed that one as well. They were all very easy but the last one was not. I had to try and put out a fake fire. But I had to make the water myself.


Week 32 The Treasure Map By Szymon

“What is this?” I asked myself.

One day I found a treasure map in my garden when I was digging holes to try to find dinosaur fossils. The one that I was really trying to find was an utahraptor.

It showed me a riddle that I figured out straight away. The answer to the riddle was the Big Ben. I flew there to find a clue for the second location. This one took me the longest of times but finally I figured it out. The answer was the Loch Ness lake.

I drove over there and found a clue but I didn’t understand the instructions. Eventually I figured it out and the answer was Stonehenge. I dug out the chest and slowly opened it…

Week 32: The sniper men: Liam A

Have you ever been begged to do something that you don’t want to do?

Well, that happens to me a lot of times. I work for the FBI and it’s really hard –  we need to set up cameras everywhere.

Then one day we saw a van going into the garage of a house and we saw people coming out with snipers. Then we saw them lifting a massive bomb and putting it under the ground.

We got into the vans and made sure the guns were there.  Soon we were at the house and the chief was doing hand signals. But I didn’t understand the instructions. What would I do?

Week 32 The bomb By Joe

It was the day of my Military test and Johnny and I were very excited. We ran into the car and drove off to the site. When we were in the car we were talking about the test and what the tasks would be . We had done different tests before and knew what to do.

When we got there we realised that something was wrong. Everyone was running and screaming in terror. There was a bomb in the middle of the site. The leader of the Military told us our instructions but I didn’t understand the instructions. Johnny told everyone to clear off while we tried to fix it  – we went far and shot the wires.

We passed the test!

Week 32 The rendezvous by Dylan.

” You meet me at number 92 …..

” What ! ” I said as I could not hear my boss anymore.

I needed to meet him so I could get my million euro prize for stopping a bomb from exploding but I didn’t understand the instructions. I looked around for batteries for my walkie talkies and suddenly found some in my drawer. I put them in the walkie-talkies and could hear my boss again.

” You have 5 minutes to get to 958 on Elm St or I’ll only give you 1 cent.”

” Okay ” I said into the walkie-talkie and ran to the house.

I got my million euro prize and ran home.

Week 32 : The mega game :by Maciej.

“Wake up wake up it’s your birthday.”

My brother was trying to wake me up to see my present that he bought me. When I heard what he said I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. They bought me the newest console. I wanted to plug it in my room but I had no television so I played in the sitting room.

When I wanted to plug it in I had to use the instructions but I didn’t understand the instructions at all so I put the console in to the wrong place and it broke.

Week 32 Mad Mission by Aidan

I was sitting in my office working when I got a call.

“Hi Agent Tom I have a mission for you – it’s a tricky one but I think you can handle it”. “Go to Allowside,26, Cork and check their mailbox –  Charlie out”.

Straight away I got up and hopped into the car and drove off. When I got there I saw a blue mailbox and I opened it. There was a red note inside it with all these pictures of wires and which one to cut first.  On the top of the page it said bomb defusing.

I loved bomb defusing but where was the bomb?  I didn’t understand the instructions.

Week 32 FBI By Jack

Tick, tock, tick tock

“Rider get out of there –  the bomb will explode in  30 seconds.” “I got this,” said John Rider after he disarmed the last bomb

Back at HQ, I was told to kill a man called Yassen Gregorivich. My Instructor said something about a house and a park but I didn’t understand the instructions.

I assumed he meant to say set up my sniper rifle in the house and kill him in the park but I must have been wrong because when I got to the house and  went in I saw Yassen by the fire with a silenced semi automatic pistol in hand.

“Wrong house,”  he said and … BANG

Week 32 30 Seconds by Liam O

*Tic toc Tic toc*

“Arhhhh” I shouted in frustration. “I only have 30 seconds to disarm the bomb  – if only I had a good signal to understand the instructions the commander was giving me but I didn’t understand the instructions.”

15 seconds left.  I was sweating then.


It just clicked to me –  yellow, red then blue..2 ..1..done!!

Huh….oh…smoke grenade… I jumped up and ran out of room that the bomb was in and into the hall.  I looked left and right and then I looked straight. The exit was right in front of me. I pushed the door open and I was free.


Week: 32- Confused – Dan

The sausages sizzled violently in the pan. It was just a normal Saturday morning until my phone rang.

It was the Military General “Please go to this address…” He muttered.

“12………….. Dan…. Street”…..the phone had lost connection.

I walked outside to find a taxi with private use only on it. The driver beckoned me over.

“I’m here to take you to Dan Street,” he said in a soft kind voice.

I hopped in hoping he would know the address. As the car pulled up to Dan street I hoped out. I walked out and told the Driver that  I didn’t understand the instructions.

He pointed at a sign that said that was the house I was looking for.

The End…

Week 32: I don’t understand by Marc

Marvelous Mary changed when she went to jail for speeding. Now she’s known as Moody Mary.

I was in jail because the police thought I was a robber. I asked her for directions to get out of jail. She said  – “You go to the canteen. There’s a shovel there, dig up a tile and run to your cell. After that go to Fred and say bring me the shovel in the canteen –  he will get caught. That’s your time to shine and dig yourself out.”

I did all of that. But I didn’t understand the instructions at the end and I got caught.

Week 32 : The Park Bomb By COLIN

I was in the FBI swat team truck rushing to a distress call. One woman had reported a massive fuming toxic bomb in Avenue Park.

Rapidly we were cutting tight bends and breaking the speed limit- It was life risking but that’s the job I suppose.

We were handed out our rifles and special scrolls. I was going to be patrolling section B 12. Sir Alex Frienten gave management information but I didn’t understand the instructions. We were now only a KM away from the location and my head was spinning and I was bamboozled in frustration.

I jumped out of the camouflaged truck to see…

Week 32 The Russian Instructions by Ronan

One dark and rainy day an asteroid from a planet far far away hit earth. It is spreading a highly contagious disease that the President of Ireland has got. I have to invent a cure for it before the world ends.

One week later.

I did not get to invent the cure but a Russian scientist did. He gave me instructions on how to make it.

Another day later.

The instructions were impossible to follow because they were written in Russian. I know what your thinking but I didn’t understand the instructions.

Week 32 The launch pad by Mathew OG

I was awoken by the tapping of my shoulder. I looked ahead and to my left . I seemed to be on a bus  – 10,000 feet in the air. I looked to my right…I saw a man .

“Hi I’m John”  he said fiercely. “They call me the Black Armoured Knight,” I answered back.

We jumped out at Retail Row. A storm started to brew… So we would launch the pad away. I went to place it but I didn’t understand the instructions. We got consumed by the storm and it turned our stomachs violently.

“Well it was nice knowing you,” said John as a tear rolled down his cheek…


Week 32 Spy BY Ciaran

I was in a vent under the Statue of Liberty in an underwater base.

“Pisshshshs , Son here are the instructions… pishshsoo.”

But I didn’t understand the instructions. I did not want to be a buffoon and get closer and maybe get caught. I did not want to take any chances. I better retreat but a good spy never backs down from a challenge.

Next minute I heard a man in the vents. I crawled away and went home got into bed and told my dad that my mission was a FAILURE :[.

Week 32 The Bomb by Tim B

Tic toc tic toc  – the countdown was almost done.

I was not sure of which wire to cut – there were 3 colours Red, Green and Blue. There were only a few minutes left to defuse the bomb  or the whole city would explode. The countdown was ticking fast but I didn’t understand the instructions so I carefully cut the Red wire …

…and the countdown stopped. The bomb didn’t explode the city was safe. They took the bomb to military and it stayed with the government. The people who planted the bomb were terrorists. The terrorists were never found so everyone was safe and the terrorists never came back.

Week 32 By Tadhg

“I have to go now  – just remember what I said .”

I wanted to shout wait but I knew he was already gone. I tried to listen to him but I didn’t understand the instructions.

I looked around. I was in a demonic factory full of illegal drugs. They were all caved into the corner of the big black menacing factory . I heard shouting from outside the big brown hazardous doors towering over my head. In the centre of the huge factory was a pile of money . When I said piles I mean a lot of piles – they reached up to the ceiling.

My job was to get them out of business and I might take a euro or two from the pile.

Week 32 Cornered By Matthew D

I was working with a madman scientist and he had to go to a meeting. He was in the middle of a potion that would make him fly. He wanted me to finish it and he gave me instructions but I didn’t understand the instructions.

There were six bottles in front of me with an effervescent liquid inside. I didn’t know what to do so I threw them all in…


When the scientist came back I was lying there – he woke me up. I then turned into a man-eating monster. I cornered the scientist and he was trapped …and was doomed…

Week 32: Playstation breakdown By Adam

I was so happy I got a ps4 for my birthday! We were setting it up but I didn’t understand the instructions. A few minutes later the PlayStation exploded and my room was covered in black dust.

I went for a shower to wash off the black dust. My dad came home and fixed the PlayStation and made it work. It seems I wasn’t the only person it happened to-  it also happened to my cousin when he got one for Christmas.

When it started to work it was so much fun. We were all happy in the end. It was or best year yet because we both got a ps4.

Week 32: Tricky Treasure Hunt By Naglis

“3, 2, 1 and the hunt began!”

I was contemplating and thinking where to go but I didn’t understand the instructions. After a while I set off and came to a maze. On the map it said-right, left, straight, right, left, left, and then right. Cautiously I did all that and surprisingly it worked!

Next there was a spot the difference and type in the number you got. I got seven. It worked.

Last but not least there was a question. “Who captured St. Patrick when he was younger? “Niall Of The Nine Hostages”. It was correct.

“Yipee I won” I shouted.