Week 32:The Abandoned House By Benny

Finally nighttime! It was 12:00 a.m. and we took our jackets and walked outside into the darkness. My friend Denis and I, had decided to explore an abandoned house.

It was raining and the damp, uneven ground made it hard to walk while we disappeared into the night. I had butterflies in my stomach knowing this was wrong. “I think we should go back,” I said, nervously. “No way! We agreed to this!” Denis responded. “You can go back, I’ll see you later.”

I walked home, feeling concerned. Half an hour later he returned, as pale as a ghost. He said nothing and went to sleep. In the morning, I asked him what happened last night.

“I was with you the whole time at home… remember?”

Week 32 Time travel By Adam

One day Harry and I were outside in the forest playing hide and seek! There were a few other friends there too. I wanted to climb a tree but I said to myself, should I really do this? I climbed up and found a hole and I put my arm in and it teleported me back in time!

It was a time traveler!

I went back 10 years and met loads of people and it was like I was a ghost I could see everything but they couldn’t see me. I went back in the time traveler and it put me back in that tree and I had been caught.

We went home and we were all happy!

Week 32 Mission Impossible By Conor H

We ran as fast as we could – building to building. Our mission was to steal the Samurai Legend’s Katana.

We had reached the building. We swang down into the sacred tomb and there it was – the Katana. Then suddenly a group of warriors stealthily ran into the tomb. It was time for us to fight for the Katana.


Then after the fight we kicked the glass down blocking the Katana.

We grabbed the Katana and we disappeared into the night.

Week 32: The Midnight Thieves: By Liam A

It was a very quiet night –  a perfect night for a robbery. My Granny and I met in the town square and planned to rob the jewelry shop.

My family is fanatic about robberies- it runs in the family.

After a while, we reached the shop and we saw a robust-looking diamond perched on the window. Granny got out a laser and cut a perfect hole in the glass. We sprayed around the diamond and saw loads of lasers. We climbed through the hole and broke all of the switches in the fuse box.

The diamond was ours, we ran back and took it immediately. Then we disappeared into the night.

Week 32 The Escape by Colin

I climbed up the rope that was dropping over the prison wall. Michael  was behind me, waiting patiently. Just as I swung my body over the barbed wire a search light fell upon me. Sirens blared all around me and I ushered Michael to start climbing. He hastily climbed up the rope and joined me on the other side. I looked around trying desperately to find the get away vehicle, but there was none to be found. I glanced at Michael before sprinting into some bushes. Michael joined me just before the giant gates opened. Guards and dogs poured out. After 55 minutes we disappeared into the night, never to be seen again.

Week 32 The crash by Jacob

I was waiting at gate 5 for the plane doors to open. Border patrol took my passport and looked at it. After 12 seconds they sent me on my way. The plane was. cramped.

The plane took off and I was sweating a bit. The guy next to me asked if I was OK and I said I was fine. Then there was a big bang on the engines. The plane started to dive down. The pilot screamed, “Easy Victor ” 3 times.

As we disappeared into the night a Viper 1 went by and shot the plane and there was a big explosion.

Week 32 The Surprise Party By Kristupas

There I was sitting on my sofa looking at my phone until I got a text from my friend.

It said, “do you want to go and rob the bank?”

I was shocked by what he said because he is a very nice man. I said ok I’ll do it but when I was going to his house I was asking myself should I be doing this.

When I arrived at his house I was ready to tell him that I was not going to go and that I would tell the cops if he robbed the bank …but when I went into the house all I could hear was “surprise!”

Week 32 The Midnight Mystery By Evan

One day my friends and I went to the forest because people around town were saying that there was a weird creature there. We looked around and we saw a cottage. We decided we would go inside. Then suddenly it became dark and 2 out of the 5 of us were gone.  Suddenly there was a massive dark looking creature looking down at us so we swiftly started running.  Then the creature disappeared but then my other 2 friends were gone.  Then I was back at the cottage.  Then there was a man with a mask on his face.  Then I felt myself going to sleep…




Week 32: The Night time by Rhys

There was a witch in the town of Holyhead.  She kidnapped kids.  One Halloween night four kids went trick or treating. In the morning they made a plan to kill the witch but we disappeared in the night.  She got my friend

“Alex, run,” I said.

We had to leave Alex there.  So we hid in a tree.  My friend found a bow and he shot her.  She got mad and ran after us.  We ran too.  Then I went one way James went the other way and I got the kids back.  But I needed a key. I had to look for the key.  Finn and James hit the witch again with the bow. I found the key and I got the kids back and the witch died

Week 32 The Trek By Liam O M

It was a bright summer’s day when my friends and I went for a hike up the tallest hill in our area, Mt. Raptovest. At the start, we picked a spot to go from and come back to so we set off not realizing what we were getting into.

A couple of hours later it was getting dark so we decided to turn back but it was too late as we had no idea where we were… WE WERE LOST.

One of our friends got really scared and ran off, the rest of us ran after. Until we all got tired and slowed down.  We looked at each other and back to the light. .. Then we disappeared into the night…

Week 32 The Demontors by Dylan

They saw us …

“RUN” I shouted in fear.

The floating creatures drifted slowly towards us . Their glowing eyes stared into our soul. I knew they were Dementors. These creatures bring out the worst in you by staring into your soul. They started moving faster and faster until they grabbed my friend.

“NO” I screamed, terrified.

Then they came for me …

I could see my friend changing into a Dementor before my eyes.

I was outnumbered 4 to 1 and I felt a chilling hand on my back and suddenly I felt excruciating pain as I changed into a Dementor.

We disappeared into the night hungry for more souls…

Week 32 The Race By Ronan

It was the morning of the New York marathon. I was extremely worried because if I didn’t win this race I would have to give my running nemesis €30,000 but if I won he would also have to give me € 30,000.

At the starting line, we both lined up next to each other and waited for the race to start. When it finally did start my nemesis took off at the speed of sound. Instead of doing that, I took the start nice and slow and tried to preserve my energy for the end. When we finally reached the last leg of the race we were neck and neck.

I thought about pushing him over but would this really be the right thing to do I thought to myself.

Week 32: No Essential Medicine

I stepped on to the sleigh.

“Good Luck”  chanted the crowd of onlookers.

“HIKE!”I roared to the sleigh dogs.

I felt a sudden jolt of speed as we disappeared into the night.                                  All the people in the village were depending on me to bring back the essential medicine.

We were dashing along the snowy cliffside gaining speed all the time.I had the waypoint insight and my dogs were beginning to tire as I slowed down in front of the hospital. I walked into the waiting room and overheard a conversation.

They were out of medicine!