Week 35 Teaching My Dog To Swim By Ronan

When I decided that I wanted to swim the English Channel I wanted someone to go with me so I decided I’d teach my dog who was afraid of water to swim. I was so excited to get started that when I was running around looking for my dog I tripped over him and broke 2 of my fingers. I had to wait 3 weeks before my fingers healed.

During that time I told my brother to take the dog down to the river and try give him a head start on swimming. But what really happened was he went outside and tried to teach the dog to read.

Week 35: The Mountain: by Dan

It looked stormy up there.

Why couldn’t my relatives choose a better place to reside in, like Spain.

There was only one way up, by plane.

Waffles, the dog and I set off into the air. I had to fly around the back of the mountain to land on the Manor’s private runway.

BEEP! BEEP!  Pull Up, Pull up!

The plane began to plummet into a nosedive. I was heading straight for the river. I leveled the plane off just in time as the aircraft’s underbody skimmed the water.

I looked at the gauges – we were out of fuel.



Week 35 Herodog by Dylan

Little did I know today would be the day my dog ironically named Hero would become famous .

The day started out normally, I had my breakfast and decided to take Hero for a walk in the forest. We walked along the gravel path, some fallen leaves crunching at our feet. We made our way to the river to go for a swim when we heard screaming…

A child was being dragged along by the current. Hero leaped into the water and helped the child out.

Hero was a hero. The child thanked us and went home. Later that night Hero and I were on the news. I was so proud of Hero.



Week 35 The hunter by Jacob

It was late at night and my owner shouted that there was a raccoon in the bin. I ran down the stairs and was getting ready to chase that raccoon.

My owner opened the door and I was chasing after him. There was a creek and the raccoon jumped into the stream and swam to the other side. I jumped into the stream while the raccoon was taunting me. I dragged myself to the other side then the raccoon jumped back into the stream and paddled to the side my owner was on. Then he disappeared into the night.

I was stuck on the other side, cold and wet, thanks to that raccoon.

Week 35: My Dog is a superdog: By liam A

It was a warm day and my dog and I went for a walk in the forest.  As we approached the lake, we heard a man screaming HELP.

Suddenly my dog’s ears flicked up and he ran to the lake. We saw the man; he was drowning. That was when my dog jumped into the air and I let go of the lead. As I looked on, I saw him swim across the lake like some sort of super-dog.  Then he grabbed the man’s hood and dragged him out of the lake.

After that day he was awarded the dog of the year.

Week 35 The Zombies by Colin

The zombies were just behind me.  I ran through the forest, ducking out of the way of branches. Suddenly I saw a river dividing me from the safe house. I raged silently before preparing myself.

After a while I decided to jump into the river. The current was strong and swept me down the river. I tried to swim to land but was overpowered by the current. I grabbed hold of a rock and climbed onto it.

After I caught my breath, I jumped off the rock and clutched at grass. As my hands were slipping away I grasped onto a rope that was tied to a well. Then I ran to the safe house.

Week 35 The Disappearence By Kristupas.

I was walking my dog down to the park. Nothing was wrong except there was no one around. I was scared but didn’t know why.  WE were about to go back home when my dog started barking. I didn`t want him to meet another dog because he is not trained. I started walking home and there still was no one around.

Then my dog started to bark again so I followed him. He lead me to a house and that’s where all the people were.  It was a surprise party for my best friend and I didn`t know about it.

Week 35 Hanging Tree By Adam

One day I was in the forest taking my dog for a walk. We went to the nearby river and a tree was hanging over it. We walked over and a leprechaun jumped out from behind and said it’s bad luck to touch the tree without a leprechauns permission!

So we didn’t touch it and the leprechaun told us all the history about it. He said “When he was a wee young boy there was a bad hurricane and the tree swayed over the river and since then it hasn’t moved!”

I replied “That’s a very interesting story but me and frank my dog have to go home or mom will get worried so bye.”


Week 35: A Close Call By Benny

It was an amazing, sunny day. My family headed out to the forest. I was excited as I hadn’t been there in so long. While we were walking, I got carried away and started walking in the wrong direction towards the river. About 5 minutes later I realized I was completely lost. What to do now?

I tried to retrace my steps. There was an amazing view though! I took some pictures and went back to searching. My heart was pounding and I knew I would be in big trouble. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted our dog on a path next to mine. I snuck behind my family and acted like nothing ever happened. I’m happy that I didn’t get lost.

Week 35: It was a Volcano By Liam O M

It was a nice autumn day when my dog and I were out for a walk…Until the ground started shaking…

We looked up at the large mountain which was shaking…Then lava sprouted up out of the mountain… It was a Volcano…

We rushed closer only to be stopped by raining ash upon us. Then we dashed away as fast as we could but then I got hit by ash and fell to the ground.

My dog turned around and barked at me to get up but I couldn’t. He dragged me to a secure cave where we waited until everything stopped. Then we got out of the cave…

We were terrified of the landscape as we walked home hoping everyone was ok…