Week 36: The Figure By Liam O M

It was a stormy night. I was on my way home alone. It was quiet, very quiet. I had started to question why every single house was dark, lights off, curtains drawn. I didn’t think much of it because it was 1 o’clock in the morning, but I would soon find out why the neighborhood was so dark.

I saw a dark figure in the distance. I thought it was just another person walking, but then the figure raced at me. And that’s when I knew I should run.

I dashed to my house faster then I had ever run. But the dark figure was just too quick. As I was approaching my house I tripped over a stone in my garden. That let the figure catch right up. It let a vicious glare at me.

I closed my eyes and everything went black…

Week 36 The Bullies By Ronan

One day as I was on my way to school I spotted a line of people waiting to give the two class bullies their lunch money. The reason everyone lined up was because they knew that if they didn’t give the bullies money they were guaranteed a miserable life at school. I joined the line just like everyone else and waited for my turn to pay up. When it was finally my turn I did something that I really regret doing I told the bullies to go away and I refused to pay them my lunch money. They got so angry that I was sure there was at least a 90% chance they would explode. That’s when I knew I should run.

Week 36 The Wrath of Chickens by Jacob

I was at the field enjoying the breeze and I saw a farm with a bunch of chickens. I thought it would be lovely if I could play with the chickens. So I went to the fence and put my hand out and one came over and plucked me… Then 30 more rushed at me… That’s when I knew I should run.

They started to jump over the fence and were squawking angrily. I rushed into my house, locked the door and told my parents not to look outside. I looked on Facebook and saw a video of a person running from chickens.

Week 36 No Man’s Land by Dylan

Hell, that’s the only word I can use to describe what happened that dreadful day.

I was at war fighting for my life. My whole team had died. I was the only one left. Then suddenly I heard the thumping of horses hooves and gunshots aimed at me. That’s when I knew I should run. I ran as fast as my legs would take me but it was of no use; the enemies started throwing grenades.

Suddenly I blacked out. I woke up a couple of days later in a hospital. I was extremely injured but luckily  I survived. We had won the war.

Week 36: A Close Call By Benny

The weekend finally came so my friend and I went outside to play some basketball. Next to my house there was a very old house with stone walls surrounding it. I took my shot and the ball went straight over the wall.

“You threw it so you get it” Jake said.

“Fine” I replied.

I hopped the wall. Since the ground on the other side was much lower I wasn’t able to hop back over. The man who lived there jumped out of his back door and started sprinting towards me. That’s when I knew I should run. I was cornered, but Jake had managed to open the gate in time. I just barely got out.

While I never got the ball back I’m happy I never got caught by that grumpy old man.

Week 36 The beast by Colin

I unclipped the leash from the collar of my dog, Lulu. I let her bolt off and then continued through the woods. Suddenly Lulu stopped at a bush and started to bark at it. I thought nothing of it and walked passed her. I only got suspicious when I heard the sound of wings beating behind me. I spun around and couldn’t believe what I saw. ..It was a baby dragon flying in the air. My eyes widened as a massive mother dragon stepped out of the bush. That’s when I knew I should run. I called Lulu and clipped the leash back on. I sprinted the other way and didn’t stop until I was about a kilometre away.

Week 36 The New Museum By Kristupas

I was super excited.  My mom was going to take me to the new museum down the street. From what I heard, it has a lot of ancient artifacts. from the late 1500s. Before I knew it we were in the car going there. When we got there it was awesome- there were so many cool things and items.

Suddenly everyone started to scream and run. That’s when I knew I should run. We ran but didn’t know from what. I saw the police bash the doors down. I was scared.  After my mom told me that there was a robbery and we were lucky to survive.

Week 36: Nature Walk By Adam

My mom and I were on a walk and we saw lots of things! We walked past a farm and we looked in and a calf was being born. We saw about 13 horses and a foal being born. We were walking through a field when the foal was born and the mother looked at us in a weird way, that’s when I knew we should run. We turned around and ran onto the road and saw some silage. We watched it for a while and then went home.