Week 37 The Lost Gold Viola By Ronan

One morning as I got out of bed I decided that I was going to try to find the lost gold viola. My mythical legend book said that it was buried somewhere in the town park so I grabbed my shovel and headed down there. I searched non stop for 48 hours. I only realised how tired hungry and thirsty I really was when I stopped working.

Just as I was leaving the park I noticed something extremely shiny in the park keepers shed of ancient artifacts I ran over and peered in through the window. That’s when I saw the lost gold viola sitting on a shelf.

Week 37 : The legend of the gold viola by Jacob

I was taking my dog for a walk on the beach when a piece of paper was sticking out of the sand. I pulled it out and it was a treasure map! I looked closely at the map and saw a gold marker in the middle of an island. I had to find out where that island was.

My friend worked for the military so I sent it to him. The next day I received a package from the military. They sent me a map, a letter and the treasure map that I had sent to them. It seems like they were searching for a lost, ancient gold viola used by a wealthy king.

Week 37 The temple by Colin

I had been searching for the gold temple for two months now. I pushed through some bushes and then saw a massive gold temple. It was the Lost Temple of the Gods.

I took the viola out of my backpack and started the play. The stone doors slowly slid open. I stepped inside and took it all in.

Suddenly I heard a shout for help. I looked into a corner to see one of the previous explorers …  Tied to a chair… I rushed over and untied her. She gasped in relief before running to the door.

Then out of nowhere, a monster appeared in front of me.

Week 37: The Light By Liam O

It was a nice hot summer day in the ancient city of  Úgraphelo  (yu-gra-fee-lo) when a huge gold light shone from the great temple.

The whole city stood there attracted to the light. While one man saw everyone attracted to the light he decided he was going to try and stop the light. Luckily he knew the terrain off by heart so he closed his eyes and made the run…

As he made it to the light, he saw someone come out of the temple discreetly. He knew he was the one doing this.

He ran into the temple to stop it, but it was too late- the light got bigger and bigger until it exploded and consumed everything in the city and all that was left was a huge crater…

Week 37 Gold mine By Adam

One day Christian and I were at home bored. We decided to go to the haunted shafts. We found a massive rock and there was a hole in it and inside was a leprechaun playing some viola. We left him alone and went further in.

We got lost- inside what seemed to be an ancient gold mine. We dug up some of the gold and took it home and we got 400 thousand euro for it. We saved the money for college and educational stuff and in the end we both became teachers in the same school.

Week 37 My Metal Detector By Kristupas

I woke up one morning and I said to myself I’m going to use my metal detector today. So I told my mom I was going, then I headed off.

At first, I searched and didn’t have any luck but suddenly I heard a beep. I ran back home and got my shovel and started to dig. I hit a big case. I was very excited as this was my first find. I picked it up and opened it.

Inside was an ancient gold viola. When I was about to go home I realised that I was lost. I tried to find my way home and I did but it was very dark when I got home.

Week 37: The lost Egyptian: By Liam A

It was a scorching day in the Sahara. My Dad and I were explorers and we have put historical animals in the natural history museum in Dublin.

As we packed our tents into our bags, I saw a tiny triangular shape under us. We brushed away the sand and saw a yellow block. It was a pyramid we took out our shovels and dug. My dad studied pyramids for years and he knew that the entrance was near the top.

We got in and saw a light leading to a tomb. We followed the light and saw gold and a viola.  As we searched we saw an ancient mummy.  It was amazing… That was when we noticed it was the lost Egyptian.

Week 37: Lost Gold By Benny

There was a rumor going around about tons of undiscovered gold in Brazil. I was flying to Brazil for holidays so I thought I might as well look for this ‘gold.’

I liked exploring a lot so I decided to look around a forest. After I did some exploring, deep in the forest I found a lost and ancient village. It was a cool discovery.

On my way out of the forest I tripped over something… Gold!… I dug up around the gold and realized the ground was covered in it. I took as much as I could and went back to where I was staying. I was happy with my discovery.

Week 37 Tomb of the Lost Mummy by Dylan

My trusty assistant Viola and I searched for years to find the lost, ancient mummy’s tomb.

Finally, after an awful sandstorm, a dark crevice was revealed on the side of a pyramid. We slowly and carefully crawled through it in case it collapsed. When we got to the other side, the most magnificent room came into view.

There was a giant sarcophagus made out of gold, with rubies, sapphires and diamonds on it. The room was filled with gold and precious jewels. As soon as we touched a gold chalice on the ground, the whole room began to crumble.

Luckily we got out alive but with no gold. We decided to keep the tomb a secret.