Week 38 The Zoo Animals’ speech by Adam

One day I woke up and I was an animal in the zoo. The animals were calm and didn’t hurt each other. (Or so I thought …I didn’t know how wrong I was.)

One day they were all bickering about who was the better animal. Everything was calm … ’til the lion called everyone out and then the elephant delivered his speech… Everyone got scared and the elephant said he was the biggest and all others were small.

Suddenly the giraffe walked in and a huge riot broke out… But then I woke up and realised it was a dream. Phew, I said to myself.

Week 38 The Savanna Meeting by Dylan

There is a tale in the African culture of an Elephant who gave a speech that brought peace and fair hunting to the Savanna.

It was a warm, dry African evening. The Elephant called a meeting because the lions and zebras were fighting as the lions were killing all the zebras. As soon as the two groups of animals saw each other they started bellowing at each other.

“QUIET” the Elephant shouted.

Then the Elephant delivered his speech. “Lions, if you kill all the zebras than you will have no more food.”

The lions agreed and the zebras were happy too.

This is why the African people spell Elephant with a capital E. Without him, zebras would be extinct.


Week 38 The Watering Hole by Jacob

It had been a very long summer in the Mukdaman reserve. Mukdaman was  over 500 acres of  land located between Namibia and Angola in Africa.

There were over 100 different types of animal living in the reserve. Each animal had found the summer months very hard and were waiting for the rainy season to start. The problem that they had was that there was only one watering hole in the whole reserve and the level of water was getting lower each day.

The king of the reserve “Leo the Lion” had called a meeting to try and resolve the problem they had. The Zebras , Birds and Rhinos all said they should all be first. The Monkeys and the Hippos wouldn’t stop arguing, the Hyenas were laughing all the time and the Snakes kept trying to eat the Birds. It was mayhem.

It was then that the Elephant delivered his speech. ” I will use my trunk to spray everyone, to wash them, as I saw on the gamekeeper’s TV once – that showers use less water!”

The animals all stopped squabbling and agreed it would be the quickest and most efficient way so everybody would get to use the water.

Peace was restored in Mukdaman!


Week 38: The last Speech: By Liam A

It was a dull day. The bombings sirens were still going off.  There was a letter sent out to every house in the town.  On each one of them, there was a gold stamp with the letter M on it.  When I opened it, it was from the mayor. He said for us all to be in the hall for the last speech. The Mayor was as fat as an elephant so everyone called him “The Elephant” but he didn’t mind. After a while, we got to the hall and the Elephant delivered his speech. “Now people I know this has been very scary but… BANG!!!

A bomb had hit the hall there were about 500 hundred people in it and not one lived.

Week 38 The Last Day Of School By Kristupas

It was the last day of school and I was very excited. We were told to bring five euros for a play. I packed my lunch and headed off.  When I got to school the play was about to start. The play was about talking animals.  They were talking about animals becoming extinct. Then the elephant delivered his speech. He said that he should be protected because elephants were becoming extinct.

Everyone agreed except one animal … his name was  Lion. He said that he was going to die out faster. Eventually the lion agreed to help the elephant.

Week 38: Endangered Elephants By Benny

Tens of thousands of elephants are being killed each year for their ivory and soon they might go extinct. A group of elephants decided to do something to end all this. Elephant poaching needed to stop.

The leader of the elephants, Cator, waited for all the other elephants to arrive. Then the elephant gave his speech:

“We are being killed for our ivory. This needs to stop. We must walk to the Global Sanctuary for Elephants and encourage the humans to help us in our quest. Together we can fight the poachers.”

Off they went to start their journey.

Week 38: The Discussion By Liam O M

It was a bright summer day in the deep jungle where a group of tropical animals was discussing how to stop the carnivores from killing all the animals.

The Zebra said, “We could gather everyone up and hide from them.”

The Flamingo said “Or we could try to fight back against them”

Then the Elephant delivered his speech “We should make peace between us and the carnivores”

The Animals agreed so they set off to find the carnivores. Sometime later they found the carnivores. After a while, the carnivores agreed and peace was made in the tropical forest for the first time.