Week 4: A dog’s statue By Sean

One day I was running down to the park and I saw a dog and the dog was wearing glasses. What was his name? His name was Smarty. He was very smart and he could talk.

Hi yelled Smarty.

Then Smarty ran off into a tree. The tree that Smarty ran into was green and yellow. Smarty came out with no glasses. Then he turned back into a normal dog. I said he was a very smart dog and a very hairy one as well. Two days later I spotted Smarty building a statue of himself.
The End

Week 4 Dogwarts by Liam A

One day Billy and I were playing hopscotch. I threw the stone and when it hit the ground suddenly a portal appeared.

Billy and I jumped in and we saw dogs. We looked up and saw a sign saying Dogworths and the dog was wearing glasses. We took cover as there were fighting pilots everywhere. The dog came over and said they are with us. Good

The dog came over and said they were with us. Good said Billy. 196 is our best pilot. You should have come yesterday. Today is War Day.

Week 4 Running into the woods by Kacper

Running in the dark was a boy who was called Tom. He was going through the woods. He saw a statue of a dog and the dog was wearing glasses. He saw a house and he went into it to hide from 2 beasts. He hid in the attic.

The beast came in with the other beast. One of the beasts was named Tim. One was called Jimmy. Where is he? said Tim in a deep voice. I don’t know Dad said JIMMY. Well, let’s look. he said. Aha -found it. found what? said TIM. I found meat. He is not here –  let’s go.

Soon after Tom went down and went home. THE END

Week 4 : Twitching around by Oisin

Once there were girls dressing up. Kate was wearing a skirt, a tutu, and a wig and for the other two boys they had to pick up every sock in the house even though they did get to play the play station for two minutes because they had to pick up some more socks as for the girls they decided to nag the boys while they were picking up the socks. When their mom came back she was very cross with the girls and now the girls had to pick up socks and the boys had to take the girls place and dress up in girl costumes and mom laughed when they did.

Week 4 Mystery dog by Dylan

One day when I was home alone I found a dog and the dog was wearing glasses. I took the dog into my room. It started making a weird noise. Then I noticed its eyes were human eyes. It sounded like it was crying.

I got it a drink but it wouldn’t drink so I started to rub it. Then I noticed a zipper on its stomach. I zipped the zipper down. “There was a little girl inside singing-  “Daddy’s going to be sad -daddy’s going to be sad.”

Then my door opened.

Week 4: The Mystery By Adam

One day Maurice and I were in London. We got a bus tour around London. I saw a dog and the dog was wearing glasses. Maurice saw a cat. The cat tried to scratch us. Then we went home. At home there was a man. He asked me where were my parents? I said “At work.” When we got there we saw a big statue. Will came out of the shop. He said do you like the statue. It’s lovely I said. Then we went home. I went up stairs and did my weekend school homework.

Week 4: The Wizard School Spell by Colin

One day in Bogwards a new student came. I was the best at magic and Joe was the best at handball I told him.But the new kid had no interest in anything so Joe and I gave him advice. He got better and soon he was as good as us.When magic class came we learned the spell Alpha toe trofikes –  it was meant to make a dog wearing glasses appear but instead, a huge bulldog appeared – we all jumped out the window into the great grave sea.

When we got back we couldn’t see the new kid. We looked everywhere but could not see him.  We went to the woods, but there was no sign – we looked into the reflection mirror and saw him in the river…

Week 4 New dog By Mikolaj

One day, I was home alone with my older brother and my younger sister. We were watching TV. Then fifteen minutes later Mum came, and an hour later my Dad came. Dad bought a dog and the dog was wearing glasses.

My brother named the dog Jeff. My brother’s name is Kevin and he took Jeff for a walk. At night time he slept on my bed and woke me up. Suddenly I woke Kevin up and my sister was sleeping still. Kevin, Jeff and I went downstairs. Kevin gave Jeff food and walked out with him. Soon my sister came and asked where was Jeff? He came without glasses.

Week 4 Opposite dimension by Ciaran

One day I was walking home from school and I noticed that there were yellow flashing lights – flashing every 3 minutes. I ran over to the porto cabin and saw a piece of cryptophone. I opened the box and thought of the cryptophone. I opened one eye and then opened the other and wondered was it all a dream. I went downstairs and saw my mum dropping everything . Then I realised I was walking on the ceiling. The following morning I was walking to school and I saw that all the buildings were upside down and a dog was wearing glasses.

When I got to school I thought to myself how will I get out of here?

Week 4; Hurry by Marc

One day I was going to America to see my grandparents. I saw a guard dog. It was running straight at me. I closed my eyes hoping it wouldn’t hurt me.

Soon after I opened my eyes to see where it was. Suddenly I saw it -it bashed into the wall. I ran over to see was it okay. It ran away again. After a few minutes, I went back to my Mom.

I heard another BANG. It hit another wall. Someone caught the dog and took it into the medical room. It came out and the dog was wearing glasses. Then it didn’t bash into anything. The dog just needed glasses.

Week 4 Teleportation by Joe

Niall was not having a good day.

“Mom do you know where my console charger is?”  he said.

There was no answer. Then it hit him …literally… a cardboard thing hit him and hard. It said Mom gone out.

“Outside then!” he said.

There were some lights that formed a ball and a dog was wearing glasses. Plus it sent him to another dimension. “Harry” he screamed in a strange dopey voice. It was the evil rat. “Here we go,” said Harry. “It’s a wand.”

“Expleamous! “said Niall knocking him off a cliff. “Run” Niall screamed. He went back to his dimension and found …his charger. Mam came home and made a cake.

Week 4 Jimmy and his dog By Liam O

Once there was a boy – his name was Jimmy. He was 9 years old and it was his birthday. His parents took him to the city. “We’re going to the pet shop,” said his parents.

As they arrived Jimmy saw a dog and the dog was wearing glasses. He rushed over. He said, ” this one this one this one please with a 10000 cherries on top. ” “Ok” answered his parents. “Yes” whispered Jimmy. The shopkeeper said, “zis dog is za special dog.”

And Jimmy bought the dog. “I’m gonna name you clever clog.” And he had the dog for the rest of his life…

Week 4 The dog by Matthew D

Finally the school week was over and it was Friday once again -the best day of the week. I was going over to my friend Jake’s house. Eventually  I got to his house but when I opened the door and the dog was wearing glasses. My smile was as wide as an elephants bottom when I saw him.

I asked Jake why was his dog wearing glasses and it was because his dog was unique. Subsequently we played some video games and ate some pizza.  Soon after I went home

Week 4 The Mystery Portal By Szymon

One day Jeff was walking his dog. The dog’s name was Butch. On his way home Jeff realised that a branch of an old oak tree looked fake. He climbed the tree and pulled the branch. Afterwards, as he fell he realised that a door had opened revealing a hidden portal.

He went into the portal. When he and his dog went in, the portal shut with a beeping noise. He was wearing an ocean blue hoodie and the dog was wearing glasses. There was one problem – How would they get back home?

Week 4 The mischievous dog By Danny

One day my dog and I were at home. His name is Logo. He is a black labadour. The following day my parents and I went shopping in the City centre. When we left, Logo got lonely and asked the two next door dogs to come over. Their names were Buzz and Archey. They were having great fun until they heard the doorknob turning…

We were home. Buzz and Archey ran away. When I came in Logo was wearing a shirt and the dog was wearing glasses. My parents gave out to him a lot. From that day on, we never let Logo stay on his own again.

Week 4 The smart pups by Mathew O G

We have a dog named Lizzy and she can’t see very well. She always runs into the patio door and it’s really annoying. One week when we went away on holidays we left Lizzy at the local vet.

We knew him very well – his name was John. John also checked her out while we were gone. He found out that she was pregnant with two pups.

When we got home we ran into the vet and the dog was wearing glasses. We were so happy for that dog with glasses that was staring at us. She had been 7 months waiting for pups.

Week 4: The amazing dog by Dan

One day I went for a walk down a lane behind my mansion.
I also brought the dog. Suddenly I heard a strange bark.
My dog and I hid behind a bush.
We found a pair of glasses.
“Put them on boy, ” I whispered.

POOF! He scuttled away.
A minute later he came back with another dog.
When we got home the dog spoke. “Ruffy ruff” he barked.
I asked my dog to translate “Please to meet you,” he said


Week 4 The dog’s babies by Ronan

I came home from school one day and my dog looked a lot smaller than usual. Straight away I saw that there were six other baby dogs.

One of them was quite a lot bigger than the rest and the dog was wearing glasses. Suddenly the biggest dog jumped up on me. Immediately it turned into an orangutan that was wearing a ballet dress.

Then I heard a BANG and I heard … my teacher’s voice. I was just daydreaming all that time.

Week 4 The journey from Cork by Maciej

One day when I was training hurling my dad came to collect me and my friend Carin. He brought our dog. The training was in Cork so the journey took an hour to get home.

In the middle of the ride, I put on my sunglasses. When we were driving up the hill my glasses fell off my eyes and landed on the dogs eyes. When Carin looked over the dog was wearing glasses. We both laughed. But then they broke and fell off.

Week 4 Sad Pet by Wojciech

Long ago there was a family. They had a dog called Charlie. Charlie was a playful dog, it played with everyone.

But one day when the family was gone, Charlie was sad, lonely and he had nobody to play. After a while, the dog went sleep. When the family came back Charlie ran up to the door. And the dog was wearing glasses. The family was so surprised that they ran upstairs afraid. Charlie was so hungry but when the family came down, they didn’t feed him because he was still wearing the glasses.

Week 4 Busted by Tadhg

One day in 1994 I was walking and I spotted the craziest thing ever. I spotted a dog and the dog was wearing glasses walking down the street on 4 legs . I started laughing but then the dog saw me.

It was a rottweiler. I started running as far away from the dog as I could.  It was as vicious as a lion. I was thinking of what to do but I accidentally ran into a cul de sac. I kept on going until I finally met a dead end.

“I am scared now,” I thought but then I saw a wall. I got soaked from the gutter but I got over. Eventually, I got home but then I saw my dad – oh no I am busted.

Week 4 A dream By Jack

Three decades after 2017 and scientists have found a way to get people to mars -it’s amazing if I do say so myself. I was just after landing on Mars
from a rocket in America.

First I saw a dog and the dog was wearing glasses. A few seconds after I realised that the dog was half human. I asked a scientist what had happened. He said that the conditions of Mars have made humans smaller and half dogs with glasses. Then I fainted.

It was just too much to take in. Suddenly I woke up… it was just a dream.

Week 4: Did You Know? By Naglis

Henry was a pet lover. He had a mouse, a hamster, a cat and a dog. Sadly he couldn’t stay with them all the time. He always went to work at nine and came back at four.

One bright sunny day the animals were extremely bored. When Henry left the animals decided to have a party. Little did they know that he was only going to the shop. When he came back he saw the mouse in a pig costume, the hamster was in a cow costume, the cat was in a bright pink dress and the dog was wearing glasses. When the animals saw him they were in shock.

Guess what ?

Henry joined in.