Week 5 : My most treasured Item by Wojciech

Once on my birthday my dad bought me a lamp… when it was time to give it back, I didn’t want to give it back because I wasn’t scared in the night. On my next birthday I got an Xbox 1s,  my dad and I were playing on it -we played Call of Duty Blackops 3. My sister played Minecraft- she loves that game. All of the family played Minecraft and everyone was happy. It was night and I was really scared in the night. The next morning we went downstairs and we played. I played really long to sunrise. THE END.

Week 5 It’s like gold by Matthew D

On the 4th of July 2015 I got my most valuable possession. My mouth dropped when I saw it. When I ride in it I am as proud as a peacock . My friends are really happy when I take them for a trip in it. It is really spectacular to me . I protect it with all my heart and soul. I try to keep it as clean as snow. Lots of people love it and I am proud of that.

Week 5 My most treasured item by Danny

I got it in 2016 for Christmas. When I got it I played it all day. My parents asked me if I was going to play it all day. And I said yes. At the weekend I usually play it. It is in my dad’s office because I don’t want my brother to play it. There is a strap so I can hold it and play it. There are six strings on it. My favourite song to play is Rattlin Bog. It is the best thing I have ever got for Christmas. I have a stand for it in the office.

Week 5:My precious item: By Liam A

At the weekends I build it and play with it. I have a volcano set of it.
My brother Patrick helped me build it.
Now I have one more set to go.Every time I build it I carefully put it on my shelf.
It was given to me by my Aunt as a present.
When I hold it close it reminds me that I am a master builder.
I won’t break it or smash it because it is precious to me.
Usually I take it down and play with it and usually I talk to my self when I am sad and I take it down and play with it.

Week 5 : My most treasured item by Dylan

My parents gave it to me. It is special to me because it keeps me company.
My friends think it’s cute. During school it stays at home.
At the weekends I play with it.
I take it for walks frequently. It is 6 months old.
Its name is Bella. Its colour is gold.
When I play with it I get a comforting feeling.
I got it for my communion. It makes me feel safe.
I had it for 4 months.
On rainy days I play with it inside.

Week 5 : My precious item, by Dan

Try to guess what this item is.
My family gave it to me. It is a cuboid shape.
Sometimes I play games on it. I put it in my playroom.
My friends think it is cool. It has remote controls.
It is made of hard plastic. It is electric.
I play it on weekends. It was really expensive.
I got it in Game Stop. It is black.
It has two words in the name. The first word begins with p.
It is connected to a tv. There is a number in the name too.

Put the answer in the comments.

Week 5 : My most treasured item By Ciaran

One afternoon I was playing soccer with my friends and I was in goals. The half-time whistle went and we were all exhausted. All my friends were shouting at me because I let in 2 goals in 3 minutes. Then they realised that I was looking at my wrist. They all asked what are you looking at? They were all confused. I won’t tell you I answered but it can show you the past and the future. It is my most treasured item.

Week 5 : My most treasured item by Sean

It is so fun to play with. I play when I am nervous. But is very pointy –  it is like a nail. My friends think it is as old as the moon and the sun. I keep it under my pillow for good luck. Sometimes I play with it in my hand. Sometimes my sister steals it to take it school.I take it everywhere I go. My great grandad gave it to me before he died. My dad loves to show his friends it. I show my cousin it. It is made out of steal. I hide it under my bed.

Week 5 My Treasured Items By Szymon

My very kind uncle gave it to me on my Communion Day. It reminds me of my uncle’s kindness. It has a dark black colour. It is a gift that I will remember forever.

When I turn it on it flashes brightly. It makes me happy but it makes me happier when I play on it with my friends. I see it when I go into my room. It reminds me of a great day.

I got it on black Friday. I waited a week to get it. I can play games on it.

Week 5 : A Treasured Item by Maciej

They are always next to me at night when I’m scared or when I’m sad. I put them next to my pillow in the morning and grab them out at night. They are soft, fluffy and nice. I don’t like to play with them much. I never forgot about them. I always have nightmares if I can’t feel them at all. I have three of them – one’s name is Mimi Bimby, Crinkle and Bingo. I never lost them at all. They are so fluffy and cuddly and I loved them forever.I will never give them away.

Week 5 : My Treasured Item by Tadhg

I love my treasured item that I have. It sits in my pocket every day and every night. It gives me luck and it’s been passed down from generation to generation for a very long time. My friends think it’s stupid. It was given to me by my favourite grandad. Sometimes I take it out and stare at the bronze treasure. My dad wanted to take it from me when I was foolish. When I hold it close it reminds me of my grandad and all the nice things he did for me. I love my treasured item so much that I will never give it to anyone.

Week 5 My Treasured Item By Joe

My treasured item is very important to me. Many people have it and love it. I use it every day and never want to get out. Loads of people love it and don’t want to get out ever. My own one is very comfy and it’s blue and very tempting to stay inside of it. It was a challenge to pick out what to write about. I picked this one because I had lots of ideas. If I lost it I would probably cry and sit in the corner of my room. I have no clue when and where I got it but I don’t care as it’s still comfy. Either way I would have one but the one I have now is the best. I bet you love your one too. My item is the amazing…

Week 5 My Treasured Item by Colin

it reminds me of when I was at the County final- Kanturk vs Mallow. I saw all of the green and red players and felt proud we were in the final.I had my hurley and helmet because we were playing at halftime. I was nervous and a small bit scared but the time came we went on and we all played hard and beat Mallow 2 to 1. Soon the big players came on and we jogged off in delight when the match was over. Kanturk won. I went on to the pitch and Kanturk lifted the cup At the end I met a few players and my mom got all of them on her phone.

Hint:  It is on the camera.

Week 5 A Treasured Item By Kacper

It’s good. It is playful and it is funny. It’s small but not too small. I received it from a lady. It will be always next to me all day long and every time it is playful it goes outside so now I love it. It will always help me and everyone thinks it is beautiful. it listens to me and it will always be my friend. It runs, jumps and it does tricks. It’s cute. It hates rain and it eats a lot. It loves water and it sleeps and in the summer it likes to chill out in the sun.

Week 5: A treasured item by Mathew O G

It was given to me by my Granda. I must be very careful with it for it is very valuable. It has been by my bedside for many years. It reminds me of how nice he is. I never let my friends touch it for that’s how valuable it is. Carefully I hold it whenever I’m bored. When I look at it I think of my Grandad. Sometimes I look at it and I imagine it as a family treasure. Sometimes I wonder will I pass it down the family. Or will my child sell it? And if anyone sells it I will not be very happy.

Week 5 A Treasured Item by Ronan

I get some every year from Santa or from my mom and dad. In school I think about it all day and cannot wait to go home and
play with it. Usually I build cars out of it. I have it in nearly every shape and size and nearly every colour. sometimes I like to build huge work yards out of it and pretend that I am a piece of it. I play with it all of the time. When I am bored I know what to do.
I started playing with it first when I was a small baby.

Week 5 My most treaured item by Joshua

I got it for my 9th birthday from my sister. It’s black and white. It’s related to China. When I hold it close it reminds me of my sister. It’s shaped like a circle and it has a string to hold it. My sister has one like mine but hers has a red blade underneath. She got it in Tralee. It has a black dot on the white and a white dot on the black. I treasure it because my sister got it for me for my birthday.

Week 5 : My treasured item by Aidan

I got it on my eighth birthday and got it from Mom. It can do lots of stunts and I can take it around town. It is fun in the woods and great in the park but bring it to mud and it lets off dirty sparks. When I go to school I put it by the shed.  When I come home I go on it first, then dinner and bed. When I take it out I think about races- me zooming around the corner. My family’s faces would be filled with glee and I am thinking yippee! My friends think it is awesome. I hope you will too.

Week 5: My Treasure By Adam

It’s one of my favourites. I received it from Santa. I put it on my desk. Sometimes I hide it. When I wake up I go on it. During school, it’s turned off. At the weekend I do not play it much. When my friends come over we play on it. It is fun to play on. I get new friends that are nice. My sister will ask me for it a lot. I really like it. I always have fun. Every time I turn it on it takes a long time to load. People on it are good at playing on it. I have had it since 2016.

Week 5: Priceless Stuff By Naglis

This is an item that I received around a year ago. It sits on my neck. It’s priceless to me. My dad gave it to me. It’s so precious that I don’t bring it to school just in case I lose it. I cherish it most at weekends. Usually I play with it when I’m scared or nervous. Sometimes I would just stare at it when I’m really sad. My mom think’s it is beautiful. When I look at it I think of my phenomenal dad. Can you guess what it is?

Week 5 Something that spins By Jack

True story.

Well I was in Tramore with my family on holidays when my mom showed me a very unusual irregular object. It was rainbow coloured and she said it was for me. I picked it up and it wobbled. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh I screamed. I’d say the whole hotel heard me. Quieten down said my dad roaring. Then my mom said why don’t you? Then I hit it and it spun. I love it I said. My parents smiled. They said it was from my Uncle Stephan who died about a week before. It was supposed to be for my birthday but they said they couldn’t resist it. I took it wherever I went for the rest of the summer and it definitely my most treasured item.

Week 5;My Treasured Item by Marc

One of my most treasured items is something that my kind and helpful parents gave me. Usually I wear it after school. They gave it to on my Communion Day. I got it because I wanted it for a while and I asked kindly. I`ve had it for two years now. It`s really handy for when I don’t have eletronics. It’s two things in one. Its black and some of it glows in the dark. The part that glows is green. It tells the digital time and analog time. I really like it.

Week 5: Gold is best By MIkolaj

It comes with me. It’s gold and very nice. It’s on my neck from my Godfather. I thanked him so much. When I go soccer traning I leave it at home. Carefully I put it in a special box. My friends think that it is very nice. I can’t go anywhere without it. It’s just the best thing that I have. There’s nothing better than it. I’m telling you that you would love it. If it was Silver it wouldn’t be the best but it’s gold and that’s why I love it.