Week, 7 The Contraption By Tim

One day as I was walking home  I saw a weird looking contraption. It looked like  a gun, so I picked it up. I rushed home to show my dad. My dad picked it up and he pulled the trigger by accident. He shot his bottle of water and it turned into a lego piece.

My mouth fell open. I went out to the back garden and tested the gun on myself. I pulled the trigger and I turned into a small lego figure. I was so small that the  ladybugs around me were bigger. I pulled the trigger again and I went back to normal.

Week 7: My New Lego By Mikolaj

I was in Cork with my family and Polish school just ended. Luckily I was going with my family to Smyths. I found the lego that I wanted and my Dad bought it for me just for $25.0o. I was happy with my purchase so we drove back home and I started to play with it. It came with a lot of balls.

I put the balls on my rock that I have in my garden and put the guy in the middle. When everything was setup I started to play. My old sister came out for some fresh air and she looked at what I was doing and she started laughing.

I was angry at her so I took her friend into her room and showed her what my sister keeps there….She was laughing and my sister got mad at me.

Week 7: Lego VS Lady Bird By Sean

Long time ago before mankind there were people that weren’t real people but they were lego people. They were happy until lady birds wanted war.  So the great war began.

FIRE – BOOM!  A bomb hit them.  They send a boy to the other team who raise him.

Then one day they were under attack.  Then he saw a man being shot. The boy ran over and saved his life but the boy never knew that the man was his father.

The creatures by: Tadhg Week 7

“No it is too dangerous for you to go outside to the real world.”

“But mom ! I think I’m old enough now .”

“No son you are too young to go out and that is final.”

I rushed to the door and ran. I ran up a mountain and found ladybugs- they were about the size of a nut. Then suddenly the mountain started shaking and smoke started coming out.  I ran for my life.

When I got back home I screamed ” Volcano! Mom come on – we have to leave now .”

We ran and ran until we got to a big hill. We were safe.

RUMBLE! … I think…

Week 7 Dinjo The Lego Man By Danny

One day my friend and I were playing with my Lego set in my basement. We were having so much fun having a little war between ourselves – I was the good guy and John was being the bad guy. Suddenly we heard …

Boom, Crash, Bang! …

My favourite Lego figure was standing right beside me and believe it or not he was my size. I was so happy to see him. His name was Dingo. He was my favourite figure because he was so enthusiastic. He was happy as well because he could move his friends around.

Even though he broke a few pieces he was making a mammoth effort.

Week 7 The War By Szymon

“Fire!” roared General Ladybird.

The ladybirds effortlessly shot as a much as they could but it didn’t do much good. The lego army hid in the trenches until the ladybirds stopped shooting. The lego army hastily threw grenades and killed most of the ladybirds but in the process got their hands shot off.

The last ladybird which was General Ladybird got shot and died. The general of the lego army strutted over and was standing in the middle of a field covered in dead ladybirds. Before he knew it the ladybirds started to explode…

Week 7 The Lego Explorer by Mathew O G

Hi, my name is Tom and I am an explorer and a documentor.

This year we are exploring in New- Zeland and were are looking for a new species of insects. I brought my shapeshifting contraption- it was crucial for me and my team for finding insects.

After two days of searching, we finally found something. It was red and it had black polka dots on it. Using the shape-shifting device I warped into a LEGO figure. I carefully documented them with ease and we called them ladybirds.

My video went viral and now I’m rich and famous.