Week:7 HALLOWEEN by Kacper

My friends and I were TRICK or TREATING. After that, I wanted to go to a haunted house. But my friends were really scared. I said, “fine I’ll go by myself.” So I did. It was cold. I heard someone chuckle. I shouted HELP. No one responded when I was in a corridor. As the door slammed I knew I was in danger. BUT lucky me I found a flashlight. But there were no batteries.

No why me?  Well it wasn’t that bad – I found a window and finally I was out.

Week 7 By Oisin

As the door slammed I knew something was behind me.  The worst thing was that someone dared me to go in and so I did.  It was hard to see in there but I thought it was ok.  There was only one sign of life –  a leaf that must have blown in.  As I walked on I heard a noise and I rushed back but the door was gone. So I looked for a window but there was no window to be seen.  Now I had to walk on to see if I was safe or not.. .I wasn’t safe. I felt I was gone for good.

Week 7 The old cinema by Maciej

One evening I went to the cinema. As I went in I thought that the cinema looked old inside. I wanted to watch Harry Potter so I asked how much the ticket was and the keeper said 8 euro 50.  I paid for the ticket and I went in. When I sat down the film started. When it was over I went out of the cinema and waited for a taxi. The taxi came and as the door slammed I knew something was wrong.

Week 7 Mansion of Misery by Joe

Why did Summer have to be so hot? I like a bit of heat but not this much heat. We laid there for another while until the annoying O Connors came.

“I dare ye to go into the mansion of misery,” they said.

“The what?” I answered. They pointed to the old mansion. “For how much?” said Luke sharply. “One hundred pounds,” whispered Conoll the oldest O Connor. “Okay” – We darted up to the mansion like there was no tomorrow.

“In we go,” I said in a scared voice.  As the door slammed I knew I heard giggling. “We are stuck,” I muttered. “Start thinking now, ” said Luke. “I have an idea,” I thought. “Luke break a window,” I said.

That’s what we did. And now for our Money… But they were gone.


Week 7: Life of the dead by Colin

One day I was out on my bike when I heard a scream.

“Hello,” I said but the scream came back. AGAIN I called hello but no answer. I went looking but there was no sign.

Suddenly a doll-like character appeared to me – it had a knife and shiny red blood on its eye. I raced away but what I didn’t know was I was running towards Draco Demon dragons abandoned mansion.

Was I going to survive or not?

I rushed into his house terrified …what if he was there. I saw broken lamps doors vaults and a red staff with pure lava. As the door slammed I knew I was wrong to go in…

Week 7 : Haunted house by Sean

One day I went in an old house. As the door slammed I knew that I was in a hall. The hall was so long that the beam from the flashlight in my hand could not reach the end of it. I thought about the dare my friends Max and John gave me.

They always were angelic until that day when I met the other side of them. When I got further in my flashlight began to flicker.  I thought that if I got out I would never do a dare again. As I went in further a big bright light dazzled me…

Week 7 Life in prison by Ciaran

As the door slammed I knew I shouldn’t have done what I did. Let me tell you the story…

I was walking down the street. I was going to the supermarket because I had a big long list of things to get. I went in and it was like a ghost town. I saw a sign saying Everything Free. I went over to the sign but when I pulled one can -all the cans came tumbling down on me. Then the cops found me guilty because they found a can in my bag.

I couldn’t understand who would do such thing to me?

Week 6 The Haunted House by Conor

One dreary night my friends and I  were trick or treating. We decided to dare each other to go in the haunted abandoned houses. One time I was dared to go into that house at the end of our street.

I went inside and it seemed lovely. After a while, the light started flicking. Then I was trembling in fear. I decided to have a look around. So I went into the living room but as the door slammed, I knew I was in huge trouble.

All my friends were calling me because I was so long in there. But I could not get out because I was trapped….

Week 7 The Mystery Person By Szymon

One stormy Hallowe’en night I was grounded and couldn’t go trick or treating. My strict parents had to go across the road to my cousins. I heard the door slam. As the door slammed, I knew something was going to happen.I questioned myself – is it safe to go downstairs?

As I went down I heard a ghastly chuckle. I saw a flickering faint glow as I went closer. I saw a scary shadow. When I went in it turned out to be my parents. They were petrified – looking at the corner. They showed me a person dressed in black. It was a robber.

What would we do?

Week7 The robber by Matthew D

It was half past nine. I went up to my bedroom and tried to go to sleep. As I was about to go to sleep I heard the door open. As the door slammed, I knew someone was breaking in. My phone was right beside me so I called the Garda. They said they would come straight away. I could hear the robber coming into my bedroom. I hid under my bed. I was trembling with fear. When he walked out of my room the Garda saw him and caught him. I raced downstairs to my parents. I told them everything but at least I was safe again.

Week 7 The haunted house by Danny

One Halloween my friends and I were trick or treating. We went all over the town from house to house. All of us got loads of candy. While we were walking we were eating our sweets to make some room for more sweets. After we visited all of the houses we went to a house that nobody lived in. All of us went in except one.He was too scared to go inside.

When we went inside we split into two groups. My friend and I went upstairs and my two other friends explored downstairs. My friend and I went into a bedroom and then one of the doors slammed and as the door slammed I knew we were trapped. And then I said what will happen next?

Week 7 by Joshua :My day in jail.

Once my friend coerced me to steal jewels from the jeweller. The night I stole them the cops brought me into custody. My cell was damp and smelled like blue cheese. As the door slammed I knew I was in trouble. The bed was a rotten old mattress that wasn’t used for centuries. The next morning my breakfast was green disgusting slop. The prison yard had weights and a basketball court. There were tall walls all around me.

Luckily that night my mom bailed me out.

Week 7 The abandoned house by Dylan

One dark dreary night Jake Kyle and I were playing soccer when Jake said: “Let’s GO INSIDE THE abandoned house.”

“Okay” I said unsure.

Kyle agreed so we went to the creepy house. When we slowly stepped inside we heard an eerie noise. Then as the door slammed I knew we weren’t alone. I tried to open the door but it was locked. Then we heard a chainsaw noise. Jake screamed and started to get petrified. Suddenly we heard a voice and it shrieked “Get out.” Then I knew we wouldn’t get out alive…

Week 7 The Horrible House by Ronan

As I was walking home from school one day with my friends we passed by an old building. Suddenly the school bully Jimmy walked in front of me and coerced me to go inside the old building. I knew I shouldn’t have but I did. I pushed open the old wooden door. I walked a few steps into the house and the door slammed shut behind me. As the door slammed I knew I was in danger.

I walked through a door that led to a creepy corridor. All I could see were enormous cobwebs, a dusty old couch, and a few bones. My only option was to keep on going. Then I would know if I was safe or not.

Week 7:By Liam O: The newspaper

It was a normal winter day. I had some friends over and we were doing dares. “We dare you to go to that haunted house.” my friend said. I was shocked. “Ok we will go then” I said.  We set off in the bad storm because it was the storm season for weeks back in October.

As we went in the house I forgot my torch but my friend brought one. The stairs were creaking. As I walked into a bedroom a newspaper flew in. It was that day’s one. It said a serial killer was on the loose. As the door slammed I knew we were in trouble …

Week 7:Help me By Liam A

One dark dreary night I heard tapping on the window.
My friends were there –  “Come down” they whispered.
Suddenly there was a boom of thunder and we could hear the lapping of water. My friends and I went inside an old abandoned mansion. As
the door slammed I knew I was in danger.

Now I was thinking my parents would not let me do this. “I’m out of here –  bye,” I said. My friend grabbed my shoulder and flung me onto the ground.
“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Home,” I said.

Week 7: Surviving by Dan

Suddenly my mansion blew to bits. Nothing was left except an axe, a shovel, a bow and arrow and a backpack.

“I need to find shelter,” I thought to myself. I started to walk down the long narrow road. I brought the tools with me. A few miles down the road a rabbit wandered onto the road. I pulled my bow and arrow out of my bag and I shot it. I put it away in my backpack. I strolled down the road a bit more and came to a big house. I took refuge in the house, but when I walked inside a creak from the roof set off a trap. As the door slammed I knew I wasn’t safe…

Week7 Locked in Custody by Mathew O’ G

It was Friday the thirteenth when the guards put the blame on me for the terrible robbery downtown last month. I am now in court and the judge just announced that if I’m found guilty I will be sentenced to eight years!

I was explaining that how I was innocent but he did not believe me as he announced “Guilty as charged!” As the guards brought me to custody my mom was screaming” he’s not guilty.”

They threw me into the cell. As the door slammed I knew I had to prove that I was innocent and I knew I had to get out of this creepy jail …Fast.

Week 7 The Big dare by Aidan

On Halloween night my friends and I were out trick-or-treating. We came to a huge broken down building.

After a while we started playing truth or dare. First I dared Tom to run toLidll which was at the other side of town and then come back and he did it!

Then it was my turn. Charlie dared me to go into the run down building and come out the other side.

I wanted to get over it so I ran in as fast as I could. I got to the other side so quickly. But when I was so close to the door the roof broke and as the door slammed I knew I was not alone…

Week 7 A Break in by Jack

It was Halloween night and we were just home from trick or treating. I felt tired so I went to bed. Around half one in the morning I  heard a gunshot ring out.

I felt scared and went down the stairs. As I opened the living room door I saw that everyone was dead on the couch. I was going to cry but then there was another shot and the echo of a scream from a child.

I sprinted back up the stairs. I got back into bed and closed my eyes. There was the creak of the door opening and as the door slammed I knew I was in for it. At this point my eyes were glued shut and then I heard a soft whisper behind my ear…

Weeek 7: WOOPS By Marc

One dark scary Halloween night I was trick or treating. There was nobody going to one single house. The lights were on so I went to knock on the door. When the door opened there was a basket of candy on the stairs. I went to get some. Suddenly the door was closing like lighting. It was strange because there was nobody there when it opened, and nobody there when it closed.

As the door slammed I knew I was in trouble. The question was who closed the door?  or what? I wonder what lies ahead of me in this freaky scary house? …

Week 7 : The Slamming Door by: Wojciech

One day I was at my friend’s house. There was four of us – me, Miko, Szymon and Miki. We played fifa 18.  In the middle of the game, Miko paused it and went to the kitchen and brought back baked popcorn for all of us. We were happy but then I whispered to him what we will play now? I suggested Minecraft. He said ok let’s play it. We played for 2 hours. Eventually, we got bored. But then we heard a noise.  As the door slammed I knew that something had happened. But what? …

Week 7: The Golden Legend By Adam

One day I was with my family. We went to an abandoned place. When we went in the door slammed. As the door slammed I knew that someone lived here. As we walked further we heard the creaking of a door. We opened the door there he was …the golden legend.

We quietly went around. Suddenly mom had a cunning plan to build a gold statue. We gave it to him as a welcome gift.  Then we were no longer afraid and we walked through to his room. My heart was pounding for hours. I was so happy to meet him.

Week:7 My farm By Mikolaj

I live on a farm. There are cows, chickens, dogs, cats, hens, sheep and donkeys there. I never have free time there. Every morning I give every animal something to eat. Firstly I go to the cats, then I go to the dogs, thirdly I go to the hens and chickens (they live in the same spot) and finally the sheep, cows and donkeys (they live in a stable together).

One night there was a hurricane warning and I went to bed. It was 2:00 am. I closed my door. Later I heard cats and dogs MIAOWING and BARKING so I opened the door and I let them in. As the door slammed in my face I knew the hurricane had arrived.

Week 7 The Creepy Man by Tadhg

One day when I was playing with my friend we spotted a house.We tried to look through the windows but the blinds were closed. We knocked on the door and the door just opened. We walked in but as the door slammed I knew it was over for us.

My friend started screaming but nobody heard him. We were stuck here forever. My mom was probably very worried. I thought what will we do now?

But then we saw a man. He kidnapped us and got us out of the house.He threw us into the boot of the car and took us to his house. Oh no!  What will happen to us now?

Week 7: Dreadful Dare By Naglis

It was a dark dreary windy night and Luke, Theo and I were home alone. We were playing Truth Or Dare. It was Theo’s turn and he picked me.

‘Truth or Dare?’ he asked.

‘Dare’ I answered nervously.

“I dare you to step inside the eerie house at the end of the street. ”

And so I did. I slowly walked to the house. I stepped inside.
I could hear the whirling wind outside. I felt safe because I had a flashlight. The smell was of damp and decay. I cautiously tiptoed across the corridor. My light started flickering. I got to a door saying “Funderland”. I was anxious to open it. I could see the door half off its hinges. I opened the door.
As the door slammed I knew I was trapped…