Week 9: Freak Out Night By Adam

One day James was shopping in the city. After an hour he bought cameras and put them up. He wanted to prove to his friends that ghosts were real.

Later when he checked on his camera, it showed something or somebody transparent. He was horrified. He rushed to his friend’s house with disbelief. How is this happening? he said to himself. John his friend was sitting at a table with a coke in his hand. “Hey, John look what’s on my camera. “They ended in their rooms with such disbelief.

Week 9 : The ghost hallucination by Tadhg

Last Halloween I saw ghosts flying all around me. I said it to my mom and dad but they didn’t see anything. So this year I will prove to them that I saw the ghosts. On Halloween, we went shopping but at first, I couldn’t find any of the ghosts but then I saw one. I reached into my pocket for my phone !!! But it wasn’t there. I forgot it at home.

How could I be so foolish?

Then it hit me right in the head. There were cctv cameras on the shop wall. I ran into the shop . I went into the cctv camera room and I grabbed a tape . Then when we went back home I checked the tape if it had ghosts on it .

It didn’t!  Then the cops came. Oh no …

Week 9: Ghosts by Conor

One evening my family and I were out shopping. When we were coming out of the shop I saw these blurry things so I decided to tell my dad but he didn’t believe me. Now I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin.

So, later on, I decided that I was going to put up cameras so I could see them. When I checked them and it showed clowns, ghosts, goblins,  and witches.

I showed dad and he finally believed me for once but it was just people playing tricks.


Week 9: The Shopping Center By Dan

The next day after my dreaded Halloween night it suddenly felt really cold.

“Off to the shopping center” I thought as I skipped along. Soon enough I got there and to my surprise I met Barry. “Hi Barry” I roared. Almost immediately he turned around but it wasn’t Barry… it was a ghost. I ran in horror and disbelief.

I fainted but I was alright. That noon I woke up. I could feel a tugging on my leg – it was the ghost again. I’m doomed…

Week 9 The Goddess Spirit by Colin

One morning at school my teacher read a book called THE CORRIDOR. In the book it said Ghosts aren’t real. BUT that night I went to Holy Hill forest and I set down some camo cameras.The next morning I went back to the location and nothing was spotted. I went to my friends house and we went on the horses But when we got back it was dark and spooky.

I was scared as I galloped on ….Ssssssss – a noise – it was a snake and it bit my horse’s leg. I rubbed my eyes. FLASH Something passed… I saw spirits in front of me.


Week 9 The Invasion by Ronan

Scientists in the United States discovered what looked like an asteroid but was actually a spaceship coming to Earth from Mars. They spotted it just three hours ago. The scientists said that it would be landing in Zambia in Africa in about five minutes. But they were wrong…

The spaceship already came and was attacking Ireland.They came right to our school and burst in. There were five of them and each one of them were holding weapons. Suddenly they clicked their fingers and they all turned into ghosts and shouted “we want sweets. “We all gave them our sweets. They said thanks. All five of them flew through the roof and drove their spaceship back to Mars.

Week 9 The two ghosts by Oisin

I was doing some shopping at night time.  Four minutes later I came out of the shops and saw two ghosts right in front of me. I told my parents but they didn’t see any ghosts so I looked again and saw no ghosts but I was certain I saw some ghosts. I went home and went to bed and then I heard a noise going past my curtains so I turned on my light and ran to my parents’ room and stayed there for the rest of the night.

Week 9 The start of my life by Aidan

One cold dark night Tom was in his bedroom thinking about what he was going to do in London! But then he was reminded of his cruel aunt and uncle who were looking after him as his mom and dad were killed in a car crash. Tom has never been taken anywhere except school.

A few hours later they were in London- it was amazing at night when they were shopping. Just when they were walking out of the shop Tom saw a building move. It looked like a bus then it started to reverse.  It was coming closer and closer to Tom- suddenly it came to a halt. A man came out saying get in- get in. Tom did not know what to do then without thinking he jumped on. A while later it stopped at a huge building in the middle of nowhere. As he walked in he saw ghosts everywhere then he knew this was a start to a new life.

Week 9 I see horror by Kacper

One scary dark night I was going home. When I went home no one answered. I opened the door slowly. I saw a doll – oh wow is this a prank? I thought. No answer. I think my family is gone. Well I’ll throw it in the bin.

When I went into the kitchen there was a statue there. Wow okay, I was getting scared. I ran to the sitting room the statue was inside and I got rid of it.

Wait –  is that singing that I hear?  I got out of the house until they came back.

Week 9 : Proved you right by Liam A

One Halloween night Mick and I went into the forest and set up camp.
Mick was trembling when we went outside so we set a big bonfire.
“I saw something move,” said Mick.

“Stop messing around – It’s fine it was probably your mind messing
around with you. I’ll set some cameras up. let’s get some sleep, ” I said.

The following morning Mick still felt the place was haunted. They decided to check on the cameras.
Something was floating and then the camera shattered.  What will happen next?

Week 9 Ghosts By Danny

Legless Luke and Headless Harriet are Ghost friends. They live in a castle called Ivy Hall. They always have great fun jumping out and scaring people out of their pants but now people are too scared to go to the castle except one person who is never scared.

Both of them got bored because they could not scare him. So one night they went down town. Legless Luke went to the supermarket while Headless Harriot went shopping for a black dress. When Headless Harriot was done shopping she went to pay but then she noticed that no one was there so she went to get Legless Luke and both of them went back to the castle and lived happily ever after.

Week 9 The Celts are back by Mathew O G

One day I was walking through the forest where there were sightings of celts clothing and armor. When I heard about this I wanted to go to the forest right away. Adrenaline was running through my veins. It took me days to find what appeared to be some kind of village of shops.

Unexpectedly, most of them were alive but they all looked like swimmers who were in water for 20 centuries. About 20 of them were ghosts as expected. I had to get photographic evidence. Soon enough they spotted me so I had to run. Later on they caught me and tortured me .

Week 9 The Orlana Bay Castle by Maciej

Once on Halloween night in a town people were having a party near the old castle. The castle’s name was Orlana Bay. The Orlana Bay castle was an old and haunted castle and some say that it is a place where spirits live. The spirits didn’t have a good party in the Orlana Bay Castle.

One of the spirits decided to go to the town. When they got to the town they had a good time with the people….

Week 9:by Liam O – My trip to Berlin

I was on holiday in Berlin. When I was in the center of the city I saw a shop. It was called the camera shop of Berlin because it was the only camera shop in Berlin so I went in and walked over to the shopkeeper. I asked him if there was a special camera to buy as I was on holiday there and then he answered yes and gave one to me.  I sped off and went to the southeast of the city where I took pictures of the city. One day later I checked the pictures and saw ghosts. I rushed back to where I took the photos and I saw ghosts everywhere…

Week 9 Ghosts And Ghouls By Jack

My nana and I were in her sitting room next to the fire watching a movie when I heard a howl and a scream of terror.

“Did you hear that nana? “I said.
“Sorry what dear …oh goody- my favourite part is on.”
Then it happened again. ” Did you hear that? she said to me. “YES! ” I replied. “It was probably one of the…”

And then we heard a whistle.”One of the pipes is after exploding” I said. Soon after, the electricity went out and I saw a real ghost. “AAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhh” I screamed and my nana disappeared.
I grabbed my phone and called home but all I heard was a creepy voice. After that I was knocked unconscious…

Week 9 : The ghost picture by Dylan

I believed ghosts were real but whenever I say it to my friends they laugh and now I am known as ghost boy.

One day I decided I would prove them wrong. I took my camera and placed it in the woods and put it on motion sensor so if something moved my camera would take a picture. I came back in the morning to check the pictures. …Deer, rabbit, fox, rat, squirrel and whoa what was that?

In one of the pictures there was a figure of a little girl. There was a video. I played it. The little girl said, ” turn around Dylan.” I turned around and she was there…

Week 9 By Mikolaj

One day when I went to a random place at 8:00pm there was about a 100 people there. I was by myself. At 8:15 I saw something strange. I ran into a bar but they were walking beside me. So finally I ran into them and blazed their head off. But wait I did nothing to them. It was 8:55 now and they are still following me.

I speedily ran home at 40kmph somehow and got home at 9:00. I got my pyjamas ready, brushed my teeth and went for a shower. I went to sleep at 10:00pm and got up 11:00am and everything was gone.


Week 9 Ghost town by Ciaran

One day my mum gave me a game stop voucher for my birthday. As  I was skipping across the narrow black road  I saw a man floating in mid-air. Afterwards, as I just came out of game stop I realised that the man was gone and everywhere there were ghosts floating in mid-air. I ran back in and got mum and dad but everyone else was gone.  I got worried so I turned to tell my mum and dad to get out but they were gone too….

AAAaaa… Phew it was all just a very scary nightmare. I thought it was real.

Week 9 : Scary Poland ;By Wojciech

Long ago my family and I were in Poland. It was Halloween. In Poland, they don’t celebrate Halloween like we do going trick or treating.  People in Poland and in Lithuania – they go to the graveyard and pray for dead.

My family and I went to pray for the dead. There I saw a ghost. I was frightened and I told my mum… When we arrived at granny’s house I saw a castle. It was MATTHEW’S HAUNTED CASTLE. The next morning we went to the castle. When we got there the doors slammed. The same ghost scared us out of our skin.

Week 9: Parallel Peter By Naglis

It was a bright sunny day in Dringfield and Peter was getting ready to go to Madam Trussauds – a wax museum. He put on his warm fluffy coat and set off. On the way he stopped at a beautiful café. He had a flavoursome tea and an exquisite biscuit.

Eventually he arrived at the wax museum.  First of all he skipped off to the celebrity place. He took pictures with people like James Bond, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and Simon Cowell.

Some time later he saw a dark dull grey door half off its hinges. He took a step through….There he saw ghosts giving him menacing looks.

“Am I in a parallel world?” he thought.

Week 9 Be careful or else … By Matthew D

My friend Craig and I were out trick or treating. We absolutely love trick or treating because we get loads of scrumptious treats. The big talk was about the house at the top of the hill as it is supposed to be haunted.

My friend and I said that we would go up there some time tonight . We saw a flash from the haunted house so we ran up there with our hearts thumping in fear. We knocked on the door and saw a ghost… he grabbed Craig. I ran down the hill and into my house… God only knows what happened to Craig.