Week 36 Title The gun By Wojciech

One bright day I  was inside my house playing. My mum told me that we are going to the park so I went as well. When we came out I saw a revolver it said that it was built in 1870. My mum told me to ignore it and I did ignore it. We were in the park it was really hot I went swimming in the lake it was really hot. I was really happy. We went back to the house my mum and I took the swimming pool out I was swimming nearly all the day It was HOT!!!.

Week 35 Cork City Sports By Wojciech

One bright day a girl named Kate was in school. Her teacher Mrs Emma said that they were going to the gym. It was the qualifiers to Cork City Sports. Luckily she had qualified for the race and the relay as well.
A few weeks later it was the day of Cork City Sports.  When she arrived there with her friends they started to run. She came 2nd in the race. Next the relay – they came first however, she couldn’t believe what she had done.
When they came back to school she showed everyone the trophies she got.  She was really happy. Then she showed her mum. Mum was very proud of what she did.

Week 34 The London Bridge By Wojciech

One bright day I was sitting on a bridge in London. It was a beautiful day and I saw lots of shiny flowers and they were pink.
Then somebody that I didn’t know wanted me to go home with him. I said no he dragged me by the leg. I called the police. They came straight away and they took the kidnapper.
I went to the hillside and I saw a huge bunch of daffodils. After a while I went to buy a ice cream. It was sprinkled with marshmallows and crushed chocolate.

Week 33 The Lost city By Wojciech

One sunny day as I was walking in the woods with my friends I saw two acorns.  I shouted at my friends to come here!  We all looked at it.
When I went under it I saw little doors. I didn’t know who was there. I heard lots of noises. As I broke the acorn I saw aliens inside.  They started to grow.  I shouted run! We ran as fast as we could. Then I saw a car and I shouted stop! |The car stopped and we sat into it. There was an alien in the car. I said run! We ran and we ran.
“Where are we…?”

Week 31 Jack the Jaguar By Wojciech

Jack the Jaguar is really angelic and friendly.  He always lets everyone play with him. Jack loves hunting, playing and sitting on trees.
One day he was sitting on a branch and saw his dad and his cousin John the Jaguar Jack. He joined them and started to hunt for zebras, giraffes and hippos.
When they were in the veld they were peaking through little holes.  When they saw the zebras they started to chase them. Jack killed one and started to eat it.
Then the hyenas came. They tried to take the animal but Jack was there protecting it for the family. The hyenas attacked the three of them and started to fight them. It was night time they brought the food to their den and started to eat.

Week 28. Title: Other World. By Wojciech.

Quickly I stood up because today was an important day for me. I dressed up as quickly as I could and ran to the park. I was running so fast that I didn’t know where I was going.
Suddenly I tripped over and went to another world. It was about 20-25 years earlier. I saw metal legs behind me -they looked really nice. I looked around –  it was different.  I saw my granddad – everything looked really old. I was happy there.
When I came back to the normal world everything was brighter. I came back home and I saw my family waiting for me.

Week 27 The Robbers By Wojciech

“What do you mean?”
“I mean that we need to get this jewel,” he shouted.
“Okay just take it.”
After a while, the alarm rang.  On they ran out of the shop and the police were behind them. Although they ran quickly, they were making no progress. One of them was arrested and the second was causing pandemonium.
The police set a trap and the robber fell into it –  he tried to escape from the trap but he couldn’t. The police got the jewel and put them in the jail. When they eventually came out they were pretending that they were angelic …but they did it all again.

Week 26 The Tsunami By Wojciech

I was taken out to the sea. I was lying down on something.  After a while, I stood up. I was standing up on a yellow wing. I looked around and I saw a tiny piece of land.  I looked back and I saw everything was thrown into the sea.
I whispered to myself –  how did I survive that hopeless tsunami? I saw everything was shiny in the sun. On the ground I found a thin picture  – it was a young boy with his family.
I felt sad. I didn’t see my family anywhere. I remember my mum’s face.
I want to be with them.

Week 25 : Soldiers by Wojciech

The bomb exploded. The Americans had a fight against the Russians If the Americans will not fight the Russians will take over all of the U.S.A. The Americans had about 70 soldiers and the Russian had 90 soldiers. The name of the American’s captain was Washington. One of the Russians climbed up the Empire building. The Americans thought but how did they get up there?

The American soldiers attacked the Russian army. That battle was really bad. The Russians had only 20 soldiers and the Americans had only 10. The captain called for support and it came. The helicopter bombed the Russian army. When the Americans were walking they saw an injured man – one of their team and they put him in the helicopter. The soldiers were looking all around the building. They saw the captain of the other team. They quickly took him and arrested it him and put him in the jail for a really long time.

Week 24 : The Magic Cup by Wojciech

It was a frosty night in the airplane. Mum and dad and I were in the plane because we were going to China. I was covered with the coat. When we arrived my dad took us to a hotel and we slept there.

The next morning mum gave me something to eat. My dad was in a restaurant. When mum and I went downstairs we hurried to the restaurant. I had a cup of tea. It was fantastic.

When it was empty something strange happened… all of the people in my family were inside the cup. I tried to rendezvous with those on the outside but NO- we were stuck there for all our life.

Week 23 : The Worst Time Ever by Wojciech

One boring night I was lying in the bed resting when my mum told me that they were going to the museum. She whispered that a babysitter was coming. It was 23:40p.m. When my parents were gone I skipped down stairs. When I was down I saw the babysitter sleeping. When she was asleep I started to play then I thought what if I was in charge?.

I whispered to my self I could do what ever I want…

She woke up and I was terrified. She said “get up stairs”… When my parents were back I gave them a big hug.

Week 22 Frosty day By Wojciech

One frosty day I was lying in my bed. I didn't want to stand up because it was cold. I turned my head and looked at the goldfish (His eyes are brown). 

My mum came up the ladder as we didn't have stairs.
My mum walked very slowly because she had milk and sausages for me. 

Can I play on my PS? I asked Mum. She answered yes.  I ate my breakfast and played.  Afterwards a bird flew on my balcony.  I was still lying on my bed when my dad came back from work.

Week 21, Ninjas, By Wojciech

“… Run!” I  screamed to my friends.

We were close to the house when we looked back we saw the ninjas.  I opened the door immediately.  We hid in one place before they came in. Afterwards, when they left us, we were so ravenous that I baked popcorn and cooked chips and watched television.

Later on, they came back I hid in a different place. The rest of them hid somewhere else… I was in big trouble as they sat on the sofa and I was behind it. I went out and got a sword and hid.

After awhile they sprinted away and we were really happy.

Week 20 By Wojciech The Titanic

One nice day we were waiting for the Titanic. I was really excited when the Titanic was finally there. We went to eat something and went to sleep.

The next frosty morning I tried to rendezvous with my friend from another room and it didn’t work as my mum called me back.  After a while, we went to the games room and played.

We were moving very fast when the ship hit the iceberg the water started to come inside the Titanic. The Titanic sank.  We had a lifeboat and eventually got to the other ship. We were safe.

Week 14 , The zoo by Wojciech

One day I was in the staffroom with Dad. We were doing something at the computer because Dad was looking on the website. After a while, the manager came to the staffroom and lambasted my Dad saying he didn’t do his work, (he was aggressive).

My Dad was pretending that he was angelic. Dad was in a red room and started typing on the computer on the table. Dad was ravenous so I brought him a banana and he ate it and went back to work again. Soon after the battery died. Then there was a big problem!

Week 13, The Lucky Day For Us : By Wojciech

One day my friend Mikolaj and I were in the zoo. We saw lots of the animals, but one thing that was really strange was that there were no tigers. We decided to turn around and look for them.

We turned around and the tiger was blocking our escape.

I whispered, “pretend that you are dead. ”

So we fell down –  ouch!  The tiger was surprised so he left us. I started to mess with Mikolaj as we walked to the car.  We drove back home… but my head is still hurting from falling to the ground.

Week 11 Scary night by Wojciech

One day my family and I were in Killarney. We walked to the park.  Afterwards, I saw a statue – it looked really strange to me. When it was time to go, I thought it looked like a wizard when the sun shone at the statue. I was really surprised at this.

Later on, we went shopping and my mum bought me a game called Sonic. I was really happy. When we went back the statue was missing. I said to myself – that’s weird.

When we got to the car the statue was back… I was scared.

Week 10. The Happy Day for me. By Wojciech

One day my family and I were going to Poland. It was during the night and I was asleep with my sisters… Then my mum asked. How long do we have to travel? My dad answered 1932km to Poland.

Soon after I woke up -it was still night. I said to myself I really want a pet. Then my dad stopped the car. I whispered to him whats wrong dad? He said to come outside and look. I went out and I saw a weak cat on the road… I went back into the car. Then I heard a voice. Where’s that cat?

But where would we hide it?

Week 9 : Scary Poland ;By Wojciech

Long ago my family and I were in Poland. It was Halloween. In Poland, they don’t celebrate Halloween like we do going trick or treating.  People in Poland and in Lithuania – they go to the graveyard and pray for dead.

My family and I went to pray for the dead. There I saw a ghost. I was frightened and I told my mum… When we arrived at granny’s house I saw a castle. It was MATTHEW’S HAUNTED CASTLE. The next morning we went to the castle. When we got there the doors slammed. The same ghost scared us out of our skin.

Week 7 : The Slamming Door by: Wojciech

One day I was at my friend’s house. There was four of us – me, Miko, Szymon and Miki. We played fifa 18.  In the middle of the game, Miko paused it and went to the kitchen and brought back baked popcorn for all of us. We were happy but then I whispered to him what we will play now? I suggested Minecraft. He said ok let’s play it. We played for 2 hours. Eventually, we got bored. But then we heard a noise.  As the door slammed I knew that something had happened. But what? …

Week 5 : My most treasured Item by Wojciech

Once on my birthday my dad bought me a lamp… when it was time to give it back, I didn’t want to give it back because I wasn’t scared in the night. On my next birthday I got an Xbox 1s,  my dad and I were playing on it -we played Call of Duty Blackops 3. My sister played Minecraft- she loves that game. All of the family played Minecraft and everyone was happy. It was night and I was really scared in the night. The next morning we went downstairs and we played. I played really long to sunrise. THE END.

Week 4 Sad Pet by Wojciech

Long ago there was a family. They had a dog called Charlie. Charlie was a playful dog, it played with everyone.

But one day when the family was gone, Charlie was sad, lonely and he had nobody to play. After a while, the dog went sleep. When the family came back Charlie ran up to the door. And the dog was wearing glasses. The family was so surprised that they ran upstairs afraid. Charlie was so hungry but when the family came down, they didn’t feed him because he was still wearing the glasses.

Week 3 : My new pet by:Wojciech

Long ago there was a boy called Ben.He had a pet crocodile. He was purple in colour. Later on, a professor came to Ben’s house. The professor asked him what happened to his pet? Mum answered the crocodile twisted his tail.Now the poor pet needs to rest for long time said professor.

Finally Mr. Professor went home. It was a difficult time for the pet. Ben bought a toy for the crocodile and he was happy. Suddenly the crocodile got better and all the family was really really happy. Ben gave his mum a big hug and the crocodile was so happy and Ben started crying.

The End.

Week 2 :THE DOLL by :Wojciech

Long ago me, my family and my friends were in my house. We were sitting on the couch when suddenly I heard someone screaming. What is happening I said to myself. After two minutes I saw a doll walking down the street. She was running towards me. I ran back home.

I told my Dad. We went outside and saw the doll attacking someone.I was scared. My dad said let’s stay at home until it gets brighter.In the morning we ate breakfast and went outside to play -everyone went out. The smaller children were playing and everyone was happy. The End.

Week 1:The Zombies Attack by Wojciech

Long long ago there lived Michael, Tom and Charlie they were brothers. Once it was Halloween they were looking for friends but no one came – they were lost.

“Where are we? ” asked Tom.

After few hours they had found three people called, Kenny, a police man and a guy from the army. The children asked where is everyone? The policeman answered, ” they all changed to zombies.

Tom and Charlie were really scared but Michael wasn’t scared. About ten minutes later they saw a zombie – the zombie was chasing them. The army man took out his shotgun and shot the zombie in the face and the zombie died. The next day they were in a car and they heard a noise- it was the zombies. The zombies were attacking the people- then Kenny called them – they ran as fast they could. The people were safe for two days- then they sadly died.