The abandoned farmhouse by Kacper

One day I was flying to America on a plane. I was relaxed and super sleepy so a I decided to take a S.N.A.P. ( super nap and passed the flight). But before I fell asleep I heard an alarm and from then on I did not hear anything.

When I woke up I heard someone screaming for help. I ran as fast as the wind but it was too late. The man drowned in the water. I was so angry at myself that I wanted to kill myself but what was the point. I  just sat there and watched the plane sinking.

But then I spotted a suitcase full of food . I was really lucky about the food . I found a farmhouse and  I decided to go in because It was getting really late. When I got inside the farmhouse it was clean but the windows were smashed so I went to sleep.

I woke up finding a man scavenging my farmhouse . I sneaked behind him and …BOOM…CRASH… the kitchen was all broken then I realised it was the man who  drowned (apparently) . I asked him , how did you not drown ? The man responded , ” I climbed the plane and got to land.” ” What’s  your name ?” ” Oscar,my name is Oscar. ” “My name is Kacper. “I won’t hurt you I only need supplies,” said the man.

I gave him soup, sandwich , water, milk and a flashlight. I spotted  the mans phone and called for help. I told the man help was coming the following day so we went to sleep. When we woke up the help was not there. I was wondering if they didn’t remember or maybe they were late. So we waited and waited and waited and waited but they didn’t come so we were stuck.


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  1. Amazing I’m stunned no wait I’m blown away on your story it is so awsome is that 1000 words you were going for because you definitely hit it!!!!awsom same for you please make a part two it is so good!!!
    6th class
    Sacred Heart Primary School Granard

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