The boat to freedom by Dylan

“We have to get out of here,” sighed my sister Sandra.

“I know, I heard that a ship is leaving Cork Harbour in 2 days,” I added.

The famine had already taken our parents and we decided that we wouldn’t let it take us.

” Cork Harbour is 150 km away . We will never make it ” she whimpered sadly.

“We might if we leave now, ” I answered determinedly.

We set off on our journey with a lot of water and a bit of food because food was extremely scarce. After about 50 km of walking all our food and water was GONE!

“What are we going to do “? cried Sandra.

“Keep moving, ” I replied brightly.

But I started to lose my determination after about another 20 km. After that every step was agonising; every movement sapped away our precious energy. Our breath was ragged, there was sweat trickling down our face and our legs were aching. Then it was like we saw heaven; there in front of us was a clean river of water full of fish. I was so happy. I dived into the cool water and drank mouthfuls of water and caught about 10 fish with my bare hands. That got us more determined than ever and after a short rest, we strolled off again as happy as ever.

When we arrived at Cork Harbour, we cried tears of happiness. But the weather was ferocious, the wind was blowing against us and the waves were like skyscrapers. We ran out to a few very slippy rocks and we could see the boat, but it was leaving…

I was the saddest I had ever been… until the boat pulled up beside us !

“I thought it was leaving,” laughed Sandra.

“So did I,” I sobbed exhilarated.

We made it to America and lived a happy life.