The Children’s Great Escape :by Dan

Ciara and Josh lived in a wealthy family, in fact, they were the wealthiest family in the area, but the war changed all that.                                                             Then one day they got the news that would change their lives. Their parents had been assassinated and their quiet, peaceful town was being invaded.

Suddenly loud noises began to rattle the school. At once school was dismissed and children and teachers began flocking out of the building. Ciara and Josh ran home; their house was completely destroyed.  Then they realised that they needed to escape.

“Tonight there’s a ship leaving” murmured Josh “it’s our only hope of escaping.”

Ciara nodded in agreement, still in shock by what had happened.

So that night they snuck into the dock. Hundreds of enemy soldiers were parading out of a Spanish Galleon and there were many more waiting at sea. Then Josh spotted it, a small boat in comparison to the Galleons.

“Now is our chance” whispered Ciara as the soldiers turned away and marched off into the distance.

Josh and Ciara crawled over silently to the ship and climbed aboard.                   Only when they were aboard, did the children realise how big the ship actually was.

“Pssst” someone whispered.

Ciara instantly recognised the voice, it was of Captain James, her  Dad’s best friend. The two children scuttled over silently to the Captain’s Cabin.                 As the door slowly creaked open, it sent a shiver down Josh’s spine.

“Good evening” Captain James bellowed.

“We’re going to America, I assume you have snuck on to escape,” he continued. ” If you’re coming, I advise you to hide”

With that, the children walked outside and hid under a couple of barrels.

The next Morning the boat sailed out of the docks.                                                       The children were excited for they were off to America!


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