The Circling Seahorse by Ronan

As I was on my way home from school I heard footsteps behind me so I turned around. I was surprised to see my best friend Max. He asked me if I wanted to go to the zoo. I said yes. On the way to the zoo we played a game of eye spy. I went first. I said “eye spy with my little something coloured purple.”  He guessed straight away. It was the purple elephant on the signpost. The Avocado sandwich in my bag stank to the bones. When we got to the zoo we walked around for a while. But then we walked over to the aquarium. I wandered over to the seahorse and it was just swimming around in circles.

One thought on “The Circling Seahorse by Ronan”

  1. Hi Ronan
    I liked your story because you used big words I thought it was a great story
    and I’m still wondering why the seahorse was doing that.
    By for now Liam A

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