The Disappointing Zoo By Benny

The day had come at last. It was our school tour. We were going to the zoo. I was never at a zoo before. My friends said the zoo was boring and all you do is look at animals.  That sounded pretty boring. I noticed the person  next to me was eating avocado. I HATED avocado. I couldn’t stand the smell. When we were there we were given a map. The zoo was massive! It was also a museum and an aquarium. The first animal we saw was a tiger which was eating bones. The last thing we saw were the purple seahorses. We didn’t even see the elephants!

One thought on “The Disappointing Zoo By Benny”

  1. Hi Benny
    I like your story because you used nice words.
    I wonder was there elephants or did you and the class not have time?
    Did you like the school tour though?
    The tiger must have been vicious if it was eating bones!

    Adam,5th class

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