The Enchanted Ship By Conor H

It was the day of the wedding that everyone was looking forward to. Everyone was well dressed especially the bride and groom. The bride was wearing a lovely summer dress and a hat and a leather handbag in her arm. The groom was wearing a fantastic navy suit with an expensive-looking suitcase.

After the wedding, they decided to go on a luxury cruise for 2 weeks.

On the boat, they were having a great time until they hit a humungous wave and went flying into the air like birds in flight. The bang of the ship when it hit the great waters was deafening. Everyone was nervous that something was wrong with the ship.

The captain exclaimed that we were about to hit a storm and everything would be ok. But we all felt that something was going to go wrong.

We entered the storm. Everyone stared out their windows and all they saw was a furious looking storm. Something happened that had never happened before. The ship just enchantingly changed to a pirate ship. The first thing we thought to do was jump out of the window.

We swam and swam as fast as our legs and arms could take us.

At last, we were there, at the mythical colourful island. This place was amazing; there was so much wildlife. The only problem was we were……..stuck…. Stranded on this island for the rest of our life. It was all over – we were doomed. The two of us tried to calm down by taking 10 deep breaths.

We could see the horrific smoke from the boat that was leaving us.

Now we needed to make a life of our own here. First, we are going to make a hut from twigs and moss.

This life will be the hardest ever!