The Escape By Joe

It’s been about a week since Father died. When war broke out on our small island, Father was forced to help the wounded and after three weeks of pandemonium, Father was killed. Although I’m devastated, I’m proud to be his son. Mother is in a quandary whether or not to flee from the island or to stay until the war is over. My sister Gemma wants to go to a new country and start all over again. I don’t know what I want to do.

Days have passed and my Mother is starting to want to go to a new country. When I ask her about it she says that she wants to go but if a ship was seen by the protesters it would bombard it with an avalanche of cannons. The protesters are hostile, hazardous and aggressive and they act in such erratic ways.

Because of the war, we’re never out of the house. I find it pedestrian but Gemma and Mother are avid readers so they always reading. I wish Father was here, we all do

“Wake up Paul! ” shouted Mother the next day.

“The ship is here. ”

I was so confused. She never told me that there was a ship coming. I sat up and looked around my room. I saw a bag with my clothes. We were going away from the island! I heard the crashing waves from the ship. Gemma and I ran as fast as we could towards the ship but when we were on the ship neither of us knew where Mother was.

As the boat was taking off Gemma noticed Mother running towards the Ship but it was too late.

“Mother! ” We yelled.

Standing on the stones, she watched the boat sail into the distance.

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