The girl and the ghost boy by Jack

One dark and stormy night a little boy was walking home and he fell in the sea. When he woke up he was on a boat with a girl.   He asked how are you? The girl replied I’m Eve -what is your name.  I’m Robin -nice to meet you. I’m going to bed said eve – wait where do I sleep –  over here -ok – so you are going to take me home – right yes –  if you help me – what do you need? Help to take down the pirates- what? I can’t fight – we will find out in the morning.

In the morning they trained but his talent was not fighting -he needed to practice. That morning the pirates attacked the boat and took Robin and Eve and were going to kill them. They made them walk the plank but they made it back to shore and they went to Eve`s stepdads. They were given a boat with cannons and they blew the pirates ship up and they helped the people that were captured.