The golden mine by:Maciej

“Lets go son,” said dad.

“Okay,” I answered back .

I packed my bag, took my lunch and pickaxe and went off to the deep dark cave  where last time I found coal. When we got there we took our helmets and put them on and went in. After five hours of digging we found nothing.

Suddenly something shiny and yellow sparkled and shined into my eye –  it was gold. This tiny little thing was valued at 400,0000$ .

As I dug down for it, the ceiling of the cave fell down – I was trapped . The situation was hopeless . Then I saw a thin hole … I was finally free.

4 thoughts on “The golden mine by:Maciej”

  1. That was a great story. I like how you found some thing so small be so much money. I wish I can find some thing like that.

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