The great escape by Benny

Our country was at war. I couldn’t stand it anymore. We were going to escape.

We lived near the coast. My parents weren’t allowed to go, so only my younger brother and I were going and we were terrified. The ship was to arrive in a week, giving us time to prepare.

That whole week everyone was silent. I have never seen my parents so sad. The booming thunder woke me up on the day. It was a terrible, stormy day. We were going to live with our aunt. What would happen to my parents?

The ship was massive. There was something unusual about it. My parents weren’t even there when we were leaving since they had to treat the injured soldiers.

I felt abandoned. Something about the journey was odd. We had to stay in one tiny cabin for the whole journey. My brother couldn’t stand it. One night, I overheard the captain talking with his crew.

“What should we do to them, Cap?”  someone said in a rough tone.

“I don’t know.” the Captain replied.

I froze in shock. Were they talking about us? I didn’t tell my brother because that would worry him even more.

The days were getting difficult. I couldn’t stop thinking about what they said. We were the only people besides the crew, so they must have been talking about us. I decided to see where they were taking us.

I finally told my brother. Surprisingly, he already knew. He had already made a plan, which I agreed to. We were ready.

In the middle of the night, we stole a lifeboat. We didn’t know where we were going. A storm was approaching. We wouldn’t last long in the storm.

I woke up on an unfamiliar island.  Where was my brother? I was lost.

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