The Haunted ship by Sean

It was a stormy night on the scary seas.  We all were going to Paradise Island. It is such fun there.  I went up to the crow’s nest to see if we were near the island. When I was up at the crow’s nest I saw a coven ship. It was said that when people enter a coven ship they never come out.

There was a man and women on the edge. They both looked ghastly. The coven ship stopped and the captain’s ship stopped as well. All of the crew went into the ship. The crew looked hypnotized except for me. I followed them in.  I saw so many ghosts and they looked at me strangely. A few minutes later everyone who was hypnotized started to cough. I started running to the ship. The ship was on fire.

“I don’t know what to do,” I said.

I started swimming to shore . When I looked back the ship was gone. I started looking for shelter for the night. I got some wood and rocks and made a campfire. I put the campfire next to the cave I was staying in. The next day I saw the coven ship. I started running for a boat. When I  found a boat, I rowed out to the sea and I never saw the coven boat again.

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