The Invaders by Warren

It was a wet and stormy night. The wind was blustery and waves were choppy. All of our little friendly village was sitting out by the shore.  One night every year the whole village sits out at shore to talk and just have fun. We were 1 or 2 hours there when we heard bellowing coming from the sea. Just then we all peered out at sea and coming towards us was a vast and dangerous-looking ship.

We all wondered who it was? It was the Invaders.  These people always try to invade our land; they are very strong and there are numerous of them. Suddenly they started booming cannons. We all scattered but when I looked back there lay my father as white as ghost. I knew he was dead. The Invaders went away after a few minutes.

My dad was the founder of this Island so I knew, now that he was dead, they would attack more. I was devastated of course but I knew I had to stay strong. So the following week we were prepared for their attack. We all waited out at the shore.  Our plan was to fire stones at their ship and finish this once and for all.

So at 7 o’clock there it was – their big ship.  We knew it well – it was as old as the hills. We started firing stones at it. Suddenly their ship began to sink and they were in the water. We didn’t want to kill them so we went out and rescued them. They were extremely thankful and made a deal never to bother us again and we accepted. From that night on they never came back again.