The long Bad War By Kristupas

Running to the boat to get out of the inland and go away from the war, Rose and I finally heard the sound of the horn of the boat. The boat was leaving to go out to sea and we were shouting but they never came back for us. It was going to be our first and only time on a robust boat but with the vast amount of people on it, they probably forgot us. We were pale with fear.

We have to try to forget what had happened and try to survive the war. It was not going to be easy but we had to try. Our first task was to find out where we were going to sleep. The hostile soldiers wouldn’t be nice to us this time. After about two hours we made our first little sleep area. We would go back to the house but that’s where the war appeared to be.  We tried to get on another boat but that was the last one to go because of the war.

I told Rose that I would go and try to find some help so I did. I found one man who was in the same position as we were. When I got back I heard her heart pounding like a drum.

I asked, “ What’s wrong Rose?”

“ She replied,” We have no food  -what are we going to eat?”

So I went out again to search for food. When I heard the horn of the boat again I ran as swift as the wind to get Rose. But there was NO Rose.

I was left alone… in the war … to survive with no water or food.

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