The Man and Boy by Rhys

3 years ago my parents died. Then we got taken away by pirates –  my sister and I.  My sister always makes me irate.  The boat is vast.  Then Captain Jack said there is a bad storm ahead. I also heard the mighty French are coming.

I was in a quandary whether to jump or stay.  My sister told me to jump and I did. I fell between two rocks and hit my head. But then I heard Captain Jack say –  come back up.

But then a french man stole my sister. My watch had a picture of my mom and dad. It fell. Then Captain Jack got me but my watch and my sister were gone.  I was getting a bit hostile.  I went into my room to cry. I am solitary now. After awhile I was pedestrian and then I jumped off the boat. I went down to the bottom of the sea.  I couldn’t breathe. I found my watch but I fumbled with it.  I was now scared that  I was going to die.  Then I fell asleep-  I saw a guy in front me with an icepack on his head.

How are you? I am Liam. Who are you? My name is Fin, I said.

Then I saw my sister. I ran to her. We said goodbye Liam- thanks for saving us.

We went a bit away. We sat on a curb. Then thunder started roaring. There was a high tide. It’s the bad storm. We started waving at a ship. Then I fell in the water and it brought me with it. Help I said –  who is going to hear me? I saw land – a sand beach with a cave . There was a man.  Who are you? he said I’m Fin.  I have been here for 7 years and   I saw a ship.

I said come on we’re going.