The Mission: By Colin

It had been 8 months since the war erupted. It was the Irish, British, French and Belgium versus Italy, U.S.A and Turkey. The U.S had already fired an air attack on London. I was a skilled Irish sniper. The army General had assigned me to eliminate the King’s son and daughter. The targets lived in Italy so I had to take an armed plane trip to Italy. There were 69 other men in the plane with me -13 of which were other snipers. The other 56 were riflemen. The plane landed in an opening in a forest. The men poured out of the exit and crept through the forest.

2 long hours later, we came across the rocky beach. Butterflies formed in my stomach as we set up position behind large rocks. 45 minutes later the king’s son and daughter walked up to the edge of the rocks. Guards stood in position about 75 metres behind them. I heard the rustle of leaves from the forest as the other snipers readied. I was the only sniper around the rock area but had a clear view of the 2 children.

Suddenly a gigantic ship came into view. It had a T on one of the sails. I suspected that it was a Turkish ship. But then the sky parted above and I knew something was wrong. Men around me took aim and fired at the ship. While all this was happening I aimed for the children. I pulled back the cold trigger and a 7-centimetre bullet sprang out. The golden bullet hit the son’s head and he collapsed. Robust guards poured out from the fields behind. I saw the opportunity slipping from my grasp so I quickly reloaded. The other snipers had come out from the bushes and an 8-centimetre bullet sprang at the daughter.

“Mission completed” someone bellowed