“Yippee!  We’re in the top four – we can do the race.”

Kate and I were so excited we were in the race. If we won we would get a ps4. When we were at the race we got ready. Kate was first and I was after her .  Kate went to the starting line.  The whistle blew and Kate went off.  She made it second place and the person in the last place got kicked out.

Then I went. I made it first place. Eventually, we both went. We were moving very fast when suddenly we crashed. We were going to lose…  The whistle blew… In first place were Jake and Sarah.

5 thoughts on “THE RACE BY:TADHG”

  1. Hello Tadhg,
    I love seeing you use words such as “eventually” and “when we were at the race” that help your reader follow the timeline of the story. I wondered if the race was a go-cart race down a steep hill or cycling race.

    Keep up your writing!
    Tracey Ananmalay
    San Jose, CA, US
    Team 100WC

  2. Good work! I really enjoyed reading your story. Keep up with the racing and I hope you win next time.

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