The restaurant by warren

My family and I were in Portugal. We decided that we were going to go out to a restaurant for dinner. So went out to try and find a restaurant. We couldn’t find a place for ages and I got hungry so I told my mom that I had got hungry and she said that I was lucky that she had packed avocados.

“I hate avocados,” I said. Just as I said that dad pointed out a restaurant painted in purple called the small seahorse. So we went in and sat down. The waiters were in seahorse costumes. On the menu, there was elephant steak so I got that and when it came I took a bite and “CRUNCH” STRAIGHT INTO BONES…

2 thoughts on “The restaurant by warren”

  1. Hi Warren I liked your story because it had good words.

    I wonder what other weird foods they served there.

    It reminded me of the time my uncle went to Portugal and ordered steak in a restaurant and he didn’t realise it was elephant steak.

    From Dylan

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