The Ship To Canada By Ronan

The hazardous famine had been going on for months at this stage. Our parents were sending us off on a ship to Canada and they were going to go to a treacherous workhouse. I wasn’t happy with the situation. I could tell that my sister wasn’t too happy either because we’d probably never see my parents again. I started to wonder what my new life would be like over in Canada.

The day finally came as we stood at the shaky old pier clutching our suitcases. You could hear the waves crashing against the rocks and wind howling. It was fairly obvious that a storm was brewing. Off in the distance, I heard the shouting of people. My sister started quivering with fear. When the thunder started booming like there was no tomorrow she got even more scared.

As the ship came closer I was just about able to make out the tattered white sails billowing in the wind. It looked extremely lopsided and I knew that it wasn’t supposed to be like that. When the ship finally docked, an old man popped his head over the side.

“Hop on, there is a nasty storm brewing” he hollered.

We hopped on so quickly that there was a risk of us breaking the sound barrier. As we set off for sea I noticed that the ship was still tilting. My sister was sitting in the corner with her arms covering head looking as white as a ghost. A few days later I woke up to an enormous bang. I looked over the side and noticed to my horror that we had sailed straight into an iceberg. The ship was sinking fast. I grabbed my sister and went up to the old captain. He didn’t say a word…