The soccer game by Rhys

I had to sign for a new team called Green Rovers.  We played good all season now we were in the final against the Arsenal kid’s team.  We felt we had no chance.  Our best player James got stuck in a hole and broke his ankle.

That day the sun was out. I looked at the flowers – scared.  I was nervous about the game.  We came out Ireland vs England –  Red Rovers vs Arsenal. The ref then blew his whistle and the game started. The got the first kick and we were three-nil down at the half time.

We felt we had no chance and then I scored 3 and my friend Finn got 1. We WON!

2 thoughts on “The soccer game by Rhys”

  1. Well played Rhys, you saved the day. You’ve also written a nice 100WC piece as well here so you’re on a winner all round! Nicely built up suspense and excitement makes for a great story and a good game also. Well done.

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