The Voyage by Aidan

“Everybody under deck!” dad shouted over the sea.

What was supposed to be a family fun trip, turned into a nightmare. Our yacht rocked and swayed over waves.

“I said everybody under!” bellowed dad once again.

“Zara” I roared out at her “come on.”

Suddenly in a flash, she had fallen into the roaring seas. I jumped in after her and swam like a swordfish gliding through the water I wasn’t going to lose my sister. Every stroke I took she got closer but the boat didn’t – it was carried away by a wave. As I grasped onto Zara’s hand I knew she was having trouble breathing but in an instant, she caught her breath.

As we bobbed in the ocean we saw a small rock island we both clambered on straight away Zara started drifting off.

“Don’t fall asleep!” I sobbed.

There was a ship sailing towards us over the horizon but if we fell asleep we couldn’t shout but she was out cold as soon as I said the words and so was I…

“Where are we? ” I whispered to Zara. It seemed that we were on a fairy tale ship  -one of the massive pirate ships you would see in a movie.

“It doesn’t matter where you are- it matters what you are,” replied a crooked voice.

“Right now and forever you’re my servants – so go and swab the deck you scurvy sea dogs,” he said in a hostile voice.

“I think he wants us to clean the front floor of his ship,” said Zara.

“Wow I never knew you were fluent in pirate gibberish” I chuckled.

“I told ye to swab the deck -now get on with it and call me Captain!” he snapped.

We started mopping as fast as we could “get a move on”…