Trip to England -Kanturk art festival by Conor

Dylan was with her sister named Ciara and they went on the ship – France to England. The ship broke down – we were waiting for a long time and there was about to be a storm. Then the wave was crashing against the ship and then they went to sleep. In the morning the ship was fixed and then 4hours to England and they all were happy that they were there.

But it was sad that they had no house for a week but their dad built a mansion. Then they went to school but it was not hard to do. Dylan made a lot of friends in England and again there was a storm happening in England. But they all visit every year to see their cousin and he’s still happy but whenever it a nice day they go to the beach and to a soccer match if it’s on. Their cousin’s  name is Liam  but sometimes he comes to England.

Their  dad heard a big bang and he went outside. It was a bomb.