Week 1: Adventure of a Lifetime (Part 1) By Jack

Standing before me were ten explorers. I needed to choose four of them to join me on an adventure of a lifetime. We would explore the world, discovering tremendous things.

Choosing the team was quite a challenge. They all had their own skills and weaknesses. Eventually I picked them. Ruth, Conor, Amelia and Eoin. Ruth had a lot of exploring experience. Conor was very brave. Amelia was trying to bamboozle everyone with her amazing intellect and Eoin was doing flips and cartwheels everywhere.

Suddenly, there was a bang. I turned around to see Eoin lying on the floor in a very uncomfortable position and I thought “well what a start.”

4 thoughts on “Week 1: Adventure of a Lifetime (Part 1) By Jack”

  1. Hi Jack

    I love your story I love the words you have used. I love the word bamboozle.
    Where were you going to go?
    What happened to Eoin?

  2. Hi Jack

    We loved your story, the explorers sounded amazing and we can imagine what adventures they might have.

    Miss T, Harley, Cara and Lewis

  3. Great story. I like how you pick your team for their individual talents. Sounds like Eoin did one backflip too many. Did he recover and come along or did you replace him? I’m looking forward to hearing all about this expedition in Part 2. My favourite part of this is your word ‘Bamboozle’. It’s a great fun word.

  4. Well done Jack – I can’t wait to hear more about this Adventure of a Lifetime. I hope you can choose another explorer to replace Eoin. Keep up the great work.

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