Week 1 Bad Bully by Marc

In primary school, the school bully was Bad Brian. He was really good at holding onto a bar for the longest time. I would always lose by one. Bad Brian used to be Brainy Brian but he got bullied as well so he became a bully.

20 years later we both were Olympians. Brian was the best in Europe. I was representing Ireland and he was for England. Brian was saying you can’t hold yourself for a second. He made me as pale as snow. I was bamboozled after that. He was being abominable.

Finally, it was time. We both jumped onto the pole and held on. Straight away Brian fell…  I was the CHAMPION! 

2 thoughts on “Week 1 Bad Bully by Marc”

  1. I like your story marc that was some karma I hope I don’t fail like him that reminds me of a book I read see you later :mystery person

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