Week 1 A bad start by Adam

The sun was shining through the trees into my eyes; it was really annoying. It was a work day for me. So I drove into the ZOO. I got ready and went to the snakes. They were not there. The glass was broken and everybody was scared.

“Where are they?” I wondered.

I went outside and I thought well what a start to the day. All the amphibians of the zoo were in front of me. The biggest thing there was a crocodile. He was fat  – really fat and aggressive but he was so slow  -it would take an hour for me to get him back in.

2 weeks later the crocodile was put on a diet.

3 thoughts on “Week 1 A bad start by Adam”

  1. Ah Adam. Your story has made me laugh. It’s a very serious and terrifying thought that the snakes are on the loose. I don’t like the way snakes move so I’d be gone from that Zoo as quickly as my legs could carry me. Your last sentence really lightens up your story. I wonder what the poor crocodile was given to eat to help him lose weight?!!

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