week 1 The blitz by Dylan oc

There is a big blitz coming up.It is basically a big blitz with a cup. All the teams from Duhallow are going to be there. I can’t wait.

The next day I wake up and my mom calls me downstairs and tells me the blitz has been canceled due to bad weather. And I thought well what a start to the day.

Instead I go to my cousins for a sleep over. The next morning I wake up and my mom called me at about 10 am in the morning and told me that the blitz was going to be played on Monday.I was delighted about it.

3 thoughts on “week 1 The blitz by Dylan oc”

  1. Well done Dylan did you have a good time in cousins house?I know the blitz that you are talking about I was upset about it when I heard about it too.
    Looking forward to hearing more.David

  2. Hi Dylan, I like the way your story started off with a disappointment, but changed very quickly to something nice – which was a sleepover! Things got even better when the blitz was rearranged! Well done.

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