Week 1 by Denis

We were all nervous  in the dressing room. We were about  to start the match. We were just getting our Jerseys. I was number  six. We walked  out to start the match .

The whistle blew –  it was the first half . WE SCORED the first goal of the half SO We were happy and I thought  well what a start.  Both teams abided by the rules of the game . Soon it was half time and we were  3 goals to nil.

During the second half,  we just scored again. We won  four nil.

3 thoughts on “Week 1 by Denis”

  1. Hi Denis
    You can’t beat scoring a goal early on in the match – it really livens up the game. Well done on such a well written 100 word challenge. Keep up the good work.
    Ms O’Keeffe
    Team 100wc

  2. Hi Denis, Nothing like scoring the first goal to keep everybody in a positive mood. This sounds like a great match and you’ve worked the prompt in very well.

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