Week 1: Evil teachers by Ronan

Once there was boy named Tom. Tom was nine years old. He was terrible at reading. The teachers in his school wanted to take over the world.
They were extremely mean to all the children in the school
and so very nice to all the children in front of their parents.
But Tom had a plan to stop the evil teachers. The plan was to hit
the teachers in their weak spot which is their nose and then they can’t
take over the world. So what lies ahead of those teachers?

1 day later. Toms plan is about to happen. Tom runs out of his seat in class and punched all the teachers in the nose. Tom had just saved the world

3 thoughts on “Week 1: Evil teachers by Ronan”

  1. Luckily we’ve no EVIL teachers in our school! I’m also glad we’ve nobody like Tom in our school either.
    Well done on completing your first 100 word-challenge!

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