Week 1 Halloween by Mikolaj

One Halloween night My friend Tom and I went through a tunnel. We wanted to go to the houses at the other side of it. When we were in the middle of the tunnel we heard a scary noise. So what lies ahead of us we thought. It was so dark that we could see nothing.

Tom had a torch in his back bag and it saved us from the wolf which was making that scary noise. He was walking behind us. Finally we were at the end of the tunnel and got to all the houses with out any trouble. I came home this time safely and happy. My bag was full of sweets. I could hardly lift it. It was the best Halloween ever.




6 thoughts on “Week 1 Halloween by Mikolaj”

  1. Hi Mikolaj. I love nothing better than a really scary story to keep me on the edge of my seat. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your account of Halloween. I think I’d have run for my life if I thought a wolf was stalking me! It sounds like your night was worth the scare though. I hope you enjoyed your haul of sweets!

  2. I like your story because it’s spooky and scary and I hope you write more.

    From,Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class 17/18

  3. I really liked that your story had great adjectives. I also liked that you let us think it was an ordinary day until the end when you said it was Halloween. I think you could have made it a bit better by using different words like terrifying instead of scary. I loved your story.

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