Week 1 I QUIT by Kayden

It was an ordinary day on the news programme. But today most of the reporters didn’t realise that they were live. There was one reporter called Susie who hated her job.The reporters didn’t know that though.She hated it because she thought it was boring.

So one day she decided she was done. But she chose the wrong day because it was live. It was at the start. She was covering the news that a badger found a surfboard and ate it.But near the end of that she stood up,roared curse words at the reporters and bellowed “I QUIT”

I was watching this and I thought “well what a start”.

She just didn’t realise that she was live.

3 thoughts on “Week 1 I QUIT by Kayden”

  1. Well done Kayden, great job this week.
    Poor Susie, even though she used ‘curse words’ I still feel sorry for her. It must be awful to feel such frustration with your job. I’m luck, I love my job.

  2. Hi Kayden. Hope you enjoyed your Summer Holidays. Poor Susie. I’d hate to be so bored in work. No chance of that happening to me I’m afraid. Not enough hours in the day to get bored! I’m sure she was very embarrassed to learn she had quit live on air. Well done Kayden. I enjoyed your story.

  3. Poor Susie – I suppose it was inevitable that she would quit at some time – I just don’t think that she meant to do it live on air. Well done Kayden – Keep up the good work.

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