Week 1: Jail Escape By Naglis

A few days ago Ricardo Alakazam escaped from prison…SECRETLY.

Hello my name is Spike. I work as a secret spy. I am trying to catch the prisoner Ricardo Alakazam. Come help me! I saw him last night with his pal. His pal’s name is Steve. How I know is that I heard him talking with him and he said Steve. When they went I set a camera in the trees.

Listen-“So what lies ahead of this tunnel?” asked Steve. “I don’t know.”

So they rested in the morning inside the tunnel… Got you.

The headlines in the newspaper are as I predicted – Astonishing hero Spike saves the year. Ricardo said,” The revenge is ON.” 


6 thoughts on “Week 1: Jail Escape By Naglis”

  1. I love your story because you started with a big bang and you introduce yourself and it’s a spy story.

    From,Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class 17/18

  2. Very nice story, I love the way you used a pokemon’s name in the story and it’s very interesting as well, well done.

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