Week 1 By Kyle

One day I was on my phone and I saw a game trailer for the Beta. I went on the video and it played. At the start, there was an explosion and a man came out of the fire. He was on fire but doing nothing. It was like he had never known he was on fire. That was the end and I thought” well what a start. ”

The next day the Beta came out for Xbox one and ps4 and I started downloading it. When it was done I played it.

3 thoughts on “Week 1 By Kyle”

  1. Hi Kyle,

    I’m Nathan from 6D in Manchester I like your imagination when there was an explosion then a man coming out of the on fire doing nothing.

    Maybe next time you can put more detail

    ‘…I started downloading it. When it was done I played it…’
    …I started down loading gta 5.When it was done I played the beta version of gta 5…

  2. Hi Kyle. I don’t know a lot about Xbox or Ps4 but my son Sam certainly does. I suppose the only thing I know about them really is where we can buy the games!!! This sounds like a scary type of game though. I hope you enjoyed it.

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